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See LIVE what your employees are doing on their computer

  • Do you believe that your employees are indulging in their personal work over internet during office working hours?
  • Do you need to monitor any employee for his doubtful internet activities?
  • Are your employees spending extra time on chatting, personal mails, accessing social networking sites etc?
  • Do you experience reduced productivity and employee performance?
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Features - RecoveryFix Computer Monitor Software
  • Offers real time monitoring of employee computer activities
  • LIVE employee desktop monitoring is available in entire LAN
  • Provides online and offline recording facilities
  • Successfully works in domain based and workgroup based network
  • Perfect computer surveillance tool for monitoring computer activities

If answer to the above mentioned questions is YES, then You Have Every Right to know what your Employees are doing during working Hours.

RecoveryFix Computer Monitor software will help you to manage:
  • Low Productivity
  • Decreased Employee Performance
  • Suspicious Employee Activities
  • Confidential Information Transmission

RecoveryFix Computer Monitor is an exceptional computer monitoring software that works like a surveillance camera for computer activities. It enables you to monitor the computer screen of numerous employees concurrently. The whole work of employees can be directly viewed without disturbing them. By using this tool, you can monitor and record every activity of your employees and make a video of their activities as well.

According to a report "80 percent of employees spent more than 20 percent of their time at work surfing the Web for personal reasons."

RecoveryFix Computer Monitor software is trustworthy, powerful, remote supervising software for employee computer monitoring purposes. It records every desktop activities of a computer in real time. Thus, you can easily check accessed websites, how much time is being spent on internet for his personal work, or for how much time is the system in idle process?

Typically, RecoveryFix Computer Monitor software displays screen shots of what your employee type, who they talk to, documents they open and print, what websites they visit, software titles they run, and emails they send. The whole process of computer monitoring behaves as watching a program on your television. With this tool, you can also send notifications and messages to the employees system to stop any ongoing activity.

This software can be installed remotely or manually to any particular system in a network. In order to start monitoring you need to install "ChilyAgentSetup.exe" file to the target computer which will then let you to monitor the computer system. It is equipped with scheduled recording options that help you to record the desktop activities on a specific time or on daily basis. The computer monitoring tool is easy to use with user friendly features & GUI settings which can be effortlessly processed by a new and an advanced user.

As a result, you can easily view Chats, Emails sent/received, Instant messaging, Visited Websites, File Downloads, Internet Activities, Desktop Activities, Log on/ Log Off activity, Files transferred through emails etc.

View everything your employees do online with RecoveryFix Computer Monitor – an employee computer monitoring software

Companies / Organizations/ Industries: Employers Now Relax and Monitor Employee Computer Activities

RecoveryFix Computer Monitor software is a reliable solution for employers who require controlling useless computer activities of employees those lead to decreased productivity and performance.

Everyone who needs to Track and Monitor Internet Activities :

With the increasing violence cases and terrestrial activities taking place through internet, cyber cafe owners can use this computer monitoring tool and record suspicious activities of any user who visits the cafe.

Download Free Trial Version

RecoveryFix Computer Monitor software is available with FREE evaluation version for seven days. This version allows you to monitor the computer system only for seven days. After 07 days, you need to buy full version of the software for further usage.

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FAQs - RecoveryFix Computer Monitor
What is RecoveryFix Computer Monitor ?

RecoveryFix Computer Monitor software to view and record desktop activities of a user, which is connected to the same network. RecoveryFix Computer Monitor helps you to view network desktop activities of your employees. You can easily view what an employee is doing on his/her computer. Easily create online and offline recordings and gain complete control on the monitored computer system.

RecoveryFix Computer Monitor works effectively in LAN with domain and non domain based networks where computers in LAN should have complete administrative rights. It lets you monitor activities with the help of Chily Agent which is to be installed on network computers manually or remotely.

In what terms is RecoveryFix Computer Monitor helpful?

RecoveryFix Computer Monitor helps to monitor desktop activities of a specific user. With installing the software on the target system, you can view the desktop activities, what all work is going on, user is working or surfing net, what all data is being transferred through mails etc.

The RecoveryFix Computer Monitor Software also helps in terms of recording the activities. Online and Offline recording options lets you schedule and save viewed activities.

What is the difference between trial and full version of RecoveryFix Computer Monitor?

Free to try evaluation version of RecoveryFix Computer Monitor is available for 07 days where you can monitor 01 computer in LAN for 7 days. Trial version do not allows you to utilize offline recording creation feature in the software.

Full version of RecoveryFix Computer Monitor will monitor as many systems available in your network depending on the license type purchased by you. Every feature is functional in Full version of RecoveryFix Computer Monitor software.

Is it possible to monitor more than 1 computer system with trial version of the software?

RecoveryFix Computer Monitor trial version only monitors 1 computer system up to 07 days. After 07 days, you need to purchase Full version with license type of the number of users you want to monitor.

Can I record and save the user activities which I monitor?

RecoveryFix Computer Monitor software provides 2 recording options: Online Recording and Offline Recording. With these options you can create and save the viewed activities and view them with Windows Media Player.

Do you provide support for RecoveryFix Computer Monitor Software?

Yes, we do provide support in every aspect for RecoveryFix Computer Monitor. The online help manual, installation guide etc will help you to know how to work with RecoveryFix Computer Monitor and troubleshoot the software.

RecoveryFix Computer Monitor Online Help

For more support options refer Lepide Software Support

RecoveryFix Computer Monitor Info.

Version: 11.03

Price: Starting from $79

Free Trial: 7 Days

Supported OS: Windows8/Windows 7/Windows Vista / 2003 / 2000 / XP (with Service Pack 2 and 3)