Importance of SQL recovery programs during corruption

Barclay Tcareva
Barclay Tcareva

Updated On - February 6, 2024

SQL server database can be understood as a management system used to store data on networked file servers. Companies depend on these databases to remain accessible for smooth execution of their business. SQL server database recovery becomes essential when system failure occurs.

Corruption cases can be associated with various reasons. Data loss situations can be attributed to physical or logical problems. An overwhelming 70% of breakdowns are due to physical failures where you need to seek attention of a professional data recovery expert.

Media in database servers are equally vulnerable to damage as drives in PCs and workstations. Some of the symptoms leading to SQL database corruption are:

Unable to boot

Unable to access drives and partitions

Unable to run or load data

Corrupted data

Virus attacks

Hard drive failure or crashes

Fire and water damage

Media contamination or damage

Accidental reformatting of partitions

Accidental deletion of data

Backing Up: An important practice

System failures can occur even when they possess the best configurations. Therefore, frequent backups are the key to prevent data loss and also, they can speed up the recovery process substantially. SQL recovery can be effectively attained when supported by a well tested back up program. The different database recovery models make backing up more efficient when breakdowns occur.

System Maintenance Programs

When system break down occurs and backup devices get corrupted, access to the database may be completely prevented. Downtime can adversely affect your productivity. Therefore, it is essential that a professional data recovery solution must be approached as soon as possible. Usage of regular system maintenance programs or common SQL recovery practices in most cases will not be able to recover all of the data and can often pave way to bigger problems.

SQL Server Database Recovery

SQL recovery is usually handled in the same way as a server / RAID recovery. A good recovery program can successfully rebuilt the database by analyzing the contents of the drive images, tables and records containing data. Even if you are not very familiar with all the commands or terms used in SQL server database environment, you can still completely retrieve all the data.

Recoveryfix for SQL Database Recovery is an efficient product capable to repair MDF files and perform complete SQL database recovery. It recovers tables, triggers, views, stored procedures, primary keys, indexes, unique keys and foreign keys. The tool repairs the whole database and enlists the data in a tree like structure. You can select the required files as well as get back the deleted records. It supports MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2008 R2. A free evaluation version of the software is available to check the potential of the software prior to purchase.

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