How Recoveryfix for Exchange Server is a perfect tool for converting EDB files to PST format?

Himanshu Goyal
Himanshu Goyal

Updated On - March 15, 2024

Summary: When Exchange users want to recover corrupted or deleted EDB files and migrate them to other different platforms, then there is a requirement for a professional third-party tool. Recoveryfix for Exchange Server software is most efficient in retrieving EDB files and converting them into PST files and other various file formats. This article will explain the advanced features of the software, which simplifies the repairing and migration process of Exchange database files easily.

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Exchange database file conversion is one of the most important steps when you are moving to Office 365 or other platforms. However, there are no manual methods to achieve this, so you must have to use a professional third-party tool to convert EDB items to PST. When it comes to EDB converter tools, Recoveryfix for Exchange Server software stands out from the crowd. Its extensive features differentiate it from other tools. Now, let’s discuss why EDB file conversion is required?
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Why do we need to convert Exchange database files?

Every individual or organization needs to migrate their Exchange data to Outlook PST format. There are specific reasons behind this, such as:

  • If you lose your Exchange data, you won’t be able to restore it. However, a PST file can be used as a brick-level backup for EDB.
  • To fix OS, BIOS, or hardware issues that create device start-up problems.
  • While trying to access the EDB file, the Exchange Server may generate a ‘dirty shutdown’ error.
  • It is not easy to access any corrupted EDB file or its mailbox, but after repairing process, these mailboxes can be restored quickly in PST format and accessed with Outlook easily.
  • PST file allows you to access your emails even in offline mode.
Extensive features of Exchange Server Recovery software

This software is enhanced with some great features which makes it a unique utility for the EDB file conversion. Some of the advanced features are:

  1. Repair corrupt EDB files

    Recoveryfix for Exchange Server Recovery repairs and recovers mailboxes from corrupt EDB files. It conducts a flawless recovery and retrieves all mailbox content including the permanently deleted data in the original hierarchy.

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  3. Export offline EDB to PST This tool allows you to convert offline EDB files to PST without any hassle. You can perform continuous conversion and also migrates EDB mailboxes to MSG or EML formats.
  4. Migrate archive & public foldersThis tool helps users to migrate archive mailboxes as well as public folders. Also, during the migration process, it does not affect the data integrity of the mailboxes.
  5. Search specific emailsWith the e-discovery search feature, you can look for specific emails in the EDB mailboxes, and then convert them to PST, MSG, and EML formats. The advanced filters of this tool allow to search emails based on date, sender’s name, receiver’s name, etc.
  6. Multiple saving options for EDB fileThis tool provides multiple saving options for EDB files conversion. For example, you can directly export single as well as multiple mailboxes or copy-paste mailboxes from the source to the destination.
Major advantages of the software

The Exchange Server Recovery tool is packed with some great advantages that make it unique EDB file converter. Some of the significant advantages are:

  • The entire conversion process is easy and takes only 3-steps to complete.
  • No need of EMS cmdlets or EAC knowledge for converting EDB mailboxes to PST.
  • Export EDB files without mail item limit or mailbox size limits.
  • Save converted data with complete integrity and in original hierarchy.
  • The working process of the tool is very easy, so it doesn’t require a manual guide.
  • Doesn’t requires any technical ability to use this tool.
Why choose Recoveryfix for Exchange Server for EDB to PST conversion?

Apart from its unique features, the software also received recognition or recommendation from multiple popular reviews sites and Microsoft’s MVP. Several awards that make it stand apart are:

  1. FinancesOnline reviews

    FinancesOnline is one of the most reputable websites for software reviews. It took the initiative to review the Recoveryffix for Exchange Server software and awarded it as the most helpful tool with a user satisfaction rate of 80%. Also, they rated its overall performance with a pointer of 8.0.

  2. Recommended by MVPsThe software has been endorsed by Microsoft’s most professional MVPs. According to Krishna (Microsoft’s MVP), it is the fastest converter for EDB. It not only allows users to convert EDB to PST but also offers the opportunity to migrate these mailboxes to other platforms.
  3. StandAloneInstaller reviewStandAloneInstaller is specialized in reviewing software for safe download. After reviewing the Exchange Server Recovery tool, it was marked completely clean from AD-Aware, AegisLab, AhnLab-V3, or other malware.

These reviews make it clear why Recoveryfix for Exchange Server is the most recommended software for PST repair software.

Steps of Recoveryfix for Exchange Server software for EDB to PST conversion

This is fully automated software that can convert and repair Exchange database files easily in simple steps and ensure data security. Follow the below steps to perform EDB to PST conversion:

  • Launch the tool and add EDB files as a source from the system drive. After adding the files, select the mode for scanning process, then preview your EDB data before exporting.Launch the tool
  • Select the desired mailbox items and click on the add destination icon then choose the new PST file with the saving location and click the Next the Next button

The selected mailbox items of Exchange database will be converted be PST file format. Now, this file format will allow to migrate to any platform and gives access in offline mode.

Wrap up

In wrapping up, EDB file conversion becomes a necessity once you’ve enough data on your Exchange Server and PST file format is the best option if you want to move to Office 365 or want a good backup for your EDB file. The above points clearly prove that the Recoveryfix for Exchange Server is the best choice for EDB to PST conversion.

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