How to Repair Corrupt EDB File?

Manisha Rawat
Manisha Rawat

Updated On - October 19, 2022

Exchange administrators often goes through a situation or condition where the Exchange data becomes inaccessible due to corruption owing to multiple issues like logical errors, system errors, virus intrusions, program interference, etc. Let us understand about Exchange Server database, its corruption factors and the modes to repair corrupt EDB file in detail.Manual Method

Recommended Solution
Equip yourself with an automated tool – Recoveryfix for Exchange Server Recovery that can help you repair corrupt Exchange EDB files and migrate them to Outlook PST, Live Exchange and Office 365, as well as restore it to Exchange Server.

What is an EDB File?

Exchange Database file is also known as EDB file, a filename extension created by Microsoft Exchange Server. It stores in-process SMTP messages and the ACT emails using EDB file extensions, the extended digital books created with the application.

In the earlier versions of Exchange, i.e. 2000 and 2003, the file is used to be saved in EDB format. But now in the newer versions, there are three formats in which EDB files are saved, these are Priv.edb, Pub.edb, and STM. These three formats were introduced to keep a proper track on the files which are being saved by the Exchange Server. Priv.edb is a database file, meant for storing private data from the mailbox, Pub.edb meant for storing data which user want to share from the mailbox. STM, i.e. Streaming database is used for saving attachments in emails, generally multi-media files. However, in Exchange 2007, the STM file format was deleted.

Exchange database file is also referred as JET Blue and MAPI-based database, the reason being that it stores, extract EDB files and keeps the messages submitted by MAPI clients. So, now we have a clear image of what is an EDB file and how important it is. What if this EDB file gets corrupt?

In this blog, we will discuss many aspects that lead to EDB corruption, like how to detect if the EDB file is corrupted, reasons that cause corruption, and how to repair it.

Error Notifications for Corrupted EDB File

The best way to find out that your Exchange Database file is corrupted is error notifications. There are different error notifications for different errors; if your Exchange Server is showing the following errors, then your EDB file is most probably corrupted.

  • Error -515: “JET_errInvalidLogSequence”
  • Error 1018: “JET_errReadVerifyFailure”
  • Error 1216: “JET_errAttachedDatabaseMismatch”
  • Error 1601: “Operation terminated with error 1605 JET_errKeyDuplicate, illegal Duplicate Key) after 2.354 seconds.”
  • Error 1605: “Operation terminated with error -1605 (JET_errKeyDuplicate, illegal Duplicate Key) after yyyy.yyyy seconds.”
  • Dirty Shutdown: “Error database was not shut down cleanly” “Error Shut down is in dirty shutdown state.”

Possible Reasons for Corruption

There can be several causes of the EDB file corruption, and it is always better to know the root cause behind it. Knowing the cause of the problem can help you to avoid it the next time if possible.

  • System Failure
  • Sudden power loss or improper system shutdown
  • Malware/Virus attack
  • If any of the database objects is missing
  • Mishandling from the user’s side

Manual Method

If you are aware of the Exchange Server, then you might be knowing that Microsoft provides an inbuilt utility ESEUTIL. ESEUTIL, i.e., Exchange Server Database Utility which is an executable program, it and it can repair corrupt EDB files.

The default location of this in-built utility is –

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Bin >

To repair the database, you can run this cmdlets via this utility.

eseutil /p >

Note: It is advised to take a backup of the Exchange database before running cmdlets in the Eseutil application.

The most important thing to remember after the successful completion of the repair process is to check the data integrity. You can check the integrity of the data with the help of the integrity check tool ISINTEG.

Why Using Manual Method Should Be Avoided?

Performing manual method requires a person with great technical skills. The manual method is a little bit complicated and critical way to repair the files, if done wrong at any step you may also lose the data. Another reason is that the manual method is quite time-consuming and requires a lot of space on disk. also, the data which is permanently removed from the system cannot be repaired with the manual method.

How to Repair a Corrupt EDB File with the help of Recoveryfix for Exchange Server Recovery tool?

If you are facing any problem with the manual method, or by any chance, your file is still not repaired by following the manual method, then you can always go for the automated method. With Recoveryfix for Exchange Server Recovery software, you can forget all the hassles of repairing a corrupt EDB file, just follow a few simple steps. Let’s start!

