Most Effective Strategy to Resolve DBCC CHECKDB – A Consistency Error

Barclay Tcareva
Barclay Tcareva

Updated On - February 20, 2020

DBCC CHECKDB – is recognized as error “0xe0008443” and most of the time its functional synonyms are observed as:
“0xe0008443 – One or more SQL Database consistency checks have failed”


“DBCC CHECKDB (mydb) executed by MYDOMAlN\theuser found 15 errors and repaired 0 errors. Elapsed time: 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds. Internal database snapshot has split point LSN = 00000026I0000089dI0001 and first LSN =00000026:0000089c:0001. This is an informational message only. No user action is required.”

Once it is observed by the user, it is considered as an omen for SQL database. Such message clearly indicates that the SQL database is getting corrupt and needs an immediate attention. This attention is indicative towards responsible solution which is safe from every end.

Technical explanation of such occurrence can be explained as “While accessing the SQL database, the algorithm registers some issues, which is referred as error 0xe0008443 or consistency error.

Have You Tried These Methods?

Simply – Take a Backup of SQL database. The backup of SQL database must be manually taken using SQL Enterprise Management or SQL Management Console. Depending on the time of repair of such issue, user can take assistance of backup.

The other escape route to such issue is taking assistance from CHECKDB Help. It entails recovery of specific files from SQL database. However, if selection is not made proper, then an error can occur.

For the users who have some knowledge about SQL can try this method also. It involves use of SQL commands to deal with such issue. DBCC CHECKDB (mydb, REPAIR_REBUILD) command will be a good option. However, if it does not work user can go for DBCC CHECKDB (mydb, REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS), but this may lose some of your data that may even be valuable.

Opting Professional Solution to SQL problem

Discrepancy in running the database check may lead to manifestation of error 0xe0008443.  On trying the above mentioned methods to revive the SQL database, if you have not got anything, then stop worrying. It does not mean that those methods do not work, but there is the probability that some technical glitch could have occurred. This is where there is an instant need of an efficient software that can simply sort out the issue without creating any fuss.

To re-establish the SQL database from corrupt state it is advised to take assistance from third-party tool. Making selection of correct tool is the most critical step as incorrect solution may cost you three losses, namely: Time, Money and Data. To save these entities user is recommended to install the advised third-party tool. Most professionals recommend Recoveryfix for SQL Database for any issues in SQL Database.

Recoveryfix for SQL Database is the reliable and result-oriented tool designed to meet the needs required to recover the SQL database that is no more accessible due to the user. The tool comprises inbuilt algorithm that flawlessly recovers the SQL database irrespective of the level of data disruption.

Recoveryfix for SQL Database

Most users wonder about the working of Recoveryfix for SQL Database. The functionality of Recoveryfix for SQL Database is simple three-step procedure scripted for quick and precise recovery of damaged SQL Database. The entire recovery process takes couple of minutes to complete as it entails dual recovery modes, namely: Server mode and Batch mode. With Server Mode user can save the recovered SQL database Live on the server, while with Batch Mode user can save the batch file of the SQL database at the desired location. If you desire to try the tool, then you must download the evaluation version that exactly works like licensed one. However, the only limitation with this tool is that it does not saves the recovered data. Read more :

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