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Monitors, tracks and records the real-time activities of entire Networked-Desktops.

Computer Monitor Software

Salient Features

Recoveryfix Computer Monitor is the sophisticated computer surveillance software, which

Provision to Schedule Offline Recording

Provision to Schedule Offline Recording

Recoveryfix Computer Monitor is integrated with offline recording feature, which allows you to monitor several computer activities even when you are not physically present in the office. In addition, you can lock and secure the folder consisting of all recorded videos. The tool will execute its automated task of recording faultlessly.

Monitor Entire Networked-Desktops

Monitor Entire Networked-Desktops

The software is outfitted with dynamic functionalities, which facilitates the recording of numerous number of desktops connected inside the Local Area Network. Moreover, you can trigger the recording of employees desktop that are connected in the same domain or workgroup without any interruptions and limitations.

Integrated with Three Desktop Registration Mode

Integrated with Three Desktop Registration Mode

Tool provides you three dynamic modes to register computers for live desktop monitoring. The registration process of desktop computers can be initiated using “Browse and Register Computers”, “Register Computers with IP Address”, and “Register Computers by Detection” options. So, you can either search computers by clicking a single button or you can search computers by specifying IP Addresses or by performing agent detection.

Customize Online Recording Options

Customize Online Recording Options

This software eases the monitoring of live employee’s desktops by providing versatile options for getting the desired video file output. You can configure the saving path, video file format, split movie, set frames, and set recording duration options. You can get the recorded video in AVI format and can split the video files into small fragments if required. In addition, you can enhance the quality of video by setting its number of frames per minute.

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Computer Monitor Software

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Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Provides real-time monitoring of registered computers
Provision of Online as well as Offline recording
Proficiently monitors the domain and workgroup computers
Monitors unlimited number of computers without any restrictions
Genuinely supported by Windows 10, 8.1,8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000
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Computer Monitor Software

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To monitor a PC with Recoveryfix for Computer Monitor Software you need to follow few simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Step 1- The very first step you take to monitor a PC is registering it. So, start with registering and if it is already done, then directly perform the second step.
  2. Step 2- Add the computers by clicking on the ‘Add Computer(s) for Monitoring,’ now select the computers you want to monitor. Click on Add,once you have selected the required PCs.
  3. Step 3- Once you have added the computers, you will get the displays on your screen.

Recoveryfix Computer Monitor helps to monitor desktop activities of a specific user. After installing the software on the target system, you can view the live desktop activities continuously. Furthermore, the software also has the provision of scheduling the Online or Offline recording activity.

Yes, definitely. Whether you have scheduled online or offline recording mode, you will get an error-free video in AVI file format. The Recoveryfix Computer Monitor software also has the provision of locking the recorded video files. This unique facility gives you the assurance of protecting the video file from malicious elements even when you are not physically present.

The free evaluation version of Recoveryfix Computer Monitor allows you to monitor a single computer in LAN for seven days. Moreover, the trial version doesn’t allow you to utilize offline recording creation feature in the software. However, the full version of Recoveryfix Computer Monitor enables you to monitor as many systems available in your network depending on the license type purchased by you. Hence, every feature is functional in full version of Recoveryfix Computer Monitor software.

Recoveryfix Computer Monitor software provides two recording options: Online Recording and Offline Recording. With these options you can create and save viewed activities and play them with Windows Media Player.

Yes, we do provide support in every aspect for Recoveryfix Computer Monitor. The online help manual, installation guide etc. will help you to know how to work with Recoveryfix Computer Monitor and troubleshoot the software. For any other support, you can send an email at: support@recoveryfix.com