Download Now

  1. Install and run the software on the system.
  2. Click on the Select Source option, mentioned under the File button and select the source type. Select Offline EDB File as source and click Next.
  3. Select the source type and click Next

  4. Now, you will be asked to select the path, click on the three dots in Select EDB File, select the EDB file from your system and click on Open.
  5. select the EDB file from your system and click on Open

  6. Select the scanning mode for your file and check the column “Use message table to get From field” and “Use Disk Space” as per your requirement and click Next.
  7. Use Disk Space” as per your requirement and click Next

  8. Wait while the process takes place and click on Finish. The EDB data will be displayed in a tree-like structure.
  9. process takes place and click on Finish

  10. Now, you will see that under the Source List section, there is a list of all the user mailboxes. Right click on desired mailbox and select Export Mailboxes to PST.
  11. Right click on desired mailbox and select Export Mailboxes to PST

  12. On the next window, select the files and folders you want to repair. There you will see an option of Custom Select, click and select some specific folders from which you want to repair the files. You can also perform this step manually. Click on Ok in the end.
  13. Click on Ok in the end

  14. On the next page, it will ask your permission for the custom select. Select your desired option and click on Apply.
  15. click on Apply

  16. Now click on the three dots in Destination and select the destination of your file and click on Ok.
  17. select the destination of your file and click on Ok

  18. Click on Export.
  19. Click on Export

  20. On the next window “Multiple mailboxes exported” click on the Ok.
  21. Multiple mailboxes exported” click on the Ok

  22. Click on Close.
  23. Click on Close” click on the Ok

Follow these easy steps, and your EDB file is repaired in no time. There are several other options available in the software you can go for, as per your requirement. Take a trial of all the features of the tool using the free demo version of the tool.

Why is Automated Method Better than the Manual One?

The best part about the automated method is that you need not be an expert or a tech geek to perform it. You can perform it as perfectly, even if you are from a non-technical background. Follow the simple guidelines and read the instructions mentioned in the blog carefully, that’s it.

The automated method saves your efforts and a lot of time which you would have invested in the manual ones. The software is designed to provide the ease of operation and to save the user from a lot of hassles. For that, there are several options available in the software which allows you to perform the task efficiently and as per your requirements.

For a better understanding of the software, you can also go for the Trial version which is totally free and allows you to save 25 items per folder.

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EDB files are made using many B-trees. The reason for creating it with B-trees is to have quick access. It is easier and better to Convert EDB mailbox to PST. You can repair all the errors in the exchange mailboxes, public folders, and transport server queue database with either manual or automated method. Owing to multiple limitations of manual methods, we decided to go for a professional tool in this blog. Recoveryfix for Exchange Server Recovery software is the unmatchable solution for your corrupt EDB file, with its advanced features and smooth operation it provides recovery with no headaches.

18 thoughts on “How to Repair Corrupt EDB File?”

  1. While using the ESEUTIL tool I lost some emails from my inbox. Now when I use your tool what it will do for them?

  2. Hi Felix,
    When you use our tool, then it will recover the deleted items also. They will be presented in color red as easy identification. You can save them like other inbox emails.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing such a useful information. I will definitely share this with others.

  4. My Outlook application is not giving an error, but it is not opening at all. Whenever i try to open it, then the screen gets freeze and crashes abruptly. Can I use the ESEUTIL tool?

  5. Hello, Elijah
    Yes, because the ESEUTIL tool is usable in the command prompt, so you can easy use it to remove the issue from your Outlook application.

  6. Hi Ezra, mnually it’s not feasible to repair multiple EDB files at once. However, if you use Recoveryfix for Exchange Server, then you can add multiple EDB files to the tool and repair them at once.

  7. Hi, Max
    Since the manual approach requires high precision and technical skills while executing the steps; it is advised to take backup of the exchange database to avoid any uncertainties. However, you can use Recoveryfix for Exchange Server in order to get effective results without indulging into cumbersome manual methods.

  8. My Outlook application freezes every time whenever I try to write a new email. is it a sign of corruption?

  9. Hello James,
    Screen freeze is a clear sign of corruption in the data file of Outlook. You should try to repair the data file as soon as possible.

  10. “I used the Recoveryfix Exchange Server Recovery tool, and it turned out to be a great utility in repairing corrupt EDB file. You guys are doing an awesome work, keep it up.”

  11. Does your tool only repair the corrupt EDB file when it shows the given errors in the article or for other errors too?

  12. Hi, Roman
    The given errors in the articles are some examples of the common EDB error messages. You can use the tool for other kind of errors also. You can even use the tool when it is not showing any error but the data is not accessible.

  13. Thank you for the sharing excellent knowledge & information its very helpful and understanding. as we are looking for this information since long time.

  14. While using the software, can I choose to use Deep Scan directly without going for Standard Scan?

  15. Hi Jake
    You can use the Deep Scan. If you are sure that the EDB file is corrupt severely, then you can choose the Deep scan.

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