What are EML files? A complete guide

Sristi Rana
Sristi Rana

Published On - July 3, 2024

Summary: An EML file is a very common file format among users. It is used to save email messages in text format. In this blog, we have mentioned some necessary information about EML files. However, to easily access your EML files you can convert them to a different format with the help of a professional tool. We recommend you use Recoveryfix Converter for EML to quickly convert your EML files to PST format or some other format.

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The term EML stands for ‘Electronic Mail’. An EML file is a text file that is used to store single email messages in a standardized form. This is a convenient file format used for archiving and backing up data. When you try sending or receiving an email message, it is often saved in EML file format. This file contains all the necessary email information including email body, header, and attachments, hyperlinks, etc. thus making it a self-record of the message.

EML files are compatible with different email client applications and can be opened using email applications like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, etc. EML files can be viewed with notepad or any other text editor application. In this write-up, we have highlighted what is EML file format. Let’s dive in depth and know everything about it.

Why are EML files important?

EML file format is essential for individuals and business firms for various reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  • Email archiving: EML files allow you to archive your important email messages. By saving your emails in EML file format, you can create a backup of it.
  • Email backup: EML files can be used to backup important email data, to provide extra safety in case of any data loss, or accidental deletion.
  • Email transfer: EML files are compatible and can easily be transferred between different email client applications.
  • Email sharing: EML files make it easy to share email messages with others.

What are the components of an EML file?

An EML file is a bundle of various components that makes it useful for users. Some of its components are outlined below in brief:

  • Header: The header consists of the sender’s and receiver’s email address, date and time, subject line, etc.
  • Message body: The message body contains all the main content of email message in the form of plain text or HTML.
  • Attachments: Attachments are the documents, images, or any other file, which come attached with the email message.
  • Hyperlinks and links: These are the links to websites, other online sources, etc.

What is EML file extension?

When you see a file with .eml extension, you can easily identify it as an email message file. The extension that EML files use is ‘.eml’. This extension denotes that the file contains email messages in plain text form. Microsoft introduced EML files to establish a connection between different email client applications. You can view your EML files using different email client applications and browsers without facing any difficulties.

Limitations of EML files

There are some drawbacks listed below that EML files hold. Let’s discuss them briefly:

  • Size issues: As time passes, EML files grow and become oversized, which makes it difficult for users to manage and access them.
  • Formatting issues: EML files may not maintain the original formatting, hierarchy and layout of the email message.
  • Compatibility issues: EML files may not be compatible with every email client application.
  • Corruption issues: EML files can easily get corrupted, thus making it difficult for users to access them.


An EML (Electronic Mail) file is a simple file format used for storing email messages in plain text format. EML files are essential, so users must know everything about them. The above-discussed write-up provided complete details on what are EML files and their different aspects.

However, there are a few limitations of EML files, in this scenario, users are advised to convert their EML files to different file formats to access them without facing any issues. In that scenario, use a professional tool to convert EML files easily. Recoveryfix Converter for EML is feature-rich software that allows you to perform a seamless conversion of your files.

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