[2023] Free Ultimate Guide to Repair Corrupt MP4 Video Files

Manisha Rawat
Manisha Rawat

Updated On - January 12, 2023

We all know how important videos are in our lives and the value they hold. A video can be anything to a person depending on their interests and priorities. A video can be a memory recorded, a source of entertainment, a special day you want to cherish your whole life, a very important business presentation, a source of livelihood, etc. Video files come in many different formats, and can be different for different devices. Among them, one of the most acceptable and popular file formats is MP4.

Recommended Solution
The fastest and the easiest way to fix a corrupt MP4 video file is using a third-party automated tool just like Recoveryfix Video Repair. Try this tool and never get afraid of a corrupt video file.

MP4 is widely known for its best video resolution, graphics and audio quality. This makes it a popular format. But, it doesn’t make it error free! Just like any other digital media file, a MP4 can anytime face corruption. This may make many of us sweat. If you are also struggling with some sort of corruption in your MP4 file, then don’t worry. This blog is going to be a complete guide on how to fix a corrupt file.

—A corruption warning may arise like—

“Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file”

You can always play smart and avoid corruption. Let’s know how!

Knowing the root cause of any problem can always help you to avoid that issue in future. So, let’s know what all can cause the corruption:

  • Power loss during the recording of the video
  • Low battery while recording the video
  • Bad internet connection
  • Incomplete media transfer
  • Interruption while downloading video
  • Physical or logical damage to the video storage device (Pen Drive, Hard disk etc.)
  • Virus attacks

By taking some precaution and measures in accordance with the above-mentioned causes of corruption, you can always protect your precious video files. It’s not just for MP4 file format, avoiding the above-mentioned factors will keep you enable to fix damaged MTS video file and use them safely.

How to fix corruption in MP4 file?

So, now the most asked question comes, how to fix a corrupt MP4 file? Well, there is one sure shot method to do it, which is very convenient, pocket-friendly and easy to perform at the same time. But, who doesn’t want to save a dollar or two, and hence we provide a couple of free tricks and methods to repair a video file. Let’s keep going!


  • Have you tried playing the corrupt video file with VLC media player?

If not already, do it now! Who doesn’t know VLC media player! It might be the favourite media player of most of our readers too. For those who are not aware of VLC media player, it is a free application to play videos. It is popular because of its unique features and functionalities, and not to forget a vast video codecs library. These codecs make it play healthy and as well as corrupt video files.

Not only this, it can also play a wide variety of video formats which are not supported by other media players, especially by Windows Media Player!

So, to play the corrupt video file with the VLC media player, all you need to do is have the application downloaded and installed on your system properly. Once done, go to the location of your corrupt video file, make a right click, and select to open with VLC media player. Hope this trick works for you.


  • Try fixing MP4 file with VLC Media Player

Now, we have just discussed how VLC media player can play video files with minor corruption. But, did you know that VLC can also fix moderate corruption? Well, it can! VLC is continuously modified and enhanced, due to which it keeps on getting better in fighting the corruption in video files. VLC has its own in-built index repair feature which plays the most important role in this whole method. So, we are jotting down the steps involved in this repair process, follow them religiously!


  1. Go to the location where your corrupt resides on your system.
  2. Make a right click and select Rename from the given options.
  3. While renaming, change the .mp4 format to .avi format and save the change.


  1. Run the VLC media player on your system, and click on Tools.
  2. Run the VLC media player

  3. From the Tool’s menu, select Preferences.
  4. Select Preferences

  5. Now, click on the Input/Codecs option.
  6. click on the Input/Codecs

  7. In the Input/Codecs window, look for the Files category. From the Damaged or incomplete AVI file drop-down box, select Always fix option.
  8. select Always fix option.

  9. Click on Save to proceed.

Once you perform all of the above-mentioned steps successfully. Try to play the corrupt video file with VLC media player. Hope for the best! If unfortunately, it didn’t work, try the next and final solution.


  • Fix corruption in first shot with a professional tool

If you tried both of the above-mentioned methods and none of them worked for you, then it means your MP4 file is severely corrupt. These methods cannot repair corrupt MXF video files also. In this case, we would not recommend you using manual methods anymore, as they may be risky and you may lose your file forever. So, to safely fix corruption in your video file, without making any changes to its original form and quality, we recommend you using a professional tool. Recoveryfix Video Repair is such an automated video repair utility that fixes severe to severest corruptions in a video file. Not just MP4 files, this tool is capable of fixing a lot more popular video formats available. Hard to believe? Go for the trial version of the tool and save up to 30 seconds of the video for free! Let’s know the step by step process of how this tool works:

Download Now

  1. Launch the tool on your system and in the home screen of the tool select Add Files option.
  2. Add Files option

  3. Now, locate the corrupt video file(s) on your system and select them. Click on Open once selected.
  4. Click on Open once selected

  5. Once all the files are selected, click on the Repair Files option.
  6. Repair Files option

  7. Now, provide a destination to the newly repaired video files and click on OK.
  8. Click on ok

  9. Now, you will have the live updates of the repair progress. Wait for the repair process to finish and click on the Close button once done.
  10. click on the close button once done

    Once done, you can check the video files at your saved destination. You can also generate a CSV report, by clicking on the Save report to CSV option.


