Ways to Retrieve Outlook Data After System Crash

Manisha Rawat
Manisha Rawat

Updated On - October 18, 2022

“Yesterday while working on my system, composing an important mail for my office meeting, my system turned off out of nowhere. I started it again and with some weird noise it started again. Suddenly after this crash I was unable to access my inbox, outbox, contacts and many more important items on the Outlook. Now I can’t access any of it. Can someone help me retrieve my Outlook data in this scenario? It is very important for me, please suggest a result-oriented and assured way to retrieve my Outlook data.”

Well, as we can understand the situation mentioned by this user. It clearly is the case of system crash. The worst outcome of a system crash is that the user is generally unable to access the data that she was working on. As the user has mentioned that at the time of the crash the user was using Outlook and soon after restarting the system, she noticed that she was unable to access many major functions of the Outlook. In this blog, we are going to solve this query raised by the user with the best possible method.

Why would have the system crashed?

System crash is not a frequent occurrence, yet it may create nightmares to the person who is facing it. System crash is the worst nightmare of a user, as it may bring a lot of troubles regarding the safety of the data in the system. But if you know the reason why crash happens, you can avoid it happening from the next time:

  • Unorganized files present in the system, especially on Windows 10.
  • Corrupt System Registry
  • Overheating of the system
  • Sudden power failure
  • Low memory, due to which the system can’t run smoothly
  • Malicious items on your system.

How to retrieve Outlook Data after the system crash
To retrieve Outlook data after the system crash you can follow the below-mentioned methods:

  • Retrieve Outlook Data from Hard Drive

One way to retrieve the Outlook data after the system crash is from the hard drive. By following the below-mentioned steps you can retrieve it. If you are unable to access the Outlook data, no issue, it is always saved in your hard drive. To retrieve data via hard drive, you first need to remove the hard drive from the crashed system and attach it with another healthy system.

  1. Once the above formalities are done, open the connected hard drive in your system.
  2. Now trace the PST folder location which generally is:
  3. : \Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook >


    : \Users\username\Update\Local\Microsoft\Outlook >

  4. This way you can easily access all your precious data saved in the form of PST.

Once you have access to the PSTs you can transfer all the data to Outlook with the help of Import/Export feature of the Outlook. Hope you can access all your Outlook data. If you don’t find that data in your hard drive, then also you don’t need to worry about that. Just check the next method.

  • Using a Windows Data Recovery Software
  • If the above method did not work for you, then the most assured way to get back your Outlook data is by using a Windows Data Recovery Software. It is very important to choose a reputed third-party automated software as your precious data is at stake. So, keeping in mind the criticality of the situation, we would recommend you to use Recoveryfix for Windows Data Recovery. It helps to recover any type of data, deleted or permanently deleted data, from the logical or physical drive including media, documents, files, folders, etc. In this situation, this tool fits very well, as the user wants to recover and restore her lost data. The tool comes with three scanning modes which user may select as per the requirement. The tool provides the option to preview the recovered data and provide option to save it at a desired location in the system maintaining the integrity, original structure and hierarchy of the data.

    Download Now

    Once you retrieve all your data with this Windows data recovery tool, you will need to use the Import/Export method just like we suggested in the above method.

    In this blog, we have discussed about how one can retrieve Outlook data after the system crash. We have discussed why the system crashes and how one can avoid this scenario. We have also read a user’s query and mentioned two ways to recover the lost or inaccessible data. So, after suggesting a manual method to recover the data which may or may not work, we have mentioned a Windows Data Recovery software which for sure recovers and restores the lost data. It is compatible with all versions of Windows OS and also comes with a free trial version. Hope this blog helped you out with your query.

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