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BKF Repair Software

Recoveryfix for BKF is a fast and reliable BKF File repair tool to recover all files and folders from corrupt BKF archives. This software fully supports BKF files created with NTBackup.exe or other Backup Exec by Veritas. BKF file repair supports data recovery from corrupt or damaged BKF archives created on different OS platforms such as MS Windows, Novell and Macintosh. It fully supports recovery of UNICODE characters from corrupt or damaged Backup files.

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Windows NT and higher versions of MS Windows are equipped with NTBackup.exe utility that lets user to save bulk computer data in one Backup file. A Windows backup or BKF file can store entire data of a computer drive. BKF file helps user to recover lost files and folders in corrupt, damaged or deleted Windows partition. However, BKF files too are not completely secured and can be damaged due to virus codes, corrupt storage device and other reasons.

Outstanding Features of BKF Repair file:
  • Capable of repairing several corrupt BKF archives with one mouse click
  • Successfully recovers UNICODE characters from corrupt Backup files
  • Save Recovery Snapshot option to save the file scan process and Load Recovery option to load the file later on
  • Quickly fixes CRC errors of BKF file.
  • Generates a log report of BKF recovery process
  • Setting option that allows user to add prefix of the recovered BKF folder
  • Equipped with powerful algorithms to ensure complete recovery of data from corrupt BKF archives
Main Reasons of Backup Files Corruption

Windows Backup folders may get damaged or corrupt due to several reasons:

  • Virus attacks/Corruptions
  • Incomplete backup process
  • Unexpected system shutdown
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check or CRC errors
  • Deletion of Windows partition
  • Corrupt or unusable storage device

The BKF file repair tool is fast, simple, result-oriented, easy to use and equipped with powerful algorithm to repair and search the corrupt MS backup files. BKF recovery software utility recovers and repairs the damaged backed up BKF archives.

Download Evaluation Version:

BKF file repair is available for free download and use in evaluation version. With free version, you can repair several corrupt BKF files stored in either system or network drive. It also shows all recovered files and folders in a tree structure. You can save all recovered data only with full version of the software.

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FAQs - RecoveryFIX for BKF Repair
Can Recoveryfix for BKF recover my corrupt, deleted backed up files?

Yes, Recoveryfix for BKF instantly recovers the backup files which become corrupt or are deleted accidentally or intentionally.

What are the key features of Recoveryfix for BKF?

Recoveryfix for BKF comes with unique feature of saving the scanning process by Recoveryfix for BKF. The “Save Snapshot” feature of the bkf data recovery software allows the user to save the scan process of the corrupt .bkf file which can be added with “Load Snapshot” option to the Full version of the software later on.

What are the benefits of ‘Save Snapshot’ and ‘Load Snapshot’ options?

Save Snapshot option allows you to save the scanning process of the corrupt .bkf file whereas Load Snapshot option allows you to add the saved snapshot to the Full version of the software.

The demo version of Recoveryfix for BKF does not allows the users to save the recovered results, but provides ease to the users by saving the scanning process in a “.RFBKF” file format. This saves the time of rescanning the file again in Full version of Recoveryfix for BKF.

Load Snapshot option allows the users to load the saved .RFBKF file to Full version of Recoveryfix for BKF.

What is the difference between the Demo and Full version of Recoveryfix for BKF?

The demo version of Recoveryfix for BKF is available for FREE download. The demo version is fully functional bkf recovery software which only limits the process of saving the recovered results. Users can test the demo version of Recoveryfix for BKF for its features and to view the data recovery percentage and their lost files recovered by Recoveryfix for BKF.

Full version of Recoveryfix for BKF is fully functional, save enabled data recovery software. The backup recovery software can be purchased online for USD 149.

What are the supported file systems?

Recoveryfix for BKF can perform data recovery of .bkf files created by MS Backup, VERITAS Backup or any other backup creation software.

RecoveryFIX BKF Info.

Version: 4.02.01

Price: Starting from $149

Free Trial: 30 Days

Supported OS: Windows 98 SE /2000 / ME /Vista/Windows7/Windows8