Tips to avoid Outlook PST file corruption

Pritam Majumdar
Pritam Majumdar

Updated On - May 7, 2024

Summary: Let’s face some common reasons behind Outlook PST file corruption and the methods to repair corrupt Outlook PST files with complete integrity and precision. With the help of manual methods, users can secure their PST files from corruption and if manual methods fails, you can use professional software, Recoveryfix for Outlook PST Repair to save time and get quick results.

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Outlook is one of the most well-known email clients. It stores its data in Personal Storage Table, PST files. These PST files store messages, attachments, calendar events, contacts, notes, and various other items. Sometimes, these files face many errors which disrupt the entire emailing activities. There might be ample of reasons why these errors occur. Our present topic deals in why these errors occur and how we can avoid them from corrupting our PST file.

Causes of PST File Corruption

While the portability of PST files is one of its advantages, the transportation from one location to another might cause PST file corruption. The causes can be many, and generally, they are divided into two categories: corruption resulting from hardware failure and corruption resulting from software failure.

Hardware Failure Related PST Corruption

  • In Case of a Data Device Failure: In case your hard disk develops some bad sectors, and your Outlook PST file is stored in these bad sectors, you might not be able to access the data.
  • In Case of a Faulty Networking Devices: When the Outlook PST file is located on a network, and you try to access these files remotely, you’ll need to make sure that your network interface cards, cables, routers, hubs, as well as other devices have no problems or issues that disrupt their proper functioning. If they have problems, remote access to your PST file might corrupt it.
  • In case of a Power Failure: At times while accessing a PST File, you might come across a power failure, which in turn might leave your PST file severely damaged. As a result, you have a case of PST file corruption.

You might use many techniques to eradicate PST corruption because of hardware problems. For example, UPS helps against power failure. Another example might be using proper and reliable hardware devices, which might serve to reduce the probability of PST file corruption.

Software Failure Related PST Corruption

Software related issues are basically categorized into three, namely, virus attacks, incorrect settings, and abnormal closure of Outlook.

  • Sometimes, you might open an email attachment in your MS Outlook after which your Outlook data becomes inaccessible. This is a virus attack! This requires a prudent check to eliminate the virus.
  • If your Outlook shuts down suddenly, you might end up with a corrupt PST file because the sudden closing of the file might prevent PST file from saving the data accurately. The next time you try opening the file, it’ll have inconsistencies. This, in turn, will cause errors while trying to access the PST File.
  • Another cause of this corruption is an oversized PST file. In this case, the PST file crashes and then hangs the application.

Having learned everything about the PST corruption, you might be wondering how you can fix these problems and completely eradicate this corruption. The following passage elaborates on this matter.

How to Avoid PST File Corruption

Corruption in the PST File creates several additional problems, including work disruption. There are two different ways to avoid PST file corruption,namely, Scanpst.exe and a third-party tool. The following methods are easy and, most of the time, provide a quick means to do away with the corruption.

Manual method to avoid Outlook PST file corruption

To prevent this corruption, follow the method given below: –

Method1. ScanPST.Exe

The first utility to fix PST file corruption is Scanpst.exe. Scanpst.exe is an in-built MS Outlook repair tool. The Tool helps repair damaged or corrupt Outlook PST files. To use Scanpst.exe, use these steps:

  1. Open task Manager.
  2. Find Outlook on the processes tab.
  3. Right-click and select ‘Open file location.’
  4. Windows Explorer opens the folder where MS Outlook was installed. Scanpst.exe is primarily present in that same folder.
  5. When you have located Scanpst.exe, you can now repair your corrupt PST files.

Many times, ScanPst.Exe fails to help, and then you must search for some third-party tool to avoid PST file corruption. Many companies seem to have developed tools to help in this matter. One of them has created an excellent clientele and has generated positive remarks from its users. Recoveryfix. It has a PST Repair Tool that enables its users to deal with PST file corruption issues.

Use professional software

The tool by Recoveryfix has multiple functionalities: it helps in repairing corrupt PST files and recovering lost PST files along with deleted data, maintaining the hierarchy. Moreover, this tool enables one to preview all recovered items prior to saving them. Finally, the Tool enables you to save the recovered and repaired PST files. Having said that, the following is the step-by-step process of how to use this tool:

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  1. Having installed the software, press ‘Browse’ to select the file you wish to repair. Also, choose the mode you want to use to fix the PST file. Now, press Next.
  2. Browse to select file you wish to repair

  3. Select from the folder(s), the item/items you wish to repair. Click on Save.
  4. Click on Save

  5. Select the location to save the repaired files, select; click Ok.
  6. select click Ok

After getting all the information, if you aren’t prepared to buy it directly, you could use the freely available Trial Version. Please note that this version of the Tool converts only 30 items in one go. Moreover, if you have any confusion pertaining to this tool, you can always chat online with the Recoveryfix support team that is online twenty-four hours and seven days a week. You can also connect with them via email or via telephone.


Outlook PST file corruption is a situation that leads to data loss, especially when a backup isn’t available. Due to these various effects in the PST file, we have discussed some manual methods instead of preventing corruption. Additionally, users can try Recoveryfix for Outlook PST Repair software. It will fix all the errors and recover the mailbox with all its folders.

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