Fix ‘Your Outlook Data File (OST) Cannot Be Configured’ Outlook Error

Manisha Giri
Manisha Giri

Updated On - June 18, 2024

Summary: OST files help you in accessing the offline mailbox in Outlook. But you find it difficult to access the mailbox when it gets corrupt or orphaned. In this article, we will provide you detailed information about OST file corruptions and the professional Recoveryfix OST viewer tool to view the inaccessible content present in OST file.

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MS Outlook, a well-known platform, comes with user-friendly features used in every organization to communicate with their clients across the country. This platform enables the user to access their E-mail account when they are offline mode by creating an OST file.

Sometimes, Outlook data files can not be easy to configure, which is crucial for the users as it may impact on their working environment. Let’s discuss, in short, the OST data files that cannot be easy to configure and the causes of the error in the Outlook account.

Causes of Outlook Data File error:

Before understanding the straightforward Solution to this error, “user Outlook data file cannot be configured”, it is essential to know its different causes to troubleshoot the issue. The most common reason for being unable to configure the Outlook data files is a system crash.

Moreover, when the user tries to log in, the missing OST and PST files create an error in the profile and unable to access the Outlook account. Some reasons are that virus attacks or any other synchronization issues display the error message, and your Outlook file cannot be configured.

Symptoms of Outlook error:

When you start MS Outlook 2013, and you get the error message, it means it doesn’t work. Hence, you receive the message like this:
start MS Outlook 2013

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook

Let us know a little about this error and troubleshoot it.

Solution to repair it:

In case of server crashes, you can configure your Outlook data files in many ways. You can reinstall MS Outlook client and again open your data files. If any option does not work, then we recommended you use the Recoveryfix for OST to PST converter tool. It can recover even inaccessible data to the desired location. PST tool keep backup of all your data file and easily accessible.

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Standard method to resolve issue ‘Your Outlook data file cannot be configured.’
If you are still facing the issue and you didn’t get the Solution to configure your old version Outlook 2013 account from the above method, then you must try the second method. Here are some steps to resolve the error using OST and PST converter tools:

Method 1: Creating a new Outlook profile

To create a new Outlook profile, here are some steps you need to follow:

  • Disconnect Outlook and open the Control Panel.
  • Then click on the mail on the mail option
  • After opening the Mail setup dialog box, click on the Show Profiles on the Show Profiles button
  • After selecting the Show Profiles, click on the Add button and create a new login.
  • Then select Always use this profile and click the OK button.

With the help of these methods, finally restart Outlook, and your new profile has been created.

Method 2: Turn off the compatibility mode

By turning off the compatibility mode, it is easier to resolve the “OST file cannot be opened” error easily. With the use of following steps given below, you can configure your account:

  • Close the Control panel and open Outlook.
  • Click a tab in Outlook and select the properties option.
  • Then, navigate the compatibility tab and unmark the option “Run this program in a compatibility mode.”
  • Select OK and restart your PC.
Method 3: Update Windows and Restart

If any programs suddenly stop working, it means Windows requires an update and installation. For this, you need to go to ‘Settings>Windows update’ and check for the Windows updates. Then install the pending update, restart your system, and check Outlook error is resolved. If still there is an error occurring, then skip this method and apply the next step.

Method 4: Recreate Outlook OST File

To resolve this error, you can recreate the Outlook OST File by deleting or removing your all-inaccessible data to a new location. Here are some steps that help you to recreate your OST File:

  • Start Outlook and navigate a File>Account Settings>Account Settings.
  • Then click on the Data Files tab and select the proper Ost File.
  • After opening a File location, a new Windows displays the OST file location.
  • In the end, click on the correct tab of OST File and hit on the delete option.
Recoveryfix for OST to PST Converter

In such cases, the above methods or solutions are not helpful to resolve the issue and cause data loss. However, we recommend you use third-party tools available in the market. Innovative tool Recoveryfix for OST to PST Converter use is really the best way for recovering permanently deleted items from Outlook Mailbox.

The Bottom line

However, if the above methods, as we discussed in this article, if not work, then the best way to resolve an Outlook-related error or OST file issue is to use the OST to PST converter tool. The software tool keeps a backup of all your inaccessible data files and helps you configure your data quickly. In this way, you can also restore your all-inaccessible data directly to Outlook as well as


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