Quick methods to repair corrupted MPG video files

Amrita Choudhary
Amrita Choudhary

Published On - June 7, 2023

Sometimes, the MPEG video is not accessible or unplayable due to the file being broken or corrupt. The methods provided in this article will help resolve MPG video issues like sync errors, where the sound and picture are off, and other major corruption issues of MPEG files. This content will provide the best solutions to this error and how to recover and repair your corrupted MPG files.

Here you get complete information about MPEG file format, what causes corruption, why it becomes inaccessible, and what other alternatives can be taken into action to fix MPEG files.

What is MPEG File?

MPEG stands for Motion Picture Experts Groups, the most popular file format for web videos, animations, movies, internet clips, and more. This format can be used to store your most precious moments or for any other purpose. It has the file extension of .mpeg, which all major media players support, including Windows Media Player and VLC media player.
VLC media player

What are the symptoms of MPEG file corruption?
  • Broken video files
  • An error occurs while opening the video.
  • The system does not support the format.
  • The computer freezes while the video is playing.
  • Choppy and blurred videos
  • Audio and video are not synchronized.
  • Only audio while the video is not playing.
  • A black screen error occurs.
  • The video is playing slower than its actual speed.
  • The video is flickering.
What Causes MPG Video Corruption?

Some of the major causes behind the MPEG video not playing error are as follows.

  • Already infected files in the folder can corrupt other files as well.
  • A severe virus infection.
  • Improper/unauthorized media players may corrupt files.
  • When the extension changes to some other format.
  • Bad sectors on hard disks.
  • A sudden stoppage in the media player.
  • Poor firewall settings.
  • An interruption while transferring MPG files.
  • A sudden system shutdown.
Methods to fix video file error ‘MPG not playing’

If the MPG video file is not playing error occurs, then do not worry; we will share some procedures to solve this error.

  1. Play video using another media player
    The user can try to play the MPG file on any other media player. If the video plays in another media player, your previous media player had an issue; otherwise, the MPG file must be repaired.
  2. Repair using VLC Media player in-built facility
    If the user is sure that the file is corrupted and needs repairing, there are two ways to fix it: VLC built-in repair feature or a third-party tool. Before using this solution, ensure to take a backup of the file.

    • Use the backup file you recently took and change the file extension to .avi.
    • Open the VLC media player on your system and click Tools> Preferences.click Tools> Preferences” width=”562″ height=”382″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-5661″ /></li>
<li>In Input/ Codecs, choose the File option.</li>
<li>Click on the ‘Damaged or incomplete AVI file’ option, and choose the Always Fix option from the dropdown list.<img decoding=
    • Open the file on the media player using the .avi file.
  3. Change the video file format using VLC
    VLC media player can also convert the file using its Convert/Save feature, as shown in the following steps:

    • In the VLC player, click on the Media menu.
    • Click on the Convert/Save option.
    • Click on the Add button, then select Convert/Save.select Convert Save.
    • Choose Video H.264 + MP3 (MP4) in the dropdown menu.Choose Video
    • Click the Browse button and enter a name for the file you converted.Click the Browse button
    • Click on the Start option to convert the video file.
  4. Repair MPG video using a professional tool
  5. Manual methods are easy but time-consuming, and sometimes their results are unsatisfactory. Also, the user should be technically sound to apply these procedures. That’s why all experts suggest opting for a professional Recoveryfix Video Repair tool. It repairs corrupt videos of every format, including MP4, MOV, MTS, WEBM, ASF, WMV, M4V, etc., and gives 100% results with minimum effort.

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Above, we discussed overcoming the corruption in MPG video files using the manual as well as automated methods. If the manual processes don’t work, your video might be corrupt, so don’t waste your precious time, and quickly recover your videos using the Recoveryfix Video Repair. The tool follows a simple process to recover all the video files without losing their original quality. Non-technical users can also run this software and repair their corrupted videos rapidly.

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