The Best Free PST Viewer of 2023

Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma

Updated On - February 14, 2024

If you’ve come across a file with a ‘.pst’ extension and wish to open this file on your Windows 10 PC, you need MS Outlook. However, sometimes, you don’t have MS Outlook installed. In this case, you need a professional third-party tool which helps you to view these files. In this writeup, let us find you the best free pst viewer 2019 to help you out.

But what is a PST file? A PST File is an Outlook data file that contains contacts, emails and even calendar events. MS Outlook stores all this data in a PST file.

The most used and downloaded freeware of Recoveryfix, with one of the best services, seems to be the leading freeware for viewing PST files. And users have always commented pretty well about the freeware. Keeping this in mind, it is worth remembering that the tool has gained much fame on popular websites.

Recoveryfix PST Viewer

The Recoveryfix PST Viewer has been praised, by rating 92% ‘Excellent’ and 7% ‘Great’. In the case of corrupt PST files, you can’t open the files whether you have an MS Outlook or not, but the PST Viewer by Recoveryfix does just that. However corrupted and damaged your PST files may be, the tool enables you to view them all.

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Recoveryfix PST Viewer is Exclusive. Here’s Why?

Different companies have produced tools for viewing PST files, but absolutely none has been able to surpass the capability of Recoveryfix PST Viewer. In fact, users have very positively remarked about the tool on several websites. Moreover, here are the features which set the tool apart from all others:

  • The tool permits you to scan as well as read corrupt PST file. The PST viewer tool permits users to open and then read corrupt as well as workable PST file data. It permits the viewing of the PST items of all your MS Outlook versions.
  • The tool can restore all your deleted items irrespective of the items being deleted either accidentally or intentionally.
  • The PST viewer permits you to open and then read every single item of a PST file, including the emails, the contacts, calendars, etc.
  • The tool is free of cost, and that means not a penny is spent on the tool’s download as well as usage.
  • Even if you don’t have an MS Outlook installed, you can still use the PST Viewer to view your PST files.
  • This viewer tool is compatible with the PST files of all versions of Microsoft Outlook (including MS Outlook 2016). Best of all, it can be installed effortlessly on all Windows platforms, inclusive of Windows 2010 and older versions.

Positive Views have flown in from several of our customers, such as:

  • “The Tool has absolutely no glitches and works perfectly well without any issues. The tool is pretty advanced in its usage and doesn’t require much. Cons? None howsoever!”
  • “The steps in which you can use this software is pretty simple, and the tool does not require you to be a Harvard graduate to use. Cons? I have no clue about what they mean! I am so glad I installed the right tool.”
  • “The tool worked like a charm, even with my Windows 10. The best part is that I had no limitation on viewing a big-sized file.”

How Does the PST Viewer Work?

After download and installing PST Viewer, follow the steps given below to view your healthy or corrupt PST files.

  • Browse to select the file and then, Next.
  • Browse to select the file and then, Next

  • On the left pane, select the folder, and then you can view the files.
  • select the folder, and then you can view the files


    The best thing that the PST Viewer does is that it permits you to view the data of even corrupt PST files. However, if you are searching for something for saving the PST files, you’ll need some other tools like PST Repair. What it does is that you can repair your PST Files and save them in different such as Office 365, Exchange Server and other destinations.

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