Employee Activity Monitor Software - Monitor activities of Employees

Recoveryfix Employee Activity Monitor

  • Allows live view of all desktop activities
  • Option to monitor desktop activities in system administrator’s absence
  • Monitors computer activities without user’s knowledge
  • Tracks all internet activities like websites visited, chat logs, downloaded files etc.
  • Tracks all keyboard activities
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Recoveryfix Employee Desktop Activity Monitor

Recoveryfix Employee Desktop Activity Monitor is a professional tool, especially programmed for business owners, to keep a track of all desktop activities of their employees. Even individual users can use it to monitor their children’s computer activities. The software easily tracks all activities carried out by a user on a particular computer. It captures desktop screenshots at regular intervals and tracks activities like websites visited, chat logs, downloaded files, open/closed windows, pressed keystrokes, all internet activities and much more. The software works as a spy tool and so user doesn’t get to know if he/she is being monitored.
Software Features

Tracks all internet activities

The software is smartly programmed to track all internet activities such as visited websites, chat logs, downloaded files, etc. Using the software, business owners can actually stop the unwanted internet activities performed by their employees to improve work efficiency.

Invisible monitoring

The software monitors or tracks computer activities in invisible mode. Employees do not get to know that they are being monitored. The software invisibly takes screenshots of desktop activities while the user remain unaware of it.

Tracks keystrokes

The software is also capable of tracking typed keystrokes. It easily keeps a track of every key pressed by the user. System or network administrators can actually see everything that was typed.

Automatic monitoring

The software not just tracks live computer activities but, also provides option to track computer activities in offline mode. It means if you’re not present to view live monitoring, the software creates offline logs of all the desktop activities which can be viewed later in a text file format.

Improves work efficiency

Using the software, business owners can actually stop all the unwanted computer activities of their employees, which will eventually improve their work efficiency.

Evaluate Free Trial Version

Recoveryfix for Employee Activity Monitor is available on a 30 day free trial period. Download and install it to evaluate the performance of the software. With trial version, you can monitor one computer for 30 days. To keep monitoring for unlimited period of time, purchase the full version of the software. Full version allows you to monitor multiple computers at the same time.

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Allows live view of computer activities
Tracks all typed keystrokes
Tracks computer activities without user’s knowledge
Tracks all internet activities
Allows monitoring of multiple computers
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  System Requirements

Supported Versions: – Windows OS - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000

Basic System Requirements:

  • Pentium IV Processor or equivalent

  • Minimum 256MB RAM

  • Disk Space – 100MB free space for software installation

  • Good network connection

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Software FAQs

A. Yes. The software is completely capable of monitoring multiple computers at the same. You just need to register the computers you want to monitor through their IP address, and the software will allow you to track their desktop activities.

A. No. The software performs invisible monitoring. The user doesn’t get to know that he/she is being monitored. You can view all internet and windows activities live or offline without user’s knowledge.

A. Yes. You just need to set a time duration in software settings, and the software will track all computer activities happened during the mentioned time.

A. Yes. The software takes screenshots of desktop activities. You can either view them live if you’re present or later in the form of JPEGs (images) if you’re not present at the time of monitoring.

A. Yes. The software is capable of tracking every key pressed by the user. You can see what was typed or written. You can even check if any particular word or phrase or text was searched online.