Export data from eM client to Outlook step by step process

Siddharth Shukla
Siddharth Shukla

Updated On - July 5, 2024

Summary: Many professional organizations switch to Outlook from an eM email client due to its feature-rich robust performance. However, they feel bothered to export eM client data to Outlook data files. Hence, this article will give the best guidance along with a Recoveryfix converter for EML software to export whole eM client data to Outlook or another email client efficiently without data fatality.

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The eM Client is an email client designed to help business professionals handle email communication, calendars, tasks, contacts, notes, etc., seamlessly. It also features signatures, quick text, tagging, special search options and many more. On the other hand, the Outlook email client is part of the Microsoft suite, having almost the same features, excluding the setup procedure. Outlook comes with easy setup with multiple operating platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and web, whereas eM client only runs on desktop computers.

Upon finding more flexible advantages of Outlook, many users want to migrate from the eM client to PST file of Outlook. However, it is a challenging task because Outlook imports only PST file format, so converting data of the eM client to PST format becomes necessary. Follow this article to gain knowledge of the reasons and procedures for importing eM client data into Outlook.

Reasons to export data from eM client to Outlook

The professional users prefer user-friendly and efficient email clients for their businesses. So, below are some factors that insist users to migrate eM clients to PST files of Outlook:

  • Outlook setup process is of a few steps.
  • Well-developed user interface.
  • Outlook has a powerful feature to manage tags, flags, rules, search folders, etc.
  • Outlook has compact integration with Microsoft applications and other third-party services.

These factors explain why Outlook is a widely used application among other email clients. Now, we’ll move towards the process that helps to export data from the eM client to PST file of the Outlook email client.

Ways to export data from eM client to Outlook

This section will present the ways to export eM client data into Outlook effortlessly. So, follow the process given below to migrate from eM client to Outlook.

Method 1. Export data manually to Outlook

In this method, there are three parts that migrate your eM client data into PST file of Outlook. To do this, first, you need to export data from eM client and then import it to Outlook and save eM data into PST file.

Part 1. Export the data from the eM client

The eM client is an email client that exports emails or folders in EML format to local devices. When the user wants to migrate to another email client, exporting data is a primary step. Let’s go through the steps to export data from the eM client:

  1. Open the eM client email application. Select mails or folders, right-click, and choose Save as option.Open the eM client email application
  2. Now, saving in EML format wizard will appear. Provide the desired location and click on Save.Provide the desired location and click on Save

Your emails will be saved, and you can open the EML file to view its data. Now, eM client has produced the EML file that should be imported into Outlook. So, follow the methods below that help you to import EML files to Outlook.

Part 2. Drag and drop EML into Microsoft Outlook

This method allows you to open and view the EML file messages in Outlook in a few steps. To access the EML messages in Outlook, follow the steps below:

  1. Keep the Outlook open then locate your EML file in File Explorer and select the EML file to open.
  2. Drag the selected EML file into Outlook and drop it in Outlook folder you want.

It will save your EML file in Outlook and provides accessibility. But if you have many EML files then you may get bothered by these steps every time repeatedly with every email message.

Part 3. Export data files from Outlook

Exporting Outlook data is a crucial step to create PST file. This process allows eM client users to access and save their data in PST format. So, let’s see the stepwise procedure:

  1. Open Outlook, click on File, and choose Export and Import in the Open & Export section.Open Outlook, click on File
  2. Choose Export a file and click Next.Choose Export a file and click Next
  3. Choose Outlook data file (.pst) and click Next.Choose Outlook data file
  4. Now, choose the folders you want to export and click Next.choose the folders you want to export and click Finish
  5. Browse the location in your file explorer to save PST file and click on Finish.Browse the location in your file explorer

Wait until the exporting process completes and restart the Outlook. You will see you all data exported from the Outlook is converted into PST has been saved to your provided address efficiently.

Although there are some other bulky methods for converting EML to PST format, they are incomplete and can damage/corrupt your data file severely. So, use only professional EML to PST converter software to escape the risks of bulky procedures.

Method 2. Use an automated and reliable EML to PST converter tool

Even though manual methods are effective, they can sometimes lead to creating confusion and in such scenarios, using a professional tool is the best resolution. It is necessary to choose Recoveryfix Converter for EML software when you’re stuck converting your EML to PST format while migrating from any email client to Outlook. This tool also supports conversion of EML, EMLX, OFT, or MSG files to PST and other formats seamlessly in the original hierarchy as folders. This tool operates beyond file quantity and size while maintaining the integrity of data. Download now and convert the data of EML to PST format.

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convert the data of EML to PST format.

Final words

Searching for other manual ways to migrate the eM client to Outlook email is a waste of time as it can leave you in trouble and may cause causality in your data file. Therefore, follow the procedure to convert your eM client’s EML to PST format using our advanced Recoveryfix Converter for EML software and import the PST file in Outlook again without hassle. You can also troubleshoot Windows Live Mail errors by using this EML converter tool.

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