Free PST repair tools for Outlook users

Akash Tiwari
Akash Tiwari

Updated On - June 17, 2024

Summary: An Outlook Data File contains your messages and other Outlook items and saves them on your computer. Sometimes, you experience a problem with your PST file. This blog will guide you on using the best free PST Repair tool for Outlook users. If your PST file is badly corrupt and manual methods cannot fix it, we recommend professional PST repair software, Recoveryfix for Outlook PST Repair.

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MS Outlook is a personal information manager that stores your emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and to-do lists all in one place with the .pst file extension. However, these PST files are sensitive to corruption, which can lead to data loss and functional disruptions. Data recovery from a corrupt PST file becomes difficult when you do not have the appropriate tools. While looking for ways to fix your damaged PST file, you can opt for free PST repair tools or an automated tool. The use of an automated tool to recover data is the most recommended method as it saves a lot of time and valuable effort at the user end.

Reason of PST file corruption

Understanding the reasons behind PST file corruption and taking dynamic solutions can help users protect their important data from loss and maintain the smooth process of their Outlook application. Before we discuss methods to retrieve data from a corrupted PST file.
Let’s look at some of the causes that lead to the corruption of a PST file.

  • PST corruption due to hardware failure
    Damaged hardware components may lead to the corruption of PST files. In most cases, damaged hardware components interrupt the workflow of software applications, including Outlook, causing loss of functionalities and corruption of important files.
  • Network issues
    While accessing a PST file on a network, there are possibilities of interruption due to network cables, routers, interface cards and hubs. If any of these components are not working properly, it may cause hindrance while loading the PST file.
  • Sudden power failure
    While working on a PC, there are chances of power failure or a sudden shut down due to loss of power supply. A sudden shut down may damage your PST files.
  • PST corruption due to software failure
    Software failure can be due to three reasons, namely virus intrusion, inappropriate configuration or settings, and sudden closure of the Outlook program. Virus intrusions cause by faulty emails or corrupted applications.
  • Size of the PST file
    Another cause of PST corruption is an oversized PST file. Large PST files are highly vulnerable to corruption, especially those created with older versions of Outlook.
Method To recover corrupt PST files

Some easy and effective methods to recover corrupt PST files are mentioned below:

1. Repair PST file using Inbox Repair Tool

In order to repair corrupt PST files, you can opt free PST repair tool Inbox Repair Tool. The instructions below show how to use Inbox Repair Tool. However, success isn’t guaranteed: if your pst file corrupt too badly, it may be irreparable.
Here is how you can use ScanPST.exe to repair a damaged PST file:

  • Look for the Scanpst.exe tool in its location.
  • Look for the Scanpst.exe tool in its location

  • In our case, we have located the Inbox Repair Tool at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
  • located the Inbox Repair Tool

  • Open the tool to repair your corrupt PST files. Browse and select the corrupt PST file. Click Start.
  • select the corrupt PST file. Click Start

  • If you find any errors in the PST file, click Repair.
  • errors in the PST file, click Repair
    If the free methods cannot provide you with the desired results, look for third-party automated tools to repair damaged or corrupted PST files.

Use professional software

Recoveryfix for PST Repair tool is one of the most proficient tools for repairing corrupt PST files. This technique uses powerful algorithms and procedures to produce quick outcomes. You can also download the free-trail version and 30 items free from each PST folder.

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Let’s have a look at the step-by-step process of how this Software works

  • Launch the tool, browse and select the corrupt PST file, select the recovery mode, and click on the Next button.
  • select the recovery mode

  • The tool will automatically fix all the errors in your corrupt PST file, and display its content for preview. Select the required folders and click Next.
  • Select the required folders and click Next

  • Select the required saving options and click OK. If the selected PST is large, you can set the Split Option as Split file after the recovery.
  • Select the required saving options and click OK

  • Finally, you will get a confirmation message,and the link to the saving file location.
  • saving file location


    we have discussed free PST repair tools for Outlook users, such as Inbox Repair tool for repair PST files. Sometimes, you might have to repeat the process several times to repair the corrupt PST file. Therefore, Recoveryfix for Outlook PST Repair is the best method to recover mailbox items from a corrupt PST file and save them in PST, DBX, EML, PDF, etc. It has a more adaptable, user-friendly interface that enables users to restore all the corrupt, damaged, and deleted items from Microsoft Outlook PST files.

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