Extract Calendar from an OST file – Quick method

Ashish Singh
Ashish Singh

Published On - June 14, 2024

Summary: Extracting calendars from OST files secures your workflow alignment from the worst scenarios. So, here, the blog will guide you on how you can extract your calendars from an OST file using Outlook’s Import/Export utility. Also, you will get to know about the importance of using specialized tools like Recoveryfix for OST to PST when your files become corrupt or inaccessible.

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Calendar is one of the robust or powerful utilities of the Outlook application that plays a vital role for professionals. It helps them to increase their productivity by aligning their meetings, events, & tasks and reminding them as per the schedule. However, there are times when users look to save the calendars in a separate folder, which will create the need to extract the calendars from the OST file.

Using the Import/Export feature of Outlook can help you to accomplish the task. It will export your calendar data in the PST format that you can access directly, unlike OST. So, the blog will provide you with comprehensive assistance on how you can extract calendars using the Import/Export feature.

Using Import/Export utility of Outlook

It is one of the best Outlook built-in tools to import or export the PST files for using its content offline or online. You can use this utility efficiently by following the steps given below:

  • Open the Outlook application & go to the File menu.Open the Outlook application
  • Tap on the Open & Export option and select Import/Export.option and select
  • From the next window, choose Export to a File option.Export to a file
  • Now, in the Export to a file window, choose the Outlook data file (.pst) option.Export to a file
  • Select the Calendars that you want to export.Select the Calendars
  • Note: You can apply filters as well to make the export more structured.

  • Then, browse for the location where you want to save it & choose the given options as per your requirements.choose the given options
  • Finally, click on the Finish option.Finish

Note: You can use a password to provide more security to your file, but being an additional option it will not hamper your work if you can’t.

What if your Outlook is not working, or your OST files get corrupted?

The method mentioned earlier is effective only under specific conditions: when Outlook is connected to the Exchange server or when the OST file is in a healthy state. However, if your Outlook is disconnected or your file is corrupted, this method may not be sufficient to extract the calendars from the OST file. In such scenarios, a robust or advanced third-party tool can be your lifeline, overcoming these limitations and simplifying the extraction process.

Recoveryfix for OST to PST comes out as the best-advanced tool in this category. Its user-friendly interface makes the tool handy for the user. Its advanced filters organize the data more efficiently. Here are some significant features that make it prevalent over others.

  • It can repair or recover corrupt or inaccessible OST files.
  • It can convert files of any number & size to the desired format, including PST or many more.
  • It comes with the Detailed Preview feature that helps the user to cross-check the process before conversion.
  • It is compatible with all Windows & Outlook versions.
  • It generates a graphical report of converted OST files, which helps the user analyze the extent of conversion.

Let’s look at the steps to check the credibility of the tool:

  1. Download & install the software.
  2. Next, open the software and navigate to the file you wish to repair. You also have the option to check the mode as given.open the software
  3. Now, select the calendar section from the next window, followed by the Save option. Also, it provides you the facility to view the content of the calendar before conversion.select the calendar
  4. Then, choose the given options from the Saving Options window accordingly to structure the extraction. Finally, click on the OK option to complete the process.Saving Options

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Calendars help the user to streamline their workflow efficiently. Using the Import/Export utility of Outlook allows you to extract the calendar data from the OST file in the PST format. So, we have discussed the step-by-step procedure of this method. But in certain cases, like missing Outlook profile or file gets orphaned or inaccessible, this method might not be supportive. Therefore, utilizing the recommended tool is preferable to encounter all the limitations. Along with the calendars, it also helps fix email contacts missing in Outlook.

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