How to repair corrupt VOB file

Jai Bhagwan Jha
Jai Bhagwan Jha

Updated On - June 17, 2024

Summary: For storing encrypted video & audio files, a VOB file is the most preferred one. But due to some technical issues or hardware malfunction, these videos might get corrupted or distorted. Here, this blog will help you to provide the solution to tackle the issue effectively. However, if you want a hassle-free approach, then you can explore third-party automated tools like Recoveryfix Video Repair.

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Videos have been a powerful medium for broadcasting your thoughts to a wider audience. For different sectors, different formats of videos are being used, like MP4, MOV, & many more. One such video format is VOB, which we will discuss here.

VOB file refers to a video object stored in a DVD-Video media. It is placed in a TS video folder in the DVD. DVD holds multiple videos, audio, menus, and subtitles. VOB files are generally in MPEG format. Unusual situations like bad hardware sectors or some technical glitches make the videos vulnerable to corruption. Corrupted videos may hamper the seamless experience for the user, which might affect their workability or productivity. So, it is important to know the reasons behind the issue to identify the best possible solution to fix it.

Why do VOB files get corrupted?

Various factors are responsible for VOB file corruption, but the significant ones that increase the possibility of corruption are mentioned below:

  • Broken or rubbed DVD disc.
  • Viruses and malware attacks
  • Accidental shutting down of your system.
  • Lower RAM and older processor
  • Oversized file
  • IFO(Information) or BUP(Backup) files are missing.
  • Not performed complete extraction.
  • Copyright protections
Best ways to repair the corrupt VOB file

Upon analyzing the causes of the issue, we have come up with the best possible approaches to tackle the issue efficiently. So, follow the given methods step-by-step to remove the file corruption:

Method 1. Download and keep an Antivirus on your personal computer:

Whenever we surf the internet on our personal computer, it downloads some cache and sometimes malware files that will corrupt our media files. So always keep antivirus on your device. It will prevent your PC from any viruses and malware files.

  1. Open your Internet Explorer or Chrome browser and search for your preferred antivirus.
  2. Download suitable antivirus according to your Windows, Ram, and Processor.
  3. Install the setup by agreeing to their Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy.
  4. Create a Desktop Icon if you want and enable all the necessary features.
Method 2. Restore the VOB file with the help of the VLC media player:

VLC is an open-source platform that comes with robust or advanced algorithms. It stands out as the all-in-one media player that can remove minor errors from the video files as well. So, follow the given steps to execute the repairing process:

Note: VLC exclusively supports AVI files for removing minor errors. Hence, before using the VLC for the repairing process, conversion of files into .avi extension is necessary.

  1. Go to the corrupted file in your computer and Rename it .vob to .avi file extension.
  2. Now, Open the converted file in your VLC player.
  3. Go to the Tools section in VLC,& tap on the Preferences section. (Also, you can press CTRL+P to open the Preferences section).
  4. Find Inputs/Codecs and click on it. You will see so many options on it
  5. Click on the Damaged or incomplete AVI file and choose the Always fix option. Then, click on the Save option to save all the settings. Enjoy your fixed VOB file on the Save option
Method 3.Try to manage the size of the VOB file

Usually when the file size becomes greater than 1GB, it becomes incompatible with different media players & operating systems. So, it is recommended to reduce the file size less than 1 GB for seamless experience. You can take care of this while recording otherwise you can reduce its size by using VLC also. So, for managing the file size, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the VLC media player, go to Media & tap on the Convert/Save option.Open the VLC media player
  2. Now, Add the desired file & click on the Convert/Save optionAdd the desired file.
  3. Then, in the next section, tap on the Create a new profile with managed dimensions & choose it as the default one.Create a new profile
  4. Browse the location where you want to save the file followed by the Start option.location where you want to save the file
Method 4. Use VOB file on the other media player

Sometimes, some media players do not support particular video formats due to the unavailability of codecs & graphic drivers. So, rather than thinking about the corruption in the video, you can play the same video in other media players like VLC & many more. If the video plays in another media player seamlessly, then the media player needs to be changed; otherwise, fix the corrupted video by the given suitable methods accordingly.

Using an alternate approach to recover VOB files

These methods are helpful to resolve the issue, but they might not be supportive in the high corruption videos. Also, using the manual methods make the data vulnerable to loss. So, to overcome these instances, using an advanced professional tool like Recoveryfix Video Repair will relieve you from this issue instantly. You can recover any corrupted VOB file, and it’s not just limited to the VOB file, you can fix any video format, like MOV, WEBM, WMV, M4A, MP4, MTS, ASF, M4V, etc. It also helps you to recover deleted or lost videos while preserving data & its quality. It even resolves the video streaming issues easily without hampering its integrity.


VOB file corruption can be resolved by using the mentioned methods in the blog. By following the steps of the given methods, you will recover the corrupted file unless your video file is not severely corrupted or distorted. In the worst scenarios, using manual solutions are not going to help you to overcome the issue. So, considering the recommended tool will be beneficial or timesaving approach to handle the not only corruption but also all video related issues like corrupt FLV video files.

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