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IMAP Backup

Get the quickest and most secure backup of your IMAP-based mailboxes in different file formats. The tool supports major IMAP servers like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook.com, Zoho, AT&T, and others. After the swift backup process, you will get the complete report in CSV format.

Salient Features of

Recoveryfix IMAP Backup

Look at the top features of Recoveryfix IMAP Backup and know how it makes your backup process smooth. Make your IMAP backup job effortless with its advanced capabilities.

Advanced IMAP Backup

Advanced IMAP Backup

You can take the complete backup of unlimited IMAP accounts using the simplest login, filter, and saving process. There is a quick login process that requires minimal information to connect with the accounts securely. You can also add different types of IMAP accounts at once.

Connect with different IMAP Servers

Connect with different IMAP servers

The tool can connect with all the major servers that utilize IMAP mail settings. The supported servers are Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, AT&T, Zoho, Outlook.com and Office365.com. The connection will be 100% secure and you can connect with app passwords (for personal accounts) too.

Data filters

Top functioning filters

Take control of your backup process with a dependable group of filters in Recoveryfix IMAP Backup tool. There is date filter, exclude deleted folder items, and exclude empty folders. Also, you can utilize the checkboxes to select the folders from the mailbox to enhance your backup management efficiency.

Save IMAP to PST format

Save IMAP to PST

PST is the advanced data format that lets you access your IMAP accounts in the Outlook application. You can save the IMAP data into PST format with the help of this software. The backup process runs smoothly, and it will save all the mailbox items more efficiently.

choose any folder to save backup

Take backup at user-defined folder

To conduct a smooth backup process, you can choose any folder location in your system’s drive. Also, make sure you have enough space in the drive where you are going to save the backup file. For more effective backup process, do not save the files in C: drive.

backup reporting in CSV file

Effective backup reporting in CSV file

The final step of the backup process is saving the report in CSV format. The report will show each mailbox item whose backup you have taken and its saving location. It will also show the backup process as either success’ or failed.

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Recoveryfix IMAP Backup

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Frequently asked questions

Recoveryfix IMAP Backup

Check out the most asked questions and queries along with their answers to get rid of any issues related to the Recoveryfix IMAP Backup.

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Recoveryfix IMAP Backup connects with the IMAP server using the port number and server address. Follow the below-mentioned steps to complete the backup process:

  1. Open Recoveryfix IMAP Backup software and click on the Add button on the home screen.
  2. Enter all the details like Server name/IP, user email address, password, and the port number in the software. For additional assistance, check the help section on the right-hand side. Then, click Add.
  3. After connecting the account, click Set Filter and Backup button.
  4. Apply different kinds of filters available on the page. These filter options are date filter, exclude deleted folder items, exclude empty folders, save the data hierarchy in a separate folder, etc. Click on the Start Backup.
  5. There are multiple options like PST, MSG, HTML, MHT, DOCX, DOC, PDF, and EML. Choose any one of them as per your suitability.
  6. Select a folder to save the backup files in your system.
  7. The backup process will take minimum time in the completion. After that, you get the message that backup is completed, and you can save the report in CSV format.

You can connect to different types of email servers in the tool and save their backup all at once.

The app password will work for the personal accounts. If you want to take the individual backup of your accounts, then you should utilize app password instead of actual passwords.

Although, you can save the backup in the C drive. But, for better performance, you should keep the backup in a different drive.

On the login page, when the software has enumerated the mailbox, then you can select or deselect the folders. Deselect the spam folder and it will be skipped from the backup procedure.