How to sync Google Calendars with Microsoft Outlook?

Ashish Singh
Ashish Singh

Published On - June 17, 2024

Summary: Google Calendar & Outlook Calendar are the preferred choices for users to streamline their upcoming workflow. But if you want to utilize both applications’ features, you need to sync them. For this purpose, the blog will assist you with simple methods to perform the same. Moreover, using an advanced tool like Recoveryfix for OST to PST is preferable for organizing or managing the data efficiently.

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Google Calendar & Outlook Calendar are the popular platforms for managing events, schedules, tasks, and appointments. Using any of them can help the user to increase their productivity or quality of life. Both are the utility that comes within their respective Workspace and go along with the other suite of products in the package.

However, due to the comprehensive & robust features, users prefer using Outlook Calendars over Google Calendars in their businesses or organizations. Outlook offers seamless integration between the calendar and other MS applications and allows users to view or edit events offline, in which Google calendars lags.

Therefore, many users find it beneficial when they sync Google Calendar with Outlook. This article will help you provide the best practical approaches to simplify the syncing process in different Outlook versions.

Some basic prerequisites that users should consider before doing the syncing process

To make the syncing process seamless, users should check the following significant factors:

  • It would be best if you had Google Calendar or create it if you don’t have one.
  • Users must have a good internet connection.
  • For successful syncing, users need to have the URL of their Google Calendar in iCal Format.
  • Ensure that the accounts of both workspaces are active & functioning.
  • To reduce data loss, users must follow the steps with utmost care.
How to sync Google Calendar with Outlook

Business or individual requirements may drive users to sync Outlook and Google Calendar. It can be easily achievable by using the utility of Outlook itself. Different versions, including 2019 or others, allow you to synchronize the content of Google Calendar with them.
But before using the following features, copy the URL of your Google Calendar in iCal format by following the steps:

  1. Log in to your Gmail account and use the Calendar option.Log in to your Gmail account
  2. Go to My Calendars, select three dots, and tap on the Settings and Sharing the three dots
  3. Go to the Integrate Calendar section and copy the secret address in iCal format.Integrate Calendar
  4. Once you copy the URL of your Google Calendar.

    Follow the given two ways to sync Google Calendar with Outlook:

    Solution 1: Using the Manage Calendars feature of Outlook

    This feature helps you to sync your created Google Calendar with Outlook. It will automatically sync the changes performed on the Google Calendar with Outlook. So, here are the steps to utilize this feature:

    1. Open your Outlook application and go to Home > Manage Calendars > Add Calendar> From Internet option.Manage Calendars
    2. Now, paste the URL in the section and click OK.paste the URL in the section
    3. From the next window, click on the Advanced option.Advanced
    4. Then, after choosing the favorable options, click on the OK option in the next window to integrate the Calendar with Outlook.integrate the Calendar with Outlook
    Solution 2: Using Outlook’s Account Settings feature

    After performing the above method, if you are not able to synchronize the calendar with Outlook, you can utilize its next feature, i.e., Account Settings, to perform the process. By following the simple steps, you can complete the syncing process:

    1. Launch the Outlook application.
    2. Go to the File> Account Settings> Account Settings option.Go to the File
    3. Tap on the Internet Calendar and go to the New option to add the calendar.Internet Calendar
    4. Now, paste the URL in the next section and click on the Add option.
    5. Use the choices to integrate your calendar and click on the OK option.choices to integrate your calendar
    Why is there a need to export & convert the Outlook Calendar into PST

    By following the above methods, you can sync Google Calendar with Outlook different versions successfully. Although changes in Google Calendar will automatically sync with Outlook, changes in Outlook are not synced with the Google Calendar. It will create the need to export your calendar if you want the changes to appear in Google.

    Whatever you are doing with Outlook will save in the form of an OST file, allowing you to access their content offline. The reasons like sudden Outlook termination, incompatible Outlook plugin, and many more increase the possibility of its corruption, making the file inaccessible.

    So, to counter all the constraints, it is always preferable to use a third-party advanced tool like Recoveryfix for OST to PST. It stands out as one of the best automated tools for handling OST-associated concerns. It even repairs or recovers the corrupted or damaged OST files without losing the data hierarchy.

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    Using any calendaring service, either Outlook or Google will boost your overall productivity. However, to increase their efficiency to the next level, users look to sync their Google Calendar with Outlook. So, in the above discussion we have discussed several approaches to execute the syncing process. Additionally, we have highlighted the importance of the recommended specialized tool that provides data security in the worst scenarios. It also helps users to manage their oversized OST file issues effortlessly.

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