8 Methods to fix “This video is not available” error on YouTube

Ashish Singh
Ashish Singh

Updated On - March 6, 2024

Summary: Are you experiencing an error “This video is not available” on YouTube? If yes, then this article can assist you in identifying the causes and providing relevant solutions to fix them. Moreover, you can use Recoveryfix video repair tool to resolve all video-related errors.

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YouTube is the most popular video streaming and sharing platform. It mainly consumes for entertainment, inspiration, education, economic opportunity and many more. Its usefulness symbolizes that it has a significant impact on the lives of millions of people. Occasionally, it becomes disappointing for the user when they see the “This video is not available” error on YouTube.

There are several ways on the internet to fix that error on YouTube, but some may not work properly on every device. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the major causes and the top eight methods to fix the issue. After going through the following processes, you can enjoy video streaming seamlessly.

Causes of the “This video is not available” error

Before moving to solutions, it’s important to understand why the “This video is not available” error occurs on YouTube. So, here we have mentioned some common causes behind this error.

  • Issue with Browser extensions.
  • Corrupted cookies or cache.
  • Problem with Internet connection.
  • Outdated YouTube version
  • Other app collision
  • Outdated browser
8 Methods to fix the “This video is not available” error on YouTube

As per the reasons, let’s discuss the practical solutions to fix the issue.

Method 1. Check your Internet connectivity

YouTube offers a wide range of videos, but it consumes lots of data in comparison to any other video streaming platform. Internet connectivity is the primary reason for YouTube’s “unavailable video” error. Many people face the issue because they don’t have good internet connectivity.

Nevertheless, YouTube has a unique feature that allows you to choose different video resolutions, each consuming different amounts of data. If you have a weak network, you can choose a lower video resolution to reduce data consumption and ensure smooth playback.

Method 2. Refresh web page

Occasionally, your web browser session may time out, and you need to refresh the YouTube web page to restart the session. Therefore, refresh your web browser by tapping the Reload icon near your web page’s URL link search bar.

Method 3. Use a VPN

Occasionally, certain companies or individuals may choose not to share their content with specific areas or geographical locations. It can also become the reason for certain videos not being available on YouTube.

However, one solution to access the videos is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN covers up your IP address and provides you with another one to access the videos that were previously unavailable.

Methos 4. Clean the Browser’s cache and cookie files

Browser downloads cache and cookie files to help websites load faster. However, if these files become corrupt, they can cause problems with browsing.

Steps to clear Google Chrome Cache and Cookie file:

  • Launch Google Chrome, click on the three dots on the right side and tap on the More Tools option.Launch< Google Chrome
  • Find Clear browsing data or Press Ctrl+Shift+Del at a time and open history section.open history section
  • Select the Time range to All time and check the box infront of Cookie and other site data and Cached images and files options. After that, Click on Clear data.Cookie and other site data
  • Your system’s Chrome cookie and cache files are deleted now. Click on Ok, got it to close that file. Relaunch your YouTube page and enjoy your video seamlessly.
Methos 5. Disable hardware acceleration of Google Chrome

Sometimes, users experience difficulty in playing YouTube videos due to issues caused by hardware acceleration, which is responsible for your computer’s GPU to render videos. Follow the simple steps to disable the ‘use hardware acceleration when available.’

  1. Launch Google Chrome, then Click the three dots on the right and click on the Settings.click on the Settings
  2. Find the System and click on it.Find the System and click on it
  3. Tap on the “Use hardware acceleration when available” to disable Hardware Acceleration.Use hardware acceleration when available
Method 6. Disable Extensions from your Browser

Some tools will help you to do your work more efficiently, so their developers develop extensions of those tools to make your work easy and fast. However, some extensions come with malware files that will create so many errors.
Steps to disable extensions from your browser:

  1. In Chrome, click on the three dots on the top right-hand side and click on More Tools >Extension.click on More Tools Extension
  2. Disable every unwanted extension and relaunch your browser. Start streaming your videos without facing any errors.
Method 7. Reinstall Your Browser on your computer

Occasionally, your browser gets corrupted, and it does not work properly on your device. Therefore, YouTube shows the “This video is not available” error.

In this case, go to the Control Panel of your computer and Uninstall your Browser.

After Uninstalling the browser:

  • Go to the Official website of the browser.
  • Download the updated version of that browser.
  • Install it on your devices.
Method 8. Enable Browser’s JavaScript

When we surf the internet, it needs lots of cache and cookies. At the same time, web pages require JavaScript to run smoothly. If your JavaScript has been disabled, you might face an error on YouTube.

Steps to enable the browser’s JavaScript in Google Chrome:

  1. Go to Chrome’s Settings and click on Privacy and securityPrivacy and security
  2. Find Site settings and click on itclick on it
  3. Please scroll down to find JavaScript and Click on itClick on it
  4. Enable JavaScript by clicking on “<> Sites can use JavaScript.”Sites can use JavaScript

If the methods mentioned above cannot help you, then there is corruption in the uploaded video. It could be due to bugs in video editing software that is used before uploading a video online. In that case, it is advisable to use an automated Recoveryfix Video Repair tool.

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In this article, we have discussed the causes of the “This video is not available” error on YouTube and practical solutions to do so. However, if your video is not available, there might be corruption in your video file. To resolve it, try Recoveryfix Video Repair tool to recover your corrupted videos rapidly.

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