Simple Guide to Configure an AOL Email Account in Outlook

Amrita Choudhary
Amrita Choudhary

Updated On - March 29, 2024

Summary: AOL is a web-based email service that provides IMAP access, and Outlook supports it. Let’s understand how to configure AOL to Outlook. However, if your PST file is corrupted, then it is challenging to connect AOL with Outlook, then you can try RecoveryFix for Outlook PST Repair.

Summary: – Here, we will understand how to add an AOL account to Microsoft Outlook. If you are using AOL and want to configure your AOL email in Outlook, then the below discussion will surely help you.

AOL stands for America Online and provides email services just like Gmail and Yahoo Mail. AOL is a web-based e-mail service that supports sending and receiving e-mails. AOL stands for America Online and provides email services just like Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

As AOL mail has the IMAP email protocol, Outlook supports such email accounts.

If someone has already been using AOL for a long time and now wants to use more features for their email account, then there is no need to move to a new email client. You can add an AOL account with Outlook and increase the usage of email communication. Adding an AOL mailbox to Outlook is an excellent step to save time. Outlook can manage emails from different email accounts like AOL through a single application.

AOL email users can import AOL mail to Outlook and enjoy the benefits of both products together. AOL mail accounts also work like Gmail, and stores loads of essential emails and other items.

We will explain the best and easiest way to add AOL email to Outlook on your system for smooth working.

Benefits of adding AOL to Outlook:

  1. Friendly user-Interface: Outlook is a popular e-mail client with a recognized interface, allowing users to access their AOL e-mails by including their AOL e-mail account.
  2. Advanced safety features: Outlook offers Advanced safety features to protect user’s e-mail communications from threats like malware, spam, and phishing attacks when it is added with AOL.
  3. Increase in organization and productivity: Outlook gives several tools like e-mail filtering, categorization, policies, and customizable folders, which may be more suitable by means of including AOL in Outlook, hence it increases organizational productiveness. It also avoids AOL downtime.
  4. Offline Access: Outlook allows users to save e-mails to their local computer, providing offline access to AOL e-mails. This feature makes the application helpful for people who are travelling or have limited internet availability.
  5. Consolidating e-mails: Users can consolidate their different e-mail accounts into one application with the benefit of including an AOL e-mail account in Outlook. It will get less complicated, and messages will be sent from a single place.
  6. How do you set up and access AOL e-mail account in Outlook?

    The procedure of adding your AOL e-mail in Outlook goes through several steps. You need to perform them correctly to configure your AOL account in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and Outlook 365.

    First, you should create an application password for your AOL mail account. Then after that, configure the AOL account in the Outlook application.

    Step 1: – Create the App password in AOL

    1. First, log in to your AOL email account.
    2. Now click on the Options button at the top-right corner and select Account Info from the drop-down Account Info
    3. After that, click on Account Security.Click on Account Security
    4. Scroll down and click on the Generate app password option.Generate app
    5. Now open the drop-down menu and select Outlook Desktop.
    6. Click on the Generate password button to generate the password for the third-party app.Generate password button
    7. Now copy and save the app password somewhere else so that you can use that later, then click on the app password

    Step 2: – Add AOL Email to the Microsoft Outlook application

    • Open Microsoft Outlook on your system.
    • Then click on the File button on the top-left side.
    • Then, click on Add Account.Click on Add Account
    • Now enter your AOL email address and then click on Advanced Options.
    • Then tick on Let me set up my account manually and click on the Connect on the Connect
    • Now select POP from the POP from the options
    • In this window of Outlook, you must key in critical information like Incoming & Outgoing Servers & Ports.

      For POP configuration, you need to update the information given below:

      Details of Incoming Mail

      • Server:
      • Port is 995
      • Encryption Method – Checkmark, this server requires an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS)

      Details of Outgoing mail

      • Server –
      • Port is 465
      • Encryption Method – SSL / TLSEncryption Method - SSL / TLS
      • Important Note: – If you have an existing data file, browse for it under the Message Delivery section.

    • Once you complete the above process, click on the Next button.
    • Enter the password of your AOL email account and click on Connect.Click on Connect
    • Finally, click Ok when the AOL email account setup in Outlook 2016 is complete.
    • In Outlook, all the accounts are visible on the left lane.

    NOTE: When merging an AOL account with Outlook, the mailbox data is saved in a PST file. However, corruption in PST files can cause AOL e-mails to become inaccessible in Outlook. To fix this, use Recoveryfix for Outlook PST Repair to recover data from corrupt or damaged PST files.

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    Final Discussion

    We went through the process of adding your AOL e-mail account into Outlook. If you are facing PST corruption issues, you can try Recoveryfix for Outlook PST Repair. It repairs corrupt PST files and saves PST e-mails to a new PST, MSG, EML, and DBX. It saves your time and is easy to manage and it is compatible with all versions of Windows. It has many features like file repair, recovery, cross-platform migration of e-mails, etc. Also, it recovers permanently deleted e-mails, whether deleted on purpose or mistakenly.

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