How To Backup Outlook PST Emails And Other Items

Pritam Majumdar
Pritam Majumdar

Updated On - April 27, 2020

Backup Outlook PST emails and Other Items- Need & Procedure

Most people seem to use MS Outlook as their desktop email clients for their professional purposes these days. This is due to the interesting features and easy usage the software provides.

Need for Back-up

MS Outlook for many, is the very base of their work. MS Outlook’s files contain the user’s emails, contacts, notes, journals, as well as calendars. It is extremely important that they are kept safe lest you tend to lose important emails and documents. This necessitates the periodic back-up to a safer location.

In case you’ve experienced a system crash, you’d definitely realize how tedious its effects might be. If you haven’t, you’re pretty much lucky. But we can’t always be that lucky, right? What happens as a result of a system crash, is that; saved mails are lost. Also, contacts and other miscellaneous emails and related data are lost. This is another reason why you need to make use of the back-up.

Having understood why the backup is needed, one might wonder what exactly PST files are. To that, the following passage gives a brief description of these files.

What are .PST Files?

Speaking of .PST Files, these are those files which are created using MS Outlook to move or copy emails as well as attachments from the Server Mailbox to the local PC. In short you create these files as an archive to store Emails & Attachments on your either computer’s Hard Drive, USB Drive or Server Share (contingent on where you create as well as store them). The .pst files contain the following:

  • Inbox.
  • Drafts.
  • Outbox.
  • Deleted Items.
  • Sent Items.
  • Search Folders.
  • Junk Email.
  • Calendar.
  • RSS Feeds.
  • Contacts, etc.

Going forth, are certain points to note; when you intend to export or move your mailbox items to a .PST file.

Exporting the Outlook Mailbox Items to a .PST File

The following procedures are for those users of Outlook without Office 365:

  • Click on ‘File’, located on the top part of your Outlook ribbon.
  • Click on ‘File’, located on the top part of your Outlook ribbon

  • Select Open & Export and choose ‘Import/Export’
  • Select Open & Export and choose ‘Import/Export’

  • When Import and Export Wizard appears, choose ‘Export to a File’. Click Next.
  • Export to a File’. Click Next

  • Click ‘Outlook Data File (.pst)’ and then click Next.
  • Click ‘Outlook Data File (.pst)’ and then click Next

  • Select mail folder you wish to backup. Click next
  • Select mail folder you wish to backup. Click next

  • Select location where you wish to save. Click ‘Finish’
  • Select location where you wish to save. Click ‘Finish

  • To maintain secrecy of your files, enter and confirm a password, and then select OK.

Having said that, if these steps do not produce the desired effects, you’ll need help of a 3rd party tool. And therefore, Recoveryfix for Outlook PST Repair becomes very important.

Download Now

Recoveryfix for Outlook PST Repair- Benefits & Usage

What makes Recoveryfix so indispensable or crucial in terms of backup and/or repair of Outlook files lies in the fact that the Tool is easily available, avoids probable mistakes, take very little time to perform. To explain further, presented here below are the features of the Outlook PST Repair:

  • The tool being empowered with all the necessary algorithms, the software holds the capability of repairing the corrupt PST files easily.
  • The tool recovers all item of the mailbox, ranging from emails and calendar to contacts and attachments.
  • Moreover, the Tool does not break the hierarchy. The tool recovers Inbox, Sent Items, Outbox, & other folders in accordance with their respective hierarchies.
  • Recoveryfix for Outlook PST Repair enables you to preview the recovered items prior to saving them. As a result, you may very easily verify the content of a particular PST file right after recovery.

Having these benefits in mind, it is befitting that we show you how the Recoveryfix for Outlook PST Repair works. The following are the steps of its working:

  • Open Tool and browse to select the PST file to repair AND Select mode. Click Next.
  • select the PST file to repair AND Select mode

  • Preview the recovered emails
  • Preview the recovered emails

    (Note: Choose multiple or single folders that you wish to repair or backup (left pane), in the content extent (upper top) a list of files is seen. Click upon a specific file to preview it.)

  • Browse Location to save File. Attach a prefix. Click OK.
  • Browse Location to save File. Attach a prefix. Click OK

  • The Process is Finished. Click Ok.
  • The Process is Finished. Click Ok.

    (Note: click on the location on the picture above to view your recovered files.)


    Outlook is undeniably, one of the most important as well as professional communication platforms. However, just like all software, Outlook is also subject to errors. As is customary for any individual, the initial reaction to these error is panic. But it is here, that a PST Repair tool comes in handy. Recoveryfix, a name that in itself stands apart from all others; has its own uniquely designed tool by which many errors can be avoided, amended and lost files be recovered.

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