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Guide to Convert MBOX File to Outlook PST

Pritam Majumdar

Pritam Majumdar

April 16, 2019

A file format which supports more than 20 email clients such as Eudora, Apple Mail, Powermail, Thunderbird, and many more MBOX files had at one time gained a severe amount of success. Moreover, due to the emergence and awesomeness of the features of the MS Outlook PST file, it has become a normal to migrate MBOX to PST. This has become common with the SMBs and the enterprises. Additionally, Outlook is incapable of supporting the MBOX Files. As a result, to access the MBOX file, the user needs to be converted to PST formats.

Top Reasons to Why We Need A Guide to Convert MBOX file to Outlook PST

Specific email clients provide their users with A guide to convert mbox file to outlook pst which are manual. The fundamental reason why the user might want to convert his/her MBOX files into Outlook due to the additional features, its easy usability and a well-structured work-processes. The conversion becomes necessary due to the following:

  • PST is capable of supporting multiple varieties of data, unlike the MBOX which helps only email messages. Additionally, the PST format is capable of supporting files such as support emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, notes, etc.
  • Technically, PST format is well-advanced, helping in storing of mailbox data methodically. However, the format is easy to use, and the emails can be saved in a sequence.
  • Finally, Microsoft Outlook is specially created to support the Exchange connectivity. Moreover, Outlook enables its user to use Outlook in an offline mode.

We see here, some of the reasons why users need to use Outlook PST. There are some manual methods of conversion depending on the applications.

Manually Converting MBOX to PST

Using Mac

Converting Apple Mail to MBOX is the first thing necessary to convert MBOX to PST files manually. To do this, follow steps:

  1. Launch Apple Mail on the system
  2. Click on your File menu, Click Import Mailboxes
  3. within ‘Import data from:’ select program from where you will require to import your data via ‘Files in MBOX format.’
  4. Now, press Continue
  5. Provide the location where your MBOX files reside or are stored in. Click on Choose.
  6. Select items you’d like to import. Click Continue.
  7. Click Done. Browse Import section in mailboxes list.
  8. Install Eudora of the windows version.

Open Windows and follow the steps:

  1. Add an MBOX file extension to the file you have imported.
  2. Move file with MBOX file extension, ProjectMBOX.mbx to the Eudora directory with the data stored in them by default, in the application:
    “C: Documents and SettingsApplication Data\Qualcomm\Eudora”
  3. Open your Eudora and then double-click on ProjectMBOX.mbx. Close the app, install the Outlook Express on the Windows system.
  4. Open Outlook Express on the Windows.

Having installed Outlook Express, do the following:

  1. Launch your Outlook Express
  2. Go to the File menu, click on your Import and choose Messages
  3. Select the Eudora application from the list of your email apps and then select Next
  4. Browse through the location and choose your ‘. mbx.’ File. Click OK
  5. Now, click Next. Now, click Next and finally, select Finish.

In the Outlook Express, your imported mailbox is to be accessed via the Local Folders. Finally, you will now require importing messages from the Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook. Having installed MS Outlook, you will need to do the following:

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, go to File and choose Open
  2. From your list of the options, select Import and then go to Import and Export
  3. Then, select Import Internet Mail and Addresses. Click Next
  4. Choose Outlook Express versions; 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Window Mail
  5. Confirm that your Import Mail is tick-checked. Click on Next

In case the manual methods do not help, you should try using a third-party tool. RecoveryFix has an excellent Tool; to help out with regards to the MBOX to PST.

RecoveryFix may be used in this way:

  • Select an email client
  • Press Add folder to select the folder you wish to convert. Click Finish.
  • Now, select the folders from the Folder List on the left. And select the file and preview content
  • Click the Save button which looks like a floppy and is located right above the Folder list. Make sure which items will be converted. (note: by default, ‘Define Filter Criteria for conversion’ will is selected). Click on Next
  • Now, Select Save in PST. Then, Select the Browse option to choose the destination where you wish to save the converted PST file. Click Save.
  • The process of conversion begins
  • On Completion, the following message is displayed:
  • Click Ok.
  • Your MBOX File is converted to PST.

Summarizing It All.

Conventional methods as A guide to converting mbox file to outlook pst are often pretty worthwhile. However, they cannot grant you the security of an error-free conversion. For this do, we need the MBOX to PST Converter by RecoveryFix. It is a user-friendly tool which reduces the complexities to convert the MBOX to PST and it saves the PST file at the desired location.

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