Free PST Repair Tools for Outlook Users

Akash Tiwari
Akash Tiwari

Updated On - August 18, 2020

Data recovery from a corrupt PST file becomes difficult when you do not have the appropriate tools. While looking for ways to fix your damaged PST file, you can either opt for free PST repair tools or choose an automated tool. Use of an automated tool to recover data is the most recommended method as it saves a lot of time and valuable effort at the user-end.

Before we discuss methods to retrieve data from a corrupted PST file, let’s us have a look at some of the causes that lead to the corruption of a PST file.

Recommended Solution
Attain the functionality of a wonderful PST repair tool- Recoveryfix Outlook PST Repair that can repair any sort of PST files, and then save them to multiple file formats, including MSG, PST, Outlook Express, etc.
  • PST corruption due to hardware failure
  • Damaged hardware components may lead to corruption of PST files. In most cases, damaged hardware components interrupt the workflow of software applications, including Outlook, causing loss of functionalities and corruption of important files.

  • Network issues
  • While accessing a PST file on a network, there are possibilities of interruption due to network cables, routers, interface cards and hubs. If any of these components are not working properly, it may cause hindrance while loading the PST file.

  • Sudden power failure
  • While working on PC, there are chances of power failure or a sudden shut down due to loss of power supply. A sudden shut down may cause damage to your PST files.

  • PST corruption due to software failure
  • Software failure can be due to three reasons, namely virus intrusion, inappropriate configuration or settings, and sudden closure of Outlook program. Virus intrusions can be caused by faulty emails or corrupted applications. They not only affect an individual application like Outlook but also degrades the entire working of your system. Therefore, always take security measures while accessing a suspicious email or a program in your computer system.

  • Size of the PST file
  • Another cause of PST corruption is an oversized PST file. Large PST files are extremely vulnerable to corruption, especially those created with older versions of Outlook.

A free method for PST recovery
In order to repair corrupt PST file, you can opt for some free PST repair tools. The primary way is the use of Scanpst.exe (Inbox Repair Tool).

Here is how you can use ScanPST.exe to repair a damaged PST file:

  • Look for the Scanpst.exe tool in its location.
  • Look for the Scanpst.exe tool in its location

  • Open the tool to repair your corrupt PST files. Browse and select the corrupt PST file. Click Start.
  • select the corrupt PST file. Click Start

  • If you find any errors in the PST file, click Repair.
  • errors in the PST file, click Repair
    In case, this free method is unable to provide you with the desired results, look for third-party automated tools to retrieve damaged or corrupted PST files.

Recover 30 items free from Outlook PST folders
Recoveryfix for PST Repair tool is one of the most proficient tools to repair corrupted PST files. Incorporated with robust algorithms and functionalities; this tool gives fast results for your data recovery tasks. You can also download the free-trail version and 30 items free from each PST folder. Here is the working of the tool.

Download Now

  • Launch the tool, browse and select the corrupt PST file, select the recovery mode, and click on the Next button.
  • select the recovery mode

  • The tool will automatically fix all the errors in your corrupt PST file, and display its content for preview. Select the required folders and click Next.
  • Select the required folders and click Next

  • Select the required saving options and click OK.
  • Select the required saving options and click OK

  • Finally, you will get a confirmation message, along with the link to the saving file location.
  • saving file location

    While using the Inbox Repair tool for repairing PST files, sometimes the file is not repaired in the first shot, and you might have to repeat the process several times. Therefore, Recoveryfix for Outlook PST Repair is the best method to recover mailbox items from a corrupt PST file.

    35 thoughts on “Free PST Repair Tools for Outlook Users”

    1. Thanks for providing such an amazing software to recover corrupt/damaged PST file, because free methods are not always useful in delicate situations.

    2. Hi Carter,
      Well, you may have to run several iterations of the repair process to get the issue sorted finally. Still, it doesn’t guarantee permanent restoration of corrupt PST files.

    3. Thanks for such article through this I resolved my outlook issue. I was facing login issue in my outlook. Whenever I was laughing in my outlook I stuck on login. But through this tool, it resolved my issue.

    4. While choosing the PST file, can I select a PST file that has been scanned by Inbuilt tool earlier?

    5. Hi Jacob,
      Yes, you can select any PST file that has been scanned by the inbuilt tool earlier. it will also recover the data affected by the inbuilt tool.

