5 Simple Techniques to Fix “Video Not Playing” Issue

Himanshu Goyal
Himanshu Goyal

Updated On - October 13, 2022

Video is a major source of entertainment and information for many all over the globe. On our systems, videos of personal memories, technical videos, informational videos, movie videos, YouTube videos, Facebook videos, Instagram videos, mobile videos, externally transferred videos, etc. can be stored. Accessing these videos on their PCs is a normal task for users, but this can be shattered with a simple error message “Video not playing”. It restricts the video from opening and playing. When these videos don’t play, there is annoyance and sense of tension among users and they try to fix it as soon as possible.

Recommended Solution
Don’t have time for too much experiments? Are you looking for a hassle-free solution? Quickly fix corrupted video files with Recoveryfix Video Repair tool. Follow easy self-descriptive features of the tool and enjoy your video without any issue.

Techniques to fix “Video Not Playing” issue
Here, are some solutions which could work for you to fix “Video Not Playing” error on your system.

  • Reboot the system
  • It should be the first step of every user facing the “Video Not Playing” issue. If you are lucky, your problem would be solved by just rebooting your system.

  • Try playing the video with different media player
  • Not all media player supports all sort of video file extensions for playing. Just try to switch to a different media player like VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player by right-clicking the video, selecting Open with and finally choosing the media player to play the video. Sometimes this trick works.

  • Install the required video codec on your system
  • The error “Video not playing” can occur with a reason which is “required video codec is not installed on your computer”. For each video file format, there is a supporting codec which needs to be available on your system to run that particular video. First, uninstall the current codec pack on your system, then have a new codec pack compatible with your video file format and install it on your system. This could help you play the video file.

  • Use VLC Media Player for fixing issue
  • Making the affected video file compatible to the VLC Media Player can help in fixing the issue. Let us know the steps for doing this.

    a. Install VLC Media Player on your system and double click on its exe to open it.
    b. Go to Media tab and click on Convert/Save option.
    c. Now add the video file with the Add option, add a subtitle file (if needed) and then click on Convert/Save option.
    d. Provide a format, and saving path for the file and click Save.
    e. Try playing the video now.

    You can also use VLC Media Player to repair your AVI videos if not playing. Follow these steps.
    a. Open the AVI file using VLC Media Player.
    b. Ignore the error and go to Tools>>Preference>>Input & Codecs.
    c. Against Damaged or Incomplete AVI file section, select Always fix option.
    d. Click on Save.
    e. Now close this window and play the AVI file again.

  • Update Device Drivers on your system
  • This technique works if the issue is due to outdated device drivers on your system. Just go to Start menu, search for Device Manager and open it. Then move to the Display adapters section, select the driver to update, right-click on it and select Update driver option. Now follow the instructions carefully to complete the update with the latest available version.

    What if Video Files are Corrupted?

    For corrupted video files on the system, there is no reliable manual technique. Corruption in videos could be the main cause behind “Video Not Playing” issue. Though inbuilt repair solutions are available as explained above, they may not helpful always.

    In that situation, one can go for a professional video repair utility. Recoveryfix Video Repair is the best video repair tool to repair corrupt/inaccessible video file formats like MP4, MOV, MTS, M4V, AVI, AVCHD, WEBM, ASF, WMV, FLV, 3G2, 3GP, F4V, etc. It is a complete repair solution with zero flaws.

    Some proficient advantages of the Recoveryfix Video Repair tool are –

    • Repairs all sort of video files available on the system
    • Supports recovery of video file from external devices
    • Performs repair of video files in bulk
    • Compatible with all video file formats
    • Maintains original quality and structure of files
    • Works on al Windows versions

    Please go through the working steps of the Recoveryfix Video Repair tool.

