3 Methods to export Apple Mail to Outlook

Aaruni Arora
Aaruni Arora

Updated On - June 5, 2024

Summary: Apple Mail is the default mail application for macOS environment and when the users adopt Windows, then they must migrate their Apple Mail accounts to Outlook. There is no straightforward way to migrate the emails, but you can adopt the following methods in this writeup. For quickest and safest conversion, you can use Recoveryfix for MBOX to PST conversion tool that converts the data file of Apple Mail accounts.

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Apple Mail, also known as Mac Mail, is the primary email application for macOS machines. Presently, Apple Mail supports IMAP, POP3, SMTP, S/MIME, and Exchange protocols. It allows Apple users to manage their emails effectively and relate to their contacts and information.

Likewise, Outlook is the email client of the Microsoft platform. It can be used both in Mac and Windows OS. It allows users to send and receive email messages and manage their contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. It integrates an insightful interface filled with advanced filters and security protocols.

Why do users need to export Apple Mail to Outlook?

The versatility of Outlook over Apple Mail is one of the primary reasons why users are migrating from Apple to Outlook. The following reasons will clear the benefits of MS Outlook furthermore:

  • Migrating Apple Mail to Outlook enables users to have seamless collaboration and communication throughout various platforms, ensuring compatibility with Windows-based systems and other email clients.
  • Outlook offers numerous ways of organizing data, whereas MBOX only stores the mailbox items as a chain of emails.
  • MBOX users frequently face ‘file locking’, which restricts users from accessing the files, resulting in a loss of efficiency.
  • Outlook is commonly used in several organizations and other professional settings. It is essential to export Apple Mail to Outlook to ensure smooth email exchange and collaboration with colleagues, clients, and partners.

Methods to migrate Apple Mail to Outlook

Method 1: With the help of Eudora and Thunderbird
  1. Import mailbox data in Apple Mail
    • Launch Apple Mail
    • Click on File>Import Mailboxes.
    • Select the source location of the MBOX file and press Continue.
    • Go to Browse, choose MBOX files, and then hit Continue.
    • Press Done upon process completion.
  2. Create Eudora mailbox
    • You’d need to download the Eudora application to proceed further.
    • Add the MBOX file extension that’s imported. For example, change ‘xyz’ to ‘XYZ.mbx’.
    • Relocate this file to Eudora’s directory.
    • The default location of this file is: ‘C: Documents and Settings user >> Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora.’
    • Open Eudora, click on the MBX file, and close the application.
  3. Import Eudora mailbox to Outlook Express
    • Run Outlook Express
    • Go to File>Import>Messages.
    • Choose Eudora from the list displayed on the screen and click on Next.
    • Open the ‘