    6. Hello, Hunter

      ScanPST is an in-built utility, but it doesn’t provide the guarantee to fix your PST file, as it can resolve minor corruption error only. that’s why it’s necessary to have a backup of your PST data.

    7. Hi, Adrian
      You do not need to put Outlook offline. You can use ScanPST tool anytime to rectify the issues in PST file. it will work perfectly fine.

    8. I would say if you are an Outlook user, you must keep Recoveryfix for Outlook pre-installed on your machine for future references. It is a tool with a simple GUI and advance functionalities; you don’t find that every day.

    9. After using the ScanPST tool, my PST file remained the same and there was no improvement. So, why you have mentioned this method in the article?

    10. Hi Jacob,
      Sorry for the inconvenience. But, we have clearly mentioned that the ScanPST tool is ideal for fixing minor corruption errors. So, if you are unable to fix your PST file with this tool, it means the file is highly corrupt. Thus, you need to use other methods or Recoveryfix for PST Repair utility that can quickly repair your PST file and make it accessible with MS Outlook.

    11. Is the ScanPST Tool really helpful and worthy in repairing corrupt PST files or is it just a hoax?

    12. Hello, Thomas
      The ScanPST tool is an in-built utility offered by Microsoft with every Windows OS, and it is pretty much effective in fixing minor corruption errors in PST files, as well as creating a backup of the file. But, if the corruption in PST file is higher, then it won’t help much. In that case, you can opt for Recoveryfix Outlook PST repair tool.

    13. Where do I find the executable file for Inbox Repair tool on my system, I am currently using Outlook version 2016?

    14. Hello, William
      We have clearly mentioned all possible locations for Scanpst.exe aka Inbox Repair for different Outlook versions in the above write up. Anyways, for Outlook version 16 you can find it on the given location – “\Programs Files\Microsoft Office\Office 16” or “\Programs Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office 16”

    15. I have used the ScanPST tool multiple times whenever any corruption occurred in the Outlook. But the tool does not bring the satisfactory results. I had to run the scans multiple times to remove the corruption. Nowadays, I never use it is the latest version of Outlook like 2016 or 2019. Using a professional PST Repair tool is far more beneficiary for the business.

    16. What’s the difference between the trail and the paid version of Recoveryfix PST Repair?

    17. Hi, Natalie
      With the trail version, you can only save 30 items from each mailbox folder. Whereas, the paid version allows you to save unlimited files without any restriction.

    18. I ran the scanpst tool only once. but it did not remove the corruption from it. what should I do?

    19. Hi, Toby
      Actually the scanpst tool requires you to run the scan multiple times to remove the corruption completely. But sometimes, when the Scanpst tool is run multiple times, then it can delete the data completely. You should use the professional tool to delete the corruption only and recover the data.

    20. “I used the Recoveryfix Outlook PST Repair tool, and it turned out to be a excellent tool in repairing corrupt Outlook PST mailbox data. You guys are doing an awesome work, keep it up.”

    21. Thanks for posting this information. I just want to let you know that I just check out your site and I find it very interesting and informative. I bookmarked it to my bookmark web site list and will be checking back soon.

    22. Great post! I like your post very much. It is very useful blog for me. Are you looking for repair PST file services. We fix all Outlook related problems.

    23. I was uploading a large attachment in my Outlook email when the Outlook was terminated abruptly. When I opened the Outlook again, then the attachment was there and not opening. How should I tackle it?

    24. Hello Aiden,
      The abrupt attachment upload may have affected the mailbox integrity. Now, you can either use the ScanPST to repair the PST file or use a professional tool to repair the corrupt PST file as soon as possible.

    25. I used the ScanPST tool to handle the corruption in my PST file because I was getting error while opening the Outlook application. But, now the Outlook is opening the PST file but many emails are not present in the account. what does it mean?

    26. Hello Samson,
      ScanPST may have deleted the corrupt data completely from the PST file. You should use the professional recovery tool as soon as possible and recover the delete emails.

    27. Outlook got shutdown while I was changing the name of some folders. Now whenever i open the Outlook, then such folder shows error while i try to open them. what should I do?

    28. Hello Sawyer,
      Such folders have become corrupt due to an unfinished action on them. You can either delete them completely or recover them using a professional Outlook recovery tool.

    29. Hi Martin,
      You can repair only one PST file at a time. The tool doesn’t allow repairing multiple PST’s in a single repair cycle so as to maintain the data integrity of PST files.

    30. Thanks Akash best information sharing by you. I have easily recover my all PST data without any data loss.

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