Quickly restore databases from corrupt MDF files with SQL database repair tool

Barclay Tcareva
Barclay Tcareva

Updated On - February 6, 2024

MS SQL server is a window based database management program that allows the user to create, edit and add both numeric and alphanumeric data. The user data is saved by SQL server in MDF files. MS SQL server is a relational database management program suitable for networking applications. Due to software crash, power fluctuation, faults in networking cable or hard disk error; SQL server crashes. When SQL server crashes, all data stored in the MDF files become inaccessible to its users. You must keep data backup of MDF files using inbuilt window backup tool. These backups or BKF files should be kept in safe places like portable devices. Alternatively you can also copy all MDF files in a single zip folder. It can be used to retrieve SQL databases, when your original MDF files become corrupt or inaccessible.

But if your both original SQL databases and backup files become corrupt, then it is very difficult for you to retrieve valuable data stored in these files. MS SQL server have inbuilt database repair tool called DBCC CHECKDB, but it works only on the partly damaged SQL databases. For severely damaged MDF files, you need to use a third party database recovery tool.

SQL database repair utility is a versatile application to fix minor as well as severe corruption issues of the MDF files. The software has sophisticated in-built repair algorithm to ensure fast recovery of SQL database files from the crashed or inaccessible SQL server. Using the SQL database repair utility, you can retrieve triggers, views, tables, stored procedures, indexes, rules, user defined functions and other data from the inaccessible MDF file. The software is capable of restoring large-sized SQL server database files in efficient way. It can also restore data on the SQL server, while it is running. SQL database repair program supports SQL server versions 2000, 2005 and 2008.

There are two file saving options in SQL database repair utility:

  • Live SQL instance: With this option, the software restores database files directly on Live SQL server.
  • SQL script on disk: With this option, the utility creates a script or batch file for all restored SQL database objects. These script file is saved by the utility at user defined system location. You can use the SQL script file to retrieve data and save in single or multiple MDF files.

Evaluation version available – SQL Database Repair Utility

Before purchasing, you can see the functions of the SQL datable repair software in demo version. The demo program allows the user to repair single or multiple corrupt MDF files of network. The software generates a preview list of recovered SQL database objects. You shall be able to save the recovered database objects with the licensed version of SQL database recovery program.

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