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Migration for Microsoft 365

Migrate Office 365 all components, including Microsoft 365 Groups, mailbox, Archive mailbox, Public folder, and Shared mailbox, with ease. Utilize the advanced Filter option to get specific results of your Microsoft 365 migration.

Salient features of

Recoveryfix Migration for Microsoft 365

Look at the top features of Recoveryfix Migration for Microsoft 365 and know how it makes your migration easier. Make your mailbox migration effortless with its advanced capabilities.

Microsoft 365 tenant-to-tenant Migration

Safest Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration

Migrate the mailboxes between your professional Microsoft 365 accounts with the utmost security. The tool supports all the active subscription plans of Microsoft 365 as well as hosted/on-premises Exchange accounts and Office 365 tenant to tenant migration. Connect with the account using secure login authentication methods and utilize all the features.

Hosted Exchange to Microsoft 365

Hosted Exchange to Microsoft 365

Easy, fast, and secure email migration of any Hosted Exchange to Exchange Online. Easily migrate multiple email accounts to Microsoft 365. Office 365 migration software has advanced algorithms that can migrate large projects of various hosted Exchange providers, such as Rackspace, Intermedia, AppRiver, GoDaddy, etc.

On-premise Exchange to Exchange Online

On-premise Exchange to Exchange Online

Migrate On-premise Exchange data to Exchange Online with this software. You can easily transfer Exchange 2019/ 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007, and its components, such as Primary mailboxes, Archive mailboxes, Shared mailboxes, and Public folders to Exchange Online effortlessly.

Hybrid Exchange Migration

Hybrid Exchange migration

Office 365 migration tool supports the migration from a hybrid environment to a non-hybrid Microsoft 365 environment and vice versa. You can easily migrate the mailboxes from hybrid On-premise Exchange to different Office 365 Tenants.

Migrate Exchange Online key components

Migrate Exchange Online key components

Move all the Exchange Online user’s mailbox data to the same or cross Microsoft 365 tenant Exchange Online. Migrate source Exchange Online all key components like Mailbox, Archive mailbox, Shared mailbox, Office 365 Groups, and Public folder to destination same components or within each other component combinations.

Email Migration Filter

Email migration filter

The software has advanced filters like Date and Exclude folders. Using the Date filter, you can migrate emails from a specific date range or time interval. With Exclude folders filter you can skip the deleted items and empty folders in the destination.

Convenient login methods

Convenient login methods

Map your Office 365 account with the two login modes, including Basic Authentication and Modern Authentication, given by the tool. In Basic Authentication, you need to enter the email address and password, and for Modern Authentication, input Client ID, Tenant ID, and the Client Secret Value to make your Microsoft 365 migration easy and secure.

Manage large Mailbox migration

Manage the large no. of mailbox migration

Utilize the advanced CSV-based migration method to make the Microsoft 365 migration process easy. You just need to import mailbox migration batches CSV into the software to manage your migration quickly. This method will make your Microsoft 365 migration easy, and you have to perform minimum steps while doing this.

Migrate to Microsoft 365 Groups

Migrate to Microsoft 365 Groups

Migrate all the Office 365 Groups present in your Microsoft 365 environment. You can easily migrate any mailbox, Archive mailbox, Shared mailbox, and Public folder to Office 365 Groups. You need to select the source mailbox and migrate to the destination Microsoft 365 Groups.

Migrate Archive mailbox and Public folder

Migrate Archive mailbox and Public folder

Apart from your primary mailboxes, you can move the data between the Archive mailboxes and the Public folder. The software can move data with complete data integrity while maintaining the original hierarchy and ensuring successful Office 365 migration.

Transfer Public folder to Shared mailbox

Transfer Public folder to Shared mailbox

Transfer your Microsoft 365 Public folder data to tenant Shared mailbox effortlessly. The software can easily migrate your Public folder data to a Shared mailbox, so anyone in your team can access that data.

Migrate email, journal etc.

Migrate email, journal, task, contact, and more

Transfer the complete Microsoft 365 data, including email, journal, contacts, tasks, calendars, and appointments, to another Microsoft 365 account. In the advanced filter section, you can tick all the above data, move them to the destination tenant, and achieve Office 365 migration successfully.

incremental migration

Perform incremental migration

For already migrated items, you can utilize a special feature in the filter that skips the already migrated items. It reduces the duplicity at the destination Microsoft 365 migration account and the overall time required in the migration process.

Generate migration report

Generate migration report

Once migration is complete, you can save the Microsoft 365 migration report in the CSV file format. It will save the whole report of your migrated items in a CSV. You can save the report in any accessible folder.

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Recoveryfix Migration for Microsoft 365

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Exclude empty folders
Exclude deleted items
Number of mailboxes per folder 10 items per folder Unlimited
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Frequently asked questions

Recoveryfix Migration for Microsoft 365

Check out the most asked questions and queries along with their answers to get rid of any issues related to the Recoveryfix Migration for Microsoft 365 tool.

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Recoveryfix Migration for Microsoft 365 supports all types of plans and Exchange Hybrid and Exchange Server on-premises. Majorly, the migration process remains same for all plans, and we are showing you the complete procedure in the following lines-

  1. Click Connect in Source Tenant section of the home page.
  2. Choose any login method between Modern Authentication or Basic Authentication. However, for encrypted connection, Modern Authentication is a suitable option. Click Ok.
  3. Input Tenant ID, Client ID, and Client Secret Value. After that, you can choose to select either migrating Single or Multiple mailboxes. For migrating Multiple mailboxes, choose the second option ‘List all mailboxes using above credentials’ and click Get User Mailbox(es). After that, you can choose all the associated accounts using checkboxes and click Add.
  4. After connecting to the source account, click Add in the Destination Tenant section.
  5. Select Modern Authentication as the login method.
  6. Provide the required details of destination Microsoft 365 account and perform the remaining steps. Click Add.
  7. Map the source and destination accounts using the drop-down menu. Click Set Filter and Migrate option.
  8. Select the most relevant part of the account – Primary Mailbox, Archive Mailbox, or Public Folder. After that, click Migrate option.
  9. Apply all the useful filters necessary for the migration. After that, click I am Ok, Start Migration.
  10. The migration will start.
  11. After the completion of migration, you will get the message that process is completed and you can save the report in CSV format. Click OK.

    After following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily achieve Microsoft 365 migration and access all your data in the destination account.

Yes, you can migrate unlimited mailboxes in the same domain and easily perform Office 365 migration.

The filter options will remain same for Archive mailboxes or Public folders to migrate Exchange to Office 365.

On filter page, there is a filter category called Item Type Filter. Here, you should check contacts only and uncheck other options. After that, only contacts will migrate between Microsoft 365.

The software protects the read and unread status of email messages. So, don’t worry. After migration, you will recognize them easily.

Yes, this tool is facilitated with advanced functionalities that helps you to migrate entire data of Exchange to Office 365 effortlessly.