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How to convert OLM to PDF?

Recoveryfix Converter for OLM software allows users to effortlessly convert their OLM files to PDF. You can easily select specific OLM files or OLM files containing folders to execute bulk OLM file conversion. The software facilitates an advanced filter option that helps users filter out their conversion according to their needs. Afterward, you can select PDF file and save it in your preferred location.

When you download the OLM to PDF converter software on your computer, install it. Now, this efficient tool lets us see how to convert OLM files to PDF.

Step 1

In Application menu, search Recoveryfix Converter for OLM, and launch it.

Recoveryfix Converter for OLM

Step 2

Home screen of the software will open. Click on “+” icon to Add OLM files here to convert to PST, PDF…

Add OLM files here to convert to PST, PDF

Step 3

Select OLM files in the following wizard.

Select OLM files

Step 4

Once the OLM files and folders are added to the software, proceed to Set Filter and Migrate. If you want to add more files, click on “+” icon “-” to reduce and “bin” icon to remove files from the list.

Set Filter and Migrate

Step 5

Select the OLM file conversion for specific OLM files, For selected folders conversion to select OLM files containing folder, proceed to OK.

Select the OLM file for conversion

Step 6

In Filter Selection section, select filters, including Date Filter, Item Type Filter, Exclude Deleted Folde Items, and Exclude Empty Folders according to your need. After that, proceed to Start Migration.

Select filters

Step 7

In Save options, Select PDF format, File Naming Convention, Attachment Options for PDF, and tick or untick on Enable failed item conversion logs. Browse Destination Path to save PDF files in your preferred location, then click OK.

Select PDF format for saving option

Step 8

The software will start your conversion process.

Start your conversion process

Step 9

Once conversion is completed, the software will display the saved location of the PDF files, then click on OK.

Software will display the saved location

These straightforward steps helped you in executing OLM files to PDF conversion.