    Q. What are the benefits of converting into an MP4 file?
    A. MP4 video files are widely used worldwide and offer good compatibility with all types of devices and media players. It also offers high video quality and streaming of these videos.

    Q. Can I fix all the damaged videos using VLC Media Player?
    A. VLC media play can resolve videos depending upon the level of errors. It is capable of repairing a minor to moderate range of video errors.

    Q. What all video file formats can be fixed using the Recoveryfix Video Repair tool?
    A. It has the ability to repair all types of video file formats, including AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, 2GP, MKV, MJPEG, FLV, etc.

    Q. Can I repair more than one video file at the same time?
    A. You can add multiple corrupt video files, and the software would repair all of them at the same time.

    Q. Does the tool repair MP4 videos which are taken from a camera?
    A. It can repair videos that are taken from all camera brands like Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Fujifilm, etc.

    Q. Does it change the quality of the video?
    A. All the repaired videos are restored in their original quality. There are no changes in the quality whatsoever.

    Q. Where are the repaired files stored?
    A. You have the flexibility to save the repaired video files at any location on your computer.

    Q. Can I run the tool in my Windows 10 system?
    A. Recoveryfix Video Repair tool is well suited with all Windows operating system versions including, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, and 95.

    Q. Are there any limitations on the trial version?
    A. The trial version repairs the video and lets you save 30 seconds of the videos. However, you can save the entire video by purchasing the full version of the Recoveryfix Video Repair software.

    Corruption in a video file can surely give nightmares to anyone. In this tool we tried to explain the reasons and fixes for the corruption in MP4 files. We suggested VLC media player and Recoveryfix video repair as the best resorts to fix the corruption. However, if you don’t want to waste your time and efforts trying other methods with the equal chances of success and failure. We highly recommend you to use Recoveryfix Video Repair as the first and the last option to try. Hope you find this blog helpful, write to us for further queries!

    54 thoughts on “[2023] Free Ultimate Guide to Repair Corrupt MP4 Video Files”

    1. This article is very interesting & amazing. I am really impressed with your work. I hope you will soon share your next post about this discussion.

    2. The method you have shown to work in the VLC player. But after the repair process, can I run the videos in the different video players?

    3. Hi, Felix
      Yes, the software can repair the software suitable to run in any kind of video player apart from VLC player. you can choose any player to run the video

    4. Actually, VLC player has a convert option to convert the video file in any other video format. Can i also apply this method?

    5. Hi, Liam
      You can choose to convert the video format of a corrupt MP4 file. But it does not mean that the corruption is gone. So, you will have to try to repair the video.

    6. I tried to use the VLC Media Player method to fix the corruption error in my MP4 video, but it doesn’t work the way you have mentioned. What should I do now?

    7. Hi, Colton
      Before using the method, make sure you have renamed the video file with .AVI extension because this method only works for avi formats. However, if it still doesn’t work, it means your MP4 file is majorly corrupt. For that, you can use our effective utility Recoveryfix for Video Repair.

    8. My video has lost sound in some places also. Will the codecs be able to retrieve the sound also?

    9. Hi, Harry
      Codecs are used for video compression majory. they can handle the video smartly, but to recover a lost sound in video, you can use a repair tool that can retrieve the complete data of the respective video.

    10. While using Recoveryfix Video Repair, the tool is asking for a reference file corresponding to the videos that I have added. Can you please provide some information regarding this?

    11. Most of the times when you add a video to the tool’s interface, a reference file is required in order to interpret the structure of the format. Add a healthy file of the same format in order to proceed with your repair process.

    12. Is it necessary to convert the MP4 file format to AVI to repair the file with VLC Media Player?

    13. Hi Harrison, if you are using VLC media player, then it is crucial to convert the MP4 file to AVI because VLC support repairing of AVI file formats. Also, the method mentioned above clearly show that VLC is ideal for repairing AVI videos. In case, if you’re unable to repair the file with VLC media player, you can use our effective utility Recoveryfix Video Repair, which is specially designed for this purpose.

    14. The video works file till a point, but the screen freezes after some time. Should I download the video codecs to repair it?

    15. Hello, Emma
      If you are able to play the video on the player, then it means that it does not require other codecs, but it is facing some corruption here. So, you should repair the video and then play it.

    16. I repaired the MP4 manually, but the synchronization with the audio is changed. Now whenever I play the video, then the audio and video do not match. How can i repair it?

    17. Hello, Victoria
      The manual processes are not suitable for the high-quality videos as they can harm the performance of the video. you should use a better professional tool that can remove the corruption and allow you to play in any media player.

