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Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma

Updated On - January 5, 2023

OST files are basically is the offline Outlook data file in your MS Office Outlook. Why do you need OST format? Offline Outlook data file (or simply offline folders) help you to work offline. You can synchronize the changes with your Exchange Server as soon as you are back online.

OST files can be opened with MS Outlook only. Also, you need the same Exchange profile in Outlook, with which the OST file was created. However, in many situations, Exchange administrators or other users need to access OST files on user systems without the original Exchange profile or even MS Outlook. That is where the Recoveryfix OST Viewer comes in handy. When it comes to OST format and a tool to help in viewing corrupted OST files, there is none that works any better than the Recoveryfix OST Viewer.

Recoveryfix OST Viewer – What It Is?

Whether you want to read an OST file which is healthy or one that is corrupted, none can match the performance of Recoveryfix OST Viewer. Most of our clients have only praises on their lips for us and nothing else. Moreover, the tool has been rated excellent by 92% of our clients and 7% of our clients have wonderfully rated us as Great. The tool provides extraordinary service in terms of compatibility with all versions of Windows.

Recoveryfix OST Viewer-What Makes It So Special?

OST Viewers have been created by many software companies promising different advantages. But many have been reported to have failed to produce desired effects. So, what’s so special about OST Viewer of Recoveryfix? Well, its awesomeness lies in the advanced features of the tool. To mention them, here are some:

  • The tool is absolutely free-of-cost, and thus, not a single penny is required. The tool enables to open as well as read healthy as well as corrupted OST files. You can also view your OST file items, like Emails, Calendar, Contacts, and more without having to spend a single penny.
  • Recoveryfix OST Viewer tool permits its users to easily gain a preview of OST files without Outlook or Microsoft Exchange Server. This tool permits an in-depth scan of the OST file after which, the tool provides a display of its content. Moreover, Recoveryfix OST Viewer permits you to view also those files which were either accidentally or purposely deleted. The tool also helps you to find the deleted items while you’re previewing.
  • The tool uses simple process: All you need are two steps in order to scan a file and then view its content. Open your tool, select the OST file you need, and you’re done with the procedure!
  • This tool is extremely well-matched with OST files created by all the versions of your Exchange Server as well as the Microsoft Outlook, (which includes Exchange 2016 as well as Outlook 2016). Moreover, the tool is easily used on all versions of the Windows platform, irrespective of 7/8/8.1/10.

Some positive views from our clients are given here below:

  • “The tool helped in retrieving many of my deleted emails, and I am so glad I got the tool on time. Its easy-to-use GUI makes it certainly, a good choice. Awesome work, guys!”
  • “Who doesn’t like free stuff? I love the way the tool works, and I love it more due to the fact it is FREE.”
  • “You don’t have to be techy to use the tool; its just so easy to use. I’m gonna definitely tell people about this tool.”

How Does the Tool Work?

  • Download and launch the software, and now the welcome screen is visible.
  • Browse to select the OST file and then press Next.
  • Browse to select the OST file and then press Next

  • Select the folder(s) from the folder list in the pane on the left. Click on one of the folders and then on its item to preview.
  • Click on one of the folders and then on its item to preview


OST Viewers is of help when it comes to reading healthy and corrupted OST files. But as we have already stated, there is no match for Recoveryfix’s OST Viewer. It’s technically an awesome tool with all the grand features. OST Viewer is just something that lets you gain a preview, but if you need a repair for the file, go for the OST to PST Converter tool.

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