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Are you a professional who is in habit of keeping back up of the entire data to duck them from corruption? It is quite obvious to do so. However, there are times when the backup data also becomes corrupt. The corruption does not differentiate the file before corruption. It simply disrupts the file system without any knowledge of the reason of its existence. Therefore, safeguarding your data and backup files becomes an utmost priority of any user to get rid of unnecessary binary issues. Read more about Complete Solution to Resolve Backup File Corruption caused due to CRC errors »

Exchange server serves a carriage for MS Outlook, which carries Offline work of the user, and delivers it on finding its destination. The process of delivery is called synchronization process, which is obligatory to perform in order to maintain the Outlook database. The offline work is maintained in form of Offline storage table that are termed as OST files. On one hand, OST files are advantageous for MS Outlook users and on the other hand, they can be hazardous as they are prone to corruption.


Microsoft Outlook is the most common mode of corporate communication these days. Due to its versatility and user-friendly features, it is even used by entrepreneurs and small business units to maintain communication with their clients. Adaptation in all environment and feasible with all versions of Windows makes MS Outlook more venerable to mishaps. It may include intrusion of virus, CRC errors, sudden system shutdown, sudden power failure and many other reasons that cannot be avoided. Since existence of such reasons cannot be set as null and void, the only way to remain secure is “Be ready to face it.” Read more about Curating solution for error “Cannot read from the source file or disk” »

Most organizations use Microsoft Outlook in conjunction with Exchange Server for its email-based communication. Being a powerful server-side application, Exchange server is mainly used with client-side applications (MS Outlook most often) to provide email-based collaborative communication to conveniently access the data from anywhere, when connected to the internet. Read more about Unable to Connect MS Outlook 2007/2010 To Exchange Server 2003: Fix-Up for this Error Message “Your Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable” »

MS Excel is a highly popular spreadsheet application developed by American multinational computer software company Microsoft for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and iOS. Excel is a spreadsheet program which allows you to organize, format and calculate data using formulas. You can add different data such as tables, hyperlinks, texts, unique code, macros, numerical, etc. in a MS Excel file. MS Excel is specifically useful for the ones who want to keep a record of every detail. Read more about Reasons of MS Excel files corruption and data recovery methods »

The power & popularity of Microsoft Excel can be judged by its users who share dependability upon this application, for their day-to-day business or non-business activities. This Excel Spreadsheet program enables users to organize, manipulate and analyze large amount of data. Read more about How to repair an Excel file throwing an inaccessibility error message: “Data may have been lost”? »

NTFS file systems are the standard file systems used in Window NT and later versions of Windows 2000, XP, 7 and Windows Vista. NTFS file systems is incorporated with advanced data structure and offer support for improved metadata for better performance, disk space utilization and reliability. Windows NTFS file systems can be subjected to corruption that may lead to loss of important data stored in the system’s hard disk. Read more about NTFS file recovery where CHECKDISK fails »

After the corruption of PST files, Outlook users usually turn to the Scanpst.exe, popularly known as the Inbox Repair Tool, to fix the issues. The Inbox Repair Tool is a free tool from Microsoft, and is installed on the system by default along with the installation of MS Outlook. Also, it is available for download. Read more about Inbox Repair Tool – A First Aid Tool to Deal with PST Corruption Issues »

There are incidents when fatal error in Exchange server aborts the exchange server application and thus makes it not viable. In fact, you would be very much surprise to note that at times the behavior of MS Exchange Server renders all your precious data inaccessible and result in the critical loss of data. Dealing with such scenario could get easy and you may also restore your valuable data back, but you would require repairing the damaged EDB file. Read more about Know a Right Solution to Overcome EDB file error while mounting an Exchange Server Database »

Offline folder files (OST) is nothing more than the replicas of your Exchange Mailbox. Facing any situation when these mailboxes get deleted from the server, simultaneously the entire mailbox data gets lost. Though, you must not forget that the file still exist featuring all your exchange mailbox data. In fact, situation do occur when while making use of MS-Outlook you get stuck into a severe problem of damaged Outlook files. The important point that you got to understand is that damaged OST files are the result of Exchange server crash, failure of hardware, virus infection, oversized PST etc. The condition gets tricky because each and every OST file associated with a user mailbox could turn orphaned. In such circumstances, it gets really difficult to retrieve important data from an orphaned or corrupt OST file. Read more about Why not to worry even if errors have been detected in OST file »