    18. VLC is a common approach to rectify common issues in videos, almost everyone knows that! But, when it comes to severe level corruption issues, a very few people knew what kind of tools they should opt. to. With the right information you can get rid of the issues in one shot. Thanks, for highlighting Recoveryfix Video Repair, I will definitely recommend this tools to everyone dealing with corrupt videos files.

    19. Good information you have shared, thanks for taking the time to share with us such a great blog. I really appreciate your work.

    20. Hello Mackenzie,
      The tool does change the size of the video even for a single bit. The video will remain of the same size after the repairing process.

    21. While editing a video, I used a free codec from the Internet to compress the video. But, the video is showing some blurred content since then. is this a case of corruption?

    22. Hello Declan,
      Sometimes, the codecs change the structure of the video during the corruption. You should use a professional tool to recover the video as the earlier.

    23. Some days ago, I have faced problem with a corrupt MP4 file but I read this blog and manually solve that type of problem without any data loss.

    24. Thanks for sharing the helpful information, I mean its very rare that you get the manual workarounds and a third-party software recommendation both in one write up.

    25. I have seen that the VLC player has the capability to fix the video through codecs. can i download a codec and fix the video through it?

    26. Hi David,
      If you are aware with the process of video compression, then you can go ahead. But it can further corrupt the data and make file inaccessible. So, you should use a professional software to repair the video.

    27. I have enabled the option to always fix video while playing in VLC Player. But, whenever i play the video, it takes lot of time in scanning. How can i remove it?

    28. Hi James,
      The video is deeply corrupt and VLC Player cannot repair it effectively. So, you should repair the video using a professional video repair software. it will remove the error and play video smoothly.

    29. I had changed the format online from AVI to MP4. But, the sound was gone. How can I overcome it?

    30. Hello Lucas,
      The improper conversion has corrupted the video. you should repair it as soon as possible to recover complete video along with sound.

    31. Using VLC and changing the extension or converting the file is pretty common, most of the users who enjoy watching movies and playing videos are aware of these features. But, what I would like to share is that there are times when nothing work and you reliase that the data is simply corrupt that is the time when tools like Recoveryfix comes into play. I really appreciate the work done behind the development of this amazing software.

    32. I had rejected the Pen Drive without securing it properly. Since then, the MP4 videos in it are showing errors. Should I scan it for corruption?

    33. Hello Mateo,
      Perhaps the videos present in the Pen Drive have become corrupt due to abrupt removal. So, you should scan the videos for corruption and repair them.

    34. Recently I was working on my Laptop and it shut down due to quick battery drainage. That time, I was running a video with MP4 format. Now the video is not working. what is the solution for it?

    35. Hello Lucas,
      Perhaps, the video was affected due to sudden shutdown. It may have affected the structure of video. Now, you should use a Video repair software to recover the video with complete structure.

    36. I had download the MP4 video file from a website that was not secure. Now, I am getting the same error mentioned in the article. Should i download the video again?

    37. Hello Skylar,
      The insecure website are easy prey for malware. If you download the video again, then it will show the error again. So, you should repair the video using a repair software and use it.

    38. I had download an MP4 File that worked fine initially. Now, it is showing that it is only a data file with .dat extension. What should i do?

    39. Hello Penelope,
      First, you should change the default application for this file like VLC or Windows Media Player. If it does not work, then you need to repair the file because it has become corrupt.

    40. The speed of the video slow down when I run it each time. It starts to play in the slow motion in VLC player. What should I do?

    41. Hello Carlos,
      You should change the video player that you are using. Otherwise, you need to repair your MP4 video using a professional video repair software. it will remove such problems.

    42. The videos that i recorded in my smartphone and they were in MP4 format. When i was transferring them to my computer, then the process was stuck for a little time. Now, the video is not playing at all. What is the issue?

    43. Hello jimmie,
      When you were transferring the videos, then they were interrupted and it corrupted the data. Now, you should repair the MP4 videos and then play them.

    44. I had ejected the Pen Drive without safely removing it. I had videos in it. Now, they are not playing. it is a physical or logical damage?

    45. Hello Amelia,
      If the videos are accessible, then it is a logical damage, not the physical one. You can repair such videos using a professional repair tool.

    46. Hello Kallie
      The software will scan the MP4 file and recover both audio streams that will work perfectly.

    47. The aspect ratio of my MP4 video changes when playing in different players. it also changes audio quality with the aspect ratio? is it normal or should I test it for corruption?

    48. Hi Winnie,
      The video should not change its playing settings while running. If the aspect ratio and audio is changing then it shows that it has problems. You should repair the video and save it as a new file.

    49. Some days before my MP4 video files gets corrupted. I was fully upset, but I have found this blog on Google and I was really happy after recover my data.

    50. Hello Josephine,
      You can scan only one video in VLC Player. To repair multiple files, you should use a professional video repair software.

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