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Recoveryfix PST to Office 365

Recoveryfix PST to Office 365 can migrate unlimited healthy OST and PST files to Office 365 accounts. The administrator can migrate different data files to their respective Office 365 accounts. The following section will provide all the necessary steps that you need to transfer PST file data to Office 365.

Step 1: Start Recoveryfix PST to Office 365 software and click Add button to select PST and OST files from their locations.

Recoveryfix PST to Office 365 - Home Screen

Step 2: Browse to the location where PST files are residing. Then, select them and click Open button.

Browse PST files for migration

Step 3: After loading the PST file in the application, click Connect button to login to Office 365 accounts.

 After loading the PST file, login to Office 365 accounts

Step 4: Select Modern Authentication as the suitable login option. Click Ok.

Select Modern Authentication

Step 5: Enter the Tenant ID, Client ID, and the Client Secret Value in the respective fields. After that, to connect with multiple accounts, choose ‘List all mailboxes using above credentials’ option and click ‘Get User Mailbox(es).’ It will enlist all the associated accounts that you can select using the checkboxes. Then, click Add.

Enter credentials and connect with accounts
Note: you can create Tenant ID, Client ID, and Client Secret Value using the help section present in right-hand side.

Step 6: Map the source data files and destination mailboxes using the drop-down list. After mapping the accounts, click Set Filter and Migrate option.

Map the Source Accounts to the Destination Accounts

Step 7: In the new window, you can choose the relevant part of Office 365 (mailbox, archive mailbox, public folder) in which you can move the PST file data. Use the drop-down to select it. After that, click Add.

choose the relevant part of Office 365 from drop-down list

Step 8: The Filter Selection page shows some crucial filters that you can choose to select only the necessary part of the source file to migrate. There are multiple filter options on the page like:

  • Date Filter
  • Item Type Filter
  • Exclude Deleted Folder
  • Exclude Empty Folder
  • Select if you want to save all data hierarchy into a separate folder.
  • Set Operation timeout for larger emails while uploading/downloading.
  • Skip previously migrated items (incremental).
  • Select if migrating to Office 365 Group.

After applying filters, click I am Ok, Start migration.

Select Filter and review PST folders to migrate, then click I am Ok, Start migration button

Step 9: The data will start to migrate to Office 365.

Migration process will start

Step 10: After completion of migration, you get the message that process is completed. Click OK.

After completion of migration. Click OK

Step 11: Save the report to CSV format and click Ok to close the process.

Save the report to CSV format