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How to Convert Outlook 2013/2016 IMAP Data to PST?

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Summary: OST files are Outlook data files that can be accessed offline. However, they get corrupt due to various reasons. To safeguard OST files, users need to convert them into PST files. This article offers free manual methods to convert OST files to PST. Also, you can check out Recoveryfix OST to PST converter tool to make the process easy and convenient.

An OST file is an offline copy of an Exchange server mailbox that is automatically created when mailbox folders are first accessed. It allows users to continue using mailbox functionality even when they are offline.

Before Outlook version 2010, the storage of the files was comparatively simple as the emails were stored in one OST file, and the contacts and calendars were saved in another. But in the newer versions of Outlook (2013/2016), all the items are stored in a single file. Irrespective of the Outlook version, the best method to prevent OST files from being corrupted or damaged is converting them into PST format.

Why convert OST files into PST?

  • OST files are profile-specific; they are not portable.
  • Reduce the size of the OST file. As the file is large, it is more vulnerable to corruption.
  • Risk of malware or virus attack which leads OST file data to inaccessible.
  • OST files cannot be migrated directly to another system without converting into PST or other formats.
  • Avoid the risk of data loss.

Manual methods to migrate OST files to PST

Converting OST files into PST format lets the user move the mailbox data to another machine which otherwise is impossible. The conversion of OST files to PST format in Outlook 2013/2016 can be done by following the methods below.

Method 1: Using the Open & Export wizard of Outlook

Step - 01

Launch Outlook and click on File>Open & Export>Import/Export.

Go to the File menu in the ribbon

Step - 02

In Import and Export Wizard, Select Export to a file.

Select Export to a file

Step - 03

Select the Outlook Data File (.pst) and click on Next.

Select the Outlook Data File

Step - 04

Select the account to export and ensure that the Include subfolders option is checked so that the entire data is exported. Click on the Next button.

Select the account to export file

Step - 05

Select a location for saving the exported files and tap on the Finish option.

Select a location for saving the exported files

Note: A password for the PST file is optional. You can proceed without one.

Method 2: Using the Auto Archive feature

Auto Archive feature can be used in Outlook to store mailbox items in a separate PST file. It reduces the size of OST files by converting them into PST.

Note: All others mailbox items can be moved except Contacts.

Step - 01

Open Outlook and go to the File > Options.

Open Outlook and go to the File

Step - 02

Tap on the Advanced option and click on the Auto Archive Settings.

Tap on the Advanced option

Step - 03

Choose the number of days that you want to run for auto-archiving. Browse the folder to save the archived file, provide the archiving option and click OK.

After following the above steps, mailbox items from your OST file will move to PST format as per your archiving settings.

Method 3: Using Recoveryfix OST to PST Converter

The manual approach for OST to PST conversion is not 100% safe. It is time-consuming and complex for users who do not have a good knowledge of technology. If your Outlook data file gets corrupted or orphaned during the conversion process, then it becomes challenging for the user to access their mailbox items. So, it is preferable to rely on third-party tools for safe and secure conversion. Recoveryfix OST to PST Converter is one such tool that assures quick and reliable OST to PST conversion without any hassle. To experience the features of the tool, you can check out the free trial version of the software.

Final wrap

In this article, we have highlighted the importance of converting OST files into PST, along with the different methods for doing so. However, converting OST files to PST is a difficult task with the native Outlook options. That’s why, to make the whole process easy and convenient, you can download and use Recoveryfix OST to PST Converter.