Fix the ‘mailbox export request stuck in queued’ issue in Exchange

Shashibhushan Kumar
Shashibhushan Kumar

Updated On - March 11, 2024

Summary: Exchange Server may become overloaded by the number of Public Folders and its data, which can be responsible for slowing down the entire account. These folders may no longer be in use or get corrupted. In that case, these folders need to be deleted to run Exchange Server smoothly and hassle-free. Let’s see the methods for deletion of Exchange Public Folders; however, if these methods don’t work, you can try Recoveryfix for Exchange Server.

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Exchange Server is the best email server that takes care of all your enterprise-level emailing requirements, their security, and management. It saves user data in the user mailbox, archive mailbox, shared mailbox, or public folder.The Microsoft Exchange Server enables the admin to export mailboxes to PST file format. But, If the admin doesn’t know the correct and simplified method, he will find it more challenging to export mailboxes in PST files.

During a data disaster situations, admin may have few options for restoring the Exchange Server data and exporting mailbox data at regular intervals should be the top priority of any organization. Sometimes, while exporting mailbox data from the Exchange Server, user accidentally faces a situation like “mailbox export request stuck in a queued”. In this blog, we will discuss different methods to solve this Exchange issue

Methods to fix ‘mailbox export requests stuck in the queued’ error

Here is the Mailbox Export command that you run in the Exchange Management Shell:

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox Samantha -FilePath “\\SERVER225\PSTFileShare\Samantha_Mailbox.pst” >

The command will export of the Mailbox named Samantha to a PST file with the name Samatha_Mailbox.pst

When you check the status of the mailbox, it will show that it is queued. If the status remains queued for a long time, then you need to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Method 1- Using Exchange Management Shell Command

First, you need to know about the actual status of the job. So you should get the application log of the request using the below command:

Get-MailboxExportRequest | Get-MailboxExportRequestStatistics –IncludeReport |FL >

The report will include the details of the Mailbox Export Request and information regarding what is stopping the command from running. If you can remove the obstacle and get the request completed, then it is fine, but if the Mailbox does not run, then you do not have any choice but to delete it.

Get-MailboxExportRequest -Status Queued | Remove-MailboxExportRequest >

After removing the Export request, you can run it again.

Method 2- Update the Exchange Server

The latest version of the Exchange Server is always better than the previous one. Microsoft brings new security checks, better synchronization, and faster performance. Therefore, you should check if you are using the updated version of Exchange Server or not, update to the latest one and run the Mailbox Export job again.

Method 3- Check the DAG environment and replication

The DAG group can contain up to 16 Exchange Servers, and there are policies for data replication, server switchovers, failovers, etc. If the database is associated with a server that is part of the DAG environment, then you need to check the replication policy of the group. Sometimes the replication policy of the DAG group may stop it from running the mailbox export request job. After handling the replication policy, you can continue to run the export request job.

Use a professional tool to fix ‘mailbox export request stuck in queued’ error.

Performing manual methods could result in mailbox data loss. So, to save your data from loss, use Recoveryfix for Exchange Server Recovery tool to fix the ‘mailbox export request stuck in queued’ error. The best thing is that the tool takes the backup of Exchange Server mailboxes and saves them in a new PST file. You can perform Exchange recovery as well as Exchange/Office 365 migrations with this software. The software also allows you to repair corrupt Exchange databases. Also, you can get log reports about the backup process, which consist of the status of all backed-up items and their location.

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We discussed various manual methods to handle mailbox export requests stuck in queued situation. To save your time and fix the ‘mailbox export request stuck in queued’ situation, utilize the Recoveryfix for Exchange Server.The software is specially designed to recover the mailbox data from the Exchange Server quickly & takes the backup and creates files in the PST format.

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