Error fixed: Windows Live Mail 0x8007007A

Sristi Rana
Sristi Rana

Published On - May 8, 2024

Summary: While working with Windows Live Mail, users sometimes face errors when sending emails with OneDrive attachments. One of those errors is 0x8007007A. Try troubleshooting this error using the methods listed in this article. If the error again persists, then it can be due to corruption in the file. Try Recoveryfix Converter for EML to convert your file to another compatible format.

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Windows Live Mail is an email-based software developed by Microsoft. It permits users to manage multiple email accounts and send/receive emails. However, Windows Live Mail is no longer available for download; still, some users have it installed on their system. Users are encouraged to shift from Windows Live Mail to another application.
Users of Windows Live Mail face error 0x8007007A when they try to send an email with OneDrive attachments like a single image or an image album. Because of a recent policy change by Microsoft, you can’t send images\videos and albums via OneDrive, which causes this error. Trying to resend such emails hinders other emails from being sent as well.
This write-up will teach you to troubleshoot error code 0x8007007A in Windows Live Mail.

Reasons behind error 0x8007007A in Windows Live Mail

  • Internet connectivity: If you have an unstable and weak internet connection, it can cause errors when working with Windows Live Mail.
  • Configuration issues: Improper configuration of account settings can lead to errors. Double-check the settings to make sure they are correctly configured.
  • Corrupted system file: If the files related to Windows Live Mail get corrupted or damaged, they can cause errors.
Techniques to resolve error code 0x8007007A

There are a few methods listed below that you can try for troubleshooting this error:

  • Fix the Windows Live Mail application

    There is a chance that problems with the application caused the error. You can use the built-in tool to fix Windows Live Mail errors. Follow the steps to perform the procedure:

    1. Close the Windows Live Mail application on your device.
    2. Open the Control Panel on your system.
    3. Now, tap on Programs and Features.
    4. Programs and Features.

    5. In Uninstall or change a program, search Windows Essentials.
    6. Moving ahead, press Uninstall/Change.
    7. Click on Repair all Windows Live programs.
    8. After completion of the repair process, restart your device.
    9. Open Windows Live Mail and try sending emails.
  • Removing and reconfiguring the Windows Live Mail account

    If you encounter errors, try removing your Windows Live Mail account and reconfiguring it. Follow the steps listed below:

    For removing the Windows Live Mail account:

    1. Launch the Windows Live Mail software on your device.
    2. Tap the Tools option, click Accounts on the left, and press the Remove Account option.
    3. Press the OK button to remove the account.
    4. Wait till the process is completed.

    For reconfiguring the Windows Live Mail account:

    1. Go to Tools and press the Accounts option.
    2. Now, tap on the Email option and then Next.
    3. Enter all necessary details like email address, password, and display name, then tap the Next button.
    4. Finally, click on the Finish button to end the process.
  • Discard stuck emails from Outbox

    Stuck emails refer to those emails which are not sent or received correctly. Try to delete those emails to enhance the functionality of your Windows Live Mail application. You can follow the procedure listed below:

    1. Launch Windows Live Mail on your device.
    2. Look for Outbox on the left side.
    3. Now, choose all the emails that contain images album.
    4. Moving ahead, discard the emails that you have selected.

    Once the process is completed, try composing a new email and sending it to the desired person.

  • Send the media file as an attachment instead of an album

    When you face error 0x8007007A in Windows Live Mail while trying to send emails with media files attached, instead of attaching the entire folder, attach single images to it.

    For attaching images to an email, you can compose a new email, tap the attachment option, and select the image you want to attach.

  • Try professional tool

    Microsoft no longer supports the Windows Live Mail application, and it is also unavailable for download. Still, some users use Windows Live Mail to send and receive emails. As it’s not in use, it quickly gets errors due to a lack of compatibility. Users should move to the best alternatives for a better work experience.

    Convert your Windows Live Mail emails using Recoveryfix Converter for EML to a compatible format. This tool is advanced and has various features like:

    • You can easily convert your data without any data loss.
    • It supports a wide variety of formats.
    • It can easily convert bulk files at a time.
    • There is no file size limitation.

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Windows Live Mail application is prone to errors. Among all those errors, error code 0x8007007A can commonly be seen in Windows Live Mail. You can use the methods that have been discussed in this blog to fix the Windows Live Mail error.

However, we recommend you use Recoveryfix Converter for EML tool to convert your emails from Windows Live Mail to a compatible and easily accessible format and avoid such risks.

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