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Recoveryfix for
BKF Repair

Recovers damaged, corrupted, and deleted BKF data files smoothly.

Recoveryfix for BKF

Salient Features

Reccoveryfix for BKF is the productive BKF recovery solution that repairs even the severely corrupted sectors of BKF.

Supports Various BKF Creator Utility

Recoveryfix for BKF is engineered with ultimate configurations that effectively triggers the recovery of corrupt BKF files, which are produced by the varied range of backup creator utility, such as NTBACKUP.exe and VERITAS.

Search Files Feature

The Recoveryfix for BKF is incorporated with Search Files functionality that quickens the process of finding and locating the required BKF files. Just click the Search Files button and search for the corrupt BKF files.

Save Recovery and Load Recovery Options

The software offers you the facility to pause and resume the BKF recovery process by bringing in the Save Recovery and Load Recovery options. Using this functionality, you can capture the BKF recovery process, when you want to stop the operation. After the saving the snapshot, you can use the same snapshot to load it in the future.

Latest Live Update Technology

The tool is enabled with Live Update feature that activates the continuous flow of latest software’s updates from software server to the purchased application. This dynamic facility ensures the availability of latest software version to you at all times.

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Recoveryfix for BKF

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Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Recovers corrupt BKF files from CRC errors
Supports Unicode characters
Provision of Save and Load Snapshot feature
Facility to save unlimited recovered BKF data files
Compatible to all versions of NTBACKUP.exe and VERITAS utility
Supports Windows 365, 11, 10, 98 SE, XP, 2000, ME, Vista, 7, 8.1 and 8
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Recoveryfix for BKF

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To repair the damaged BKF file, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Browse button and select a BKF file and click on Recover.
  2. Select files individually for preview and click on the Save button to proceed further.
  3. Select a destination for your folder and click on OK.
  4. Once the saving is done, click on Ok.

Yes, Recoveryfix for BKF instantly recovers the backup files which become corrupt or are deleted accidentally or intentionally. The tool is configured with latest logical algorithms, which marginally boosts the performance of BKF recovery software in providing the accurate results.

Save Snapshot option allows you to save the recovery instances of the corrupt .bkf file whereas Load Snapshot option allows you to upload the saved snapshot to the Full version of the software.The demo version of Recoveryfix for BKF does not allow users to save the recovered results, but it provides intuitive feature to users, which allows you to save the scanning process in an “.RFBKF” file format. This saves the time of rescanning a file again, when we resume the BKF recovery operation in Full version of Recoveryfix for BKF. To resume the incomplete process, the Load Snapshot option is used to load the saved .RFBKF file in the Full version of Recoveryfix for BKF.

The demo version of Recoveryfix for BKF is available for FREE download. The demo version is fully functional with featured alternatives and provides hassle-free BKF recovery but limits the process of saving the recovered output. However, users can test the demo version of Recoveryfix for BKF to inspect its features and data recovery performances.

Full version of Recoveryfix for BKF is enabled with unlimited saving functionality.

Recoveryfix for BKF can perform data recovery of .bkf files created by MS Backup, VERITAS Backup or any other backup creation software.

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