How to recover deleted TikTok videos

Jai Bhagwan Jha
Jai Bhagwan Jha

Published On - April 8, 2024

Summary: TikTok is among the most trending video-sharing platforms. Content creators are constantly making and uploading new videos to it. Often these videos may get deleted due to various reasons. The process to recover deleted TikTok videos will be discussed in this article thoroughly. Alternatively, if you cannot access TikTok videos due to corruption then you must use a professional Recoveryfix Video Repair tool to recover your videos easily.

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TikTok is among the fastest-growing applications in the world. The app has a tremendous number of active users who are uploading millions of videos daily. TikTok is loved and is used by teenagers the most. The algorithms of TikTok are designed in such a manner that almost everyone likes the platform instantly.

Every day, numerous users join this platform and create videos to post. Often, these users find themselves in situations where they have lost access to their TikTok videos that took them hours to edit. Any number of reasons might have caused the videos deletion issue. Moving forward, in this article we will discuss the possible reasons and solutions to recover deleted TikTok videos.

Reasons for the deletion of video files.

  • Device failures
  • Corruption within video files.
  • Virus attack
  • Accidental deletion of files.
  • Bug in the application
  • Network issue while posting the video.
Methods to recover the deleted video files.

Let’s dive into the methods to recover deleted TikTok videos. One by one, we will cover every possible technique a user can use to restore TikTok videos.

Method 1. Recover TikTok videos from recycle bin or trash folder.

The first thing a user must do after such an incident is verify if those deleted files are still available in the device’s trash folder. Be it your laptop, PC, iPhone, or Android, every device now offers features like a recycle bin for recovering accidentally deleted file items.

For Windows users, you can restore deleted files from the Recycle bin, and for Mac OS, try the Trash folder. Look for similar kind of applications in your Android or iPhone device and recover deleted TikTok videos.

Method 2. Recover from automatic online backup.

Android and iPhone both offer automatic online file upload. Google Photos in Android and iCloud Photos iOS both feature the ability to upload a file online whenever a new file is added to the device’s memory.

There is a high possibility that the deleted files will be available in your online backup. However, some users deliberately disable this automatic backup option. If your backup was turned off, I fear this method is not for you.

Steps to recover the files:

  1. For Android users:
    • Open Google Photos
    • Click the Library option at bottom.
    • Again, click Trash button. Select the files you want to recover and click Restore.
  2. For iPhone users:
    • Open Photos app
    • Scroll down to Recently Deleted
    • Select the file and click Restore.

Method 3. Recover from the liked videos on TikTok.

Generally, users like their own videos after posting them on TikTok. You can easily recover deleted TikTok videos from your TikTok’s profile.

Follow the steps below to restore your liked TikTok videos:

  • Launch the TikTok application.
  • Select the profile icon at bottom-right.
  • Click the Heart shape icon to display your liked videos.
  • Select the video you want to download or restore.
  • Tap on the three dots icon right below the heart shaped ‘Like’ icon.
  • Click ‘Save video’ to download the video.

NOTE: You can only restore the videos you have liked on TikTok and whose visibility was set to public. Private videos cannot be saved or recovered from this method.

Also, when users create a video on TikTok they are presented with an option to save the video to device. If you had selected that option, then the videos might already be present on your device’s gallery. Check your gallery to look for them.

Method 4. Restore or repair data.

If you are unable to recover TikTok videos utilizing method 1 and 2, then you must use a 3rd party professional tool to recover lost data. Selecting premium recovery software is a must for fast and satisfactory results since inefficient tools might lead to permanent data loss.

Alternatively, if your video files have become inaccessible due to corruption, then repairing the video file is the optimal solution. You can choose a 3rd party professional recovery tool to repair the corrupt video file.

Recoveryfix Video Repair is an advanced tool that can efficiently restore and repair your TikTok video file. It is embedded with advanced algorithms to provide quick and reliable results.

Advantages of this tool:

  • Can repair damaged, broken, corrupt, or inaccessible files.
  • Restore deleted file without compromising quality.
  • Repair large files with the same efficiency as small ones.
  • Support every video file format.
  • Ability to repair files in bulk.
  • Retain the original video quality.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions.

Deletion of video files for any TikTok influencer is nothing less than a nightmare. Methods discussed in this blog will help ease your worries. To prevent such a situation, it’s best to always back up your TikTok videos. For permanently deleted files or video files facing corruption, take assistance from Recoveryfix Video Repair software. The software is designed and optimized to provide quick and reliable results without hampering the video’s integrity and quality.

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