How to switch from offline mode to online mode in MS Outlook?

Ashish Singh
Ashish Singh

Updated On - March 28, 2024

Summary: Outlook becomes disconnected or goes into offline mode due to several issues like sync errors, account configuration, or internet connection. This article will help you to provide information about the causes of such problems and methods to fix them either manually or using Recoveryfix OST to PST automated tool.

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Microsoft Outlook is a popular desktop client that is known for its extensive email management features. Sending and receiving emails is a crucial function of MS Outlook, and it allows users to work offline using IMAP,, or Microsoft Exchange Server accounts.

Outlook allows users to switch between online and offline as required in 2010 or later versions. Outlook automatically shifts towards offline when it is not able to connect with an Exchange server. Any changes made to the data are saved locally in the Outlook OST data file and are later synchronized with the mailbox server.

If Outlook is disconnected or working offline, users won’t be able to send or receive emails. Therefore, the article will help you to identify the causes of the problem and provide different solutions to resolve it.

Why Outlook get stuck in offline mode?

Major reasons that are responsible for ‘Working Offline’ error are mentioned below.

  • Slow or no internet connection.
  • Turning off the Cached Exchange Mode feature.
  • Corrupted or damaged Outlook profile.
  • There is an issue with the email server.
  • Account configuration is not done correctly.
6 Methods to switch from offline mode to online in MS Outlook

You can explore the following methods to switch from offline mode to online in MS Outlook.

Solution 1: Check the Internet connection

Due to a slow or no Internet connection, Outlook goes into offline mode. Sometimes, this does not come to notice. But when Outlook is offline, it cannot send or receive new messages. So, when you face this situation, you need to check your Internet connection. If your Internet is working correctly and still ‘Working Offline’ or ‘Disconnected’ is shown in the Status bar of Outlook, then follow the next process given below.

Solution 2: Reset ‘Work Offline’ mode in Outlook

Work Offline

The above picture represents that your Outlook is ‘Disconnected’ or ‘Working Offline’. Try these simple steps to fix it.

  • Open Outlook.
  • Go to the Send/Receive option and click Work Offline to reconnect.Go to the Send and Receive
  • Note: Check the Quick Launch Taskbar; if there is no cross on the Outlook icon, it indicates that Outlook is Connected or Working Online.Launch Taskbar

Solution 3: Change the Cached Exchange Mode setting

Occasionally, it is possible that the Cached Exchange Mode setting is off due to which you are facing the issue of Outlook ‘Working Offline’.

Follow these steps to enable it.

  • Open outlook and click on File on <strong>File </strong>option” width=”466″ height=”78″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-6648″ /></li>
<li>Go to <strong>Account Settings > Account Settings</strong>.<img loading=
  • Go to the Email tab and click on the Change option.Change option
  • Check Use Cached Exchange Mode box under Offline Settings.
  • Restart Outlook and check the status.
Solution 4: Start Outlook in safe mode

Outlook safe mode is an excellent way to restart the program and change configuration settings that are causing issues.
Let us look at steps to open Outlook in safe mode.

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Press the Windows + R keys and type Outlook.exe /safe, followed by clicking OK option. This will launch your Outlook in safe mode.clicking OK option
  3. Go to the Send/Receive option and check the status, whether your Outlook is Working Online or not.
Solution 5: Install pending updates

Occasionally, updates create issues for installed programs in Windows OS. However, if there are any pending updates, check and install them.

If you are facing an issue after installing updates, then uninstall it and check the functionality of Outlook.

Solution 6: Create a new Outlook profile

If the above methods don’t work, it means there could be an issue with the Outlook profile, as a corrupt or damaged Outlook profile can also disconnect the server connection to Outlook. Therefore, you should create a new Outlook profile by following the steps to resolve it.

  • Open File in Outlook.Open File in Outlook
  • Click on Account Settings > Manage Profiles.Manage Profiles
  • Click on Show Profiles > Add.Show Profiles Add
  • Now, type your Profile Name and click on the OK box.
  • Restart Outlook and check the status of your Outlook, either it is Connected or Working Offline.

Summing up

Outlook disconnected or working offline creates a challenge for users to send or receive email messages. Therefore, in the article, we have looked at different causes of the problem along with different methods to resolve it. If the error is sustained, then you can check out our automated Recoveryfix OST to PST converter to access your mail items from the OST file without any damage.

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