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RecoveryFix Internet Privacy Eraser is a software that erases data of visited websites, accessed system files and folders. It is a complete solution that enables you to hide your Internet and computer browsing history from your parents, spouse, friends, children or colleagues. The software helps to erase the information of your Internet and computer browsing by erasing cookies, typed URLs, cache, registry items, computer search history, Windows Media Player's url, temp files, list of recent documents, printer stream history etc. It also facilitates you to customize your webpage and toolbars with your own colors, images, and configurations.

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Features - Internet History Eraser Software
  • Remove Traces of your Internet and Computer Activities.
  • Erase Internet and Computer History in 1 Mouse click.
  • Erase saved cookies, caches, typed U-RL's, visited website list, start menu run history, computer search history.
  • Customize the Web page and Windows tool bar options.
  • Kill pop-ups, disable file downloading, disable IE menu options and tool bar options.
  • Modify saving location of cache directory, history directory, favorites directory, cookies directory, download directory.
  • Customize Windows toolbar images and colors with your own images and color patterns.
  • Works smoothly with every version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire fox, Netscape, Opera.
  • Supported Platforms: Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 , Windows 7 , Windows 8 .
Overview - Internet History Eraser Software

Afraid of the fact that anyone can view what have you done on your computer system? Do not want anyone to know what websites you visited, what you downloaded, what kind of videos you played and watched, what files and folders you created in your system etc?

We have the solution for this with number of other options to secure your internet privacy with RecoveryFix Internet Privacy Eraser - Internet History Eraser software. Not everyone knows that whatever you do in your computer gets saved in the registry or temp folder of the computer. Anyone with somewhat advanced knowledge about computers can easily open this temp folder to view the kind of activities you have been indulging into. To be safe from hackers and intruders, you constantly need to delete you Internet browsing history, temp folder items, cookies, caches, etc. However, even if you delete all these data, a technical person can still know about your activities through Windows registry, desktop registry streams or application logs of your computer system. The data saved in these areas are very difficult and risky to remove or delete.

We provide you with the solution to remove traces which are not easy to modify as it could harm your system in any manner. Our software helps to remove traces of the following streams without harming or modifying any item of your computer system:

Erase Internet Traces Erase Windows Traces Erase Explorer and Start Menu Traces Erase File and Folder Traces
  • Typed URL's History
  • Cookies
  • Website visits through Internet Explorer
  • Temporary Cache Files
  • Windows Explorer Registry Streams
  • Desktop Registry Streams
  • Windows User Track History
  • Application Logs
  • Common Dialog Open Save History
  • Windows Media Player URL's
  • Start Menu Run History
  • Find File History
  • Start Menu Click History
  • Recent Documents History
  • Network Browsing History
  • Explorer OCX History
  • Printer Stream History
  • Find Computers History
  • Recent Document Shortcut
  • Application Logs
  • Temporary Files

With securing your internet privacy, our software also helps you to customize your web page and computer toolbars and images. You can hid/un hide any menu bar or tool bar item which you do not want to view or want to restrict anyone from using that option from your system. Some of the options which are provided by the internet history eraser software to customize the address bar:

  • Disable Toolbar
  • Disable Toolbar Customization
  • Disable Address Bar
  • Set Start page
  • Kill Pop-up Windows
  • Disable File Downloading
  • Disable Form Auto Complete
  • Disable Password Auto Complete
  • Disable Internet Connection Wizard
  • Add URL's of sites to Secure, Trusted, Restricted area
  • Replace Windows Logo with your Image
  • Set Toolbar background Color or Image

Free evaluation version of the software can be downloaded from our website and tested for its features and functions for 07 days. After 7 days of evaluation, it expires and none of the functions work until you purchase full version of RecoveryFix Internet Privacy Eraser software.

Internet Privacy Eraser Info.

Version: 8.01.01

Price: Starting from $19

Supported OS: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8