How to Recover Permanently Deleted PST Emails

Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma

Updated On - March 14, 2024

Usually, on deleting emails from Outlook, they tend to abide within the Deleted Items folder. This is referred to as a soft deletion, and these files can quickly be recovered or moved through dragging these files to their original places. However, when you delete using the ‘Shift + Delete,’ then you might have concerns. This is what is referred to as ‘hard deletion’ and the items thus permanently deleted are called ‘hard deleted items.’

If you have deleted your files permanently, it is time to find out how to recover permanently deleted pst emails. But how? That is our aim in this blog. To find out more, you will have to go on reading.

Recovering the Permanently Deleted PST Emails

Although recovering these email files are hard but not altogether impossible. Again, if you are using Outlook post-deletion and have not compacted the PST file, you might still have a possibility of recovering the deleted emails.

Having pondered on the possibility of the recovery of these PST files, it is necessary that we now look into the methods to recover them.

Using a Hex Editor

Having said that there are some other methods on how to recover permanently deleted pst emails. That being said, you can also use Scanpst.exe to help you recover the hard-deleted PST Files. To use Scanpst.exe, you will need to use a Hex editor. What makes The Hex editor unique is that its basis is that it exhibits the raw data of the particular file. Therefore, to recover your permanently deleted file via Scanpst.exe, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Make a copy of your Outlook PST file.
  2. Then download and then open a Hex Editor.
  3. (Note: The Hex in the name of the aforementioned Hex Editor emanates from the term hex, which is an abbreviation the word, hexadecimal/base-16. This is the raw data/content structure in which all your computer files are stored. )

  4. Now, open your PST file with the afore-mentioned Hex Editor from which you wish to recover your email files
  5. Now eradicate or delete position 7 through 13 with the help of the space bar. In the Hexadecimal content structure, this procedure is capable of deleting 13 characters at the positions given here below: 00007, 00008, 00009, 0000a, 0000a, 0000b, 0000c, 0000d, 0000e, 0000f etc. (When you clear one particular position by using the spacebar, the editor now, exhibits the value “20” individually.)
  6. OR

    Select the value which starts from the value 07 to the subsequent 13 values. Now navigate to Edit, then to File Selection and press Ok. As a result, values up to 00 will be replaced.

  7. After you have cleared the positions mentioned above, you will have to save the PST file. Now, you possess a corrupted PST file.
  8. Now, run the Scanpst.exe or Inbox Repair tool to repair this PST file.
  9. Browse the corrupt PST file and then allow the scanning process to take place.
  10. Now, repair corrupt PST file.
  11. Finally, open your PST file and then check your deleted items.

Using a third-party tool

To recover the permanently deleted files effectively, it is always advisable to use a third-party tool such as Recoveryfix for Outlook PST Repair tool. This tool possesses certain exclusive features which set it apart from all the rest. The features of this tool are given here below:

Download Now

  1. The tool is specially created to repair all the different types of corrupt PST files. The tool is capable of recovering all mailbox items which includes calendar, attachments, contacts, emails and so on. Moreover, the tool can repair those PST Files which are large. Further using Recoveryfix for PST Repair, you can restore the recovered data in a PST file.
  2. The tool can recover the PST file data irrespective of the error it has. Moreover, the Tool retrieves data, keeping your mailbox hierarchy intact.
  3. The PST Repair tool enables its users to preview all items that are recovered, before saving the same. Due to this feature, you can effortlessly verify the content of your PST File. This PST File content includes emails, contacts, calendar, etc.
  4. It helps you to save the recovered file in the desired location in different formats to open the same in either Outlook or Outlook Exchange apps.
  5. The tool can be easily purchased online for a decent sum, and if you aren’t sure about buying it, you could try out its trial version from the website which is free of cost. To use Recoveryfix for PST Repair, follow these easy-to-use and straightforward steps:

  6. Firstly, download and install the software. On the Window that is displayed, browse to select the PST you wish to repair. Then click Next.
  7. select the PST you wish to repair. Then click Next

  8. Select a particular folder and the file in it. Then click Save.
  9. Select a particular folder and the file in it. Then click Save

  10. Browse to select the saving path. Select the required options and click Ok.
  11. Select the required options and click Ok

  12. On completion, the following message is displayed. Click Ok.
  13. the following message is displayed. Click Ok
    You have recovered your PST data including the permanently deleted emails.


Summarizing the whole thing, in case you have deleted files permanently, you need not be worried since there are many procedures you can take help from. If you are still having doubts concerning how to recover permanently deleted pst email, do call on us. We’re happy to help.

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