    1. Launch the installed Recoveryfix Video Repair tool on your system.
    2. Download Now

    3. Click Add Files option and add as many video files from the system drive for repair.
    4. Add Files

    5. Once the files are added, click Repair Files option to start the repair.
    6. start the repair

    7. Add the destination to save your repaired video files.
    8. save your repaired video files

    9. The repair process will get started and finally displays status as ‘Success’ on completion.
    10. displays status as Success

      So, now you know to fix “Video not playing” issue.

      Final Words
      Some simple manual tricks are given to fix “Video Not Playing” issue. Also a, professional video repair tool is mentioned for fixing all kind of corruption issues that lead to video file inaccessibility.

      26 thoughts on “5 Simple Techniques to Fix “Video Not Playing” Issue”

      1. Excellent post, please keep on sharing wonderful article like this! It makes me happy reading your post.

      2. Hi, Benjamin
        Well, you can search it online by specifying the file format of your videos; for instance, you can enter “Codes for MP4 video files.

      3. I tried using the VLC media player method to fix the error, but it didn’t work. What could be the possible reason behind it?

      4. Hi Lucas, first of all you need to make sure that VLC Media player is up to date. Also, if you’re repairing a video file, make sure you convert it to AVI format first, and then use VLC to fix the errors with Video.

      5. Thanks for an excellent share. Your blog has proved your hard work & experience you have got in this field brilliant. Keep it up.

      6. I had downloaded some codecs from Internet and used them to play the video. But the video is still not working on VLC Player. What should I do now?

      7. Hi Hadley,
        If the video is not playable after using the codecs, then it means that codecs is either older one, non supportive or even a corrupt one. it can further corrupt the video. So, you should use the best video repair software and save the video safely.

      8. The video is playing in the VLC player but after 10-15 minutes, it starts to hang and freeze the screen. How should I tackle the issue?

      9. Hello Scarlett,
        Sometimes, the issue can be an older graphics card. you should update the graphic card driver and rerun the video. If the issue remains same, then you will need to check the video for corruption and repair it.

      10. Hello, Genesis
        The tool will protect the features of the video and after the repair process, you can play the video in any language in the same capacity.

      11. Whenever i try to play the video in VLC player, then first it shows the blank screen. but when i restart the application, then the video works file. How should I tackle such issue?

      12. Hello Charlie,
        You should update your VLC player and then play the video. If the issue remains, then it means that the video has the problem and you should repair it with the suitable application.

      13. My computer has some videos that are important for our business and they are not playing well. I contacted a recovery provider that told me that he will recover the video by their size and take the payment as per GB recovered. it will be quite costly to me. What should i do now?

      14. Hello Hailey,
        Rather than paying hundreds of dollars to a service provider, you should use a simple video repair software and recover the video easily. It is much cheaper than any service provider.

      15. I had a large-sized video file that i tried to ran in the downloaded medial player in computer. But, the media player has changed the video as it is hanging at many parts. What should I do?

      16. Hello Everett,
        Perhaps, you have downloaded a faulty media player from an unverified websites. You should have used a better applications like VLC media player, or Windows Media Player. Now, when the video has affected badly, then you should repair it with a professional software as soon as possible.

      17. I have downloaded a large-sized video file from a website, but i tried to play it as soon as the file was downloaded. But, the player is refusing to play the video. What is the matter?

      18. Hi Joshua,
        Perhaps, the video was not fully downloaded and you played the video. You should repair the corrupt video using the professional software or download the complete video again.

      19. I have downloaded a video that is not running on the VLC player. Each time i try to play it, it hangs the video and does not play it at all. how can i remove the issue?

      20. Hi Violet,
        You can update the codecs of the application and if the video still does not play, then you should repair it to remove any possible corruption from it.

      21. There are some manual methods to repair the video files. But they save the videos in the separate video formats than their original formats. Should I use them?

      22. Hello Margaret,
        If you do not want to change the format of your video, then you should use a professional software to repair the video and save it in its original format.

      23. I was trying to change the format of the video online where I also changed some specifications. But, the video has become some discolored since the conversion. What should I do?

      24. You should use a professional video repair tool to rectify the issues in the video.

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