5 Ways to Fix Outlook Images Not Visible issue

Amrita Choudhary
Amrita Choudhary

Published On - October 7, 2022

Microsoft Outlook is a business-friendly email platform used widely used by organizations for internal communication. Outlook enables you to send/receive emails within and outside the organization and organize them. It lets you mark essential emails of priority, flag the emails, and form a group of individual email IDs to send mail to multiple people at a time. Microsoft has interlinked many of its applications to Outlook for smooth and effective emailing.

The issue, Images not visible in Outlook emails is one of the most common errors faced by Outlook users. Images are essential because we can explain our concept through visuals easily, but they cannot be visible due to this error. The user gets irritated after this. Suppose you are stuck in this situation where you cannot view your images in Outlook emails. Then do not worry; if Outlook is not responding, we will give you solutions on how to handle this error below.

Causes behind the image error in Outlook

Some causes behind this error are as follows: –

  • Incorrect configuration of Outlook settings
  • Temp folder storage issues
  • External blocking by firewall or virus scanner
  • The picture format is not supported.
  • Wrong attachment of images in emails
  • Wrong internet settings for saving encrypted pages to disk
  • Blocking of external content.

Solutions to the image error in Outlook

Read the tricks below, try them, and see which one works for you.

  • First Trick: – Check Internet Connection
    Firstly, check the internet connection. Then you switch to another internet provider for better results. Now, try to download and save the images if the option is available. If you are still unable to see pictures, try the next Trick.
  • Second Trick: – Run Outlook in safe mode
    Sometimes, Add-ins interfere with the displaying of images in Outlook email.
    A simple method to solve this error is to run Microsoft Outlook in safe mode. In Safe mode, Outlook starts without loading the add-ins. Follow the process below:

    1. Go to Start, open the Run application, and type in ‘Outlook/safe.’
    2. Then press OK.press OK
    3. Note: – If asked, choose your Outlook profile, and enter your Outlook credentials.

    4. After this, Microsoft Outlook will start working in Safe Mode. If it works fine and display images, the problem is with the add-ins.
    5. To solve this, Follow the below process:

    6. Go to File and click on Options.click on options
    7. Click on Add-inns.Click on Add-inns
    8. Now select “COM Add-ins” in the “Manage box,” and then click on the “Go” button.click on the Go button
    9. Then uncheck all the add-ins displayed in the list and click on the OK button.click on the OK button
    10. Now restart Outlook and verify whether the same error exists or not. If that error still presents, then move on to the following method.
  • Third Trick: – Reset the image placeholder settings
    Sometimes placeholder settings will cause trouble while downloading images in an email message.

    1. Click on the new email.
    2. Now click on File, then open Options.
    3. Then click on the mail, and on the right side, click on Editor Options.click on Editor Options
    4. Click on Advanced from the left portion of the screen.
    5. Now from the Display email account, uncheck the Show Picture Place holder.
    6. Now close all open dialog boxes.
    7. Reset Outlook and check; from now you can see the images download easily.
  • Fourth Trick: – Disable the settings for encrypted pages
    1. Open Control Panel.
    2. Then in Search bar, type Internet options.type Internet options
    3. After you click on the Internet options, click on the Advanced tab.
    4. Then uncheck the column “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” from the list and click on OK.click on OK
  • Fifth Trick: – Reinstall Office
    If the error does not get solved, then you can reinstall the Office application. It clears all technical problems. Due to the reinstallation of Office, the settings or Outlook data will get deleted.

Final Note

We tried to solve your error “images are not visible in Outlook emails” through the above methods. If the issue is still not solved, maybe your PST is corrupt. So, you need a tool to repair Outlook PST file corruption. So, try Recoveryfix for Outlook PST Repair. Your problem can be solved in a short duration, and there is no size limit to this tool. Through this method, you can restore your data to a new PST. Best of Luck!

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