How to deal with Word file corruption

Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma

Updated On - February 20, 2020

There are times when your Word document gets damaged and starts behaving in weird manner. In fact, damaged document can also affect many other programs and make them behave unusually. Corruption or damages are unforeseen hence it is always advised to keep a backup copy of your important Word documents. However, if you do have the backup copy of your corrupt Word document, then this post will help you out.

To deal with Word file that has got damaged, you can try out these things:

  • Convert the damaged file to another format and then try to convert it back to Word format. This method will help you out in removing corruption but for making it possible successful conversion in emendatory.
  • Copy the entire text of the file to a new Word file but just leave the last paragraph mark. You can select the entire text except the last paragraph mark by pressing CTRL+END and then CTRL+SHIFT+HOME.
  • Another solution is to reconstruct the damaged Word file. To reconstruct damaged Word file follow these steps:
  • After you copy the undamaged portions of your document to a new file, save a copy of the damaged document in Text Only format.
  • Open the Text Only file. Copy the text from this file and paste it into the file that contains the undamaged portion of your document.
  • Reformat the sections you pasted in step 2, and then save the recovered document.

This way you can deal with corruption and prevent your time and efforts from getting spoiled. However if the problem does not get resolved, you will need to take help of Recoveryfix for Word Recovery Software.

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