Understanding why videos are not uploading to YouTube?

Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma

Updated On - April 22, 2024

Summary: Uploading videos on YouTube comes under the standard approach to running a successful marketing campaign and gaining viewership. Sometimes, users face issues while uploading videos on YouTube due to various aspects. It’s very crucial to rectify the reason why the user can’t upload video to YouTube, as it can affect the video file. There are skillful tools and services like Recoveryfix Video Repair to help during video corruption.

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YouTube is social media’s contemporary platform that leads the marketing world through promotional videos or global influencing. Regularity in posting videos with trends on YouTube helps to maintain or expand the user reach. But what if a sudden error occurs while uploading the video, affecting your constant cycle or upload timeline?

Unidentified errors can harm the videos as well as the users, as they can’t upload videos on YouTube. Consistent video upload failures on YouTube with unidentified errors can disrupt the channel’s customer relations chain. Let’s discuss the factors of errors causing collapses while uploading videos on YouTube.

What are the possible errors that can appear while uploading videos on YouTube?

  • Video format: YouTube is compatible with most of the video formats and codecs to upload videos. Before starting the upload, it’s essential to check if the video supports the format requirement or not. YouTube supports both H.364 and H. 265 codecs, which means the users can upload MP4, WEBM, MOV, AVI, WMV, and more.
  • Internet connectivity: Internet connection plays an essential role in the operation of social media or uploading large video files. If the user is not connected to high-speed internet or there is a sudden speed dropout, then there are chances that you can’t upload video to YouTube.
  • Slow server: Operating on a mass level, YouTube can face a slow server rate due to high numbers of visitors, which can also affect the video upload. Constant server error might be the reason for video upload collapsing, so it’s better to try after some time.
  • Large videos: YouTube allows users to upload videos up to 256 Gb with a maximum length of 12 hours; users can’t upload videos on YouTube above this criterion. However, only verified users are allowed to post videos above 15 minutes, whereas non-verified users can post below 15 minutes.
  • Updated application: Using the updated version of the application or the browser is far more feasible as it enables smooth and bug-free running. Uploading videos on older versions can cause sudden upload drops due to unknown bugs in the application.
  • Duplicate videos: YouTube does not entertain uploading replicated videos on the platform since it’s better to implement some changes. Multiple failed attempts of uploading duplicate videos come under violation of YouTube guidelines, and the channel can be removed.
  • Upload limit: There are restrictions over the upload limit on YouTube, where the user can’t upload a video more than 15 times in a day. However, YouTube allows the user to upload up to 100 short clips on YouTube daily.

Achieving low video size with high quality.

High-resolution video files can be enormous in size and can take a long time to upload on YouTube. Compressing video is a far more feasible option until and unless the highest resolution is not necessary. Users can convert the video to a h.264 codec that will reduce the file size of the video without affecting the data files, video, and resolution.

Additionally, a few factors are crucial to keep in mind while compressing or exporting the video file. Using the appropriate method or tool is a must so that the video and audio quality of the file are not hampered. Individuals can easily upload high-quality videos in small-size files with the same output as large files and overcome from video streaming issues easily by following trustworthy decoders or tools.

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Avoiding the hassle of multiple upload failures on YouTube can be an irritating procedure as well as harmful to the channel’s progress rate. There are a few measures discussed in this article that are essential to understand when the user can’t upload video to YouTube. Performing several tasks to compress, convert, export, or multiple failures while uploading to YouTube can affect the main file. Suppose the source video file faces any damages, corruption, or accessibility issues. Then, the user can quickly repair their video through Recoveryfix Video Repair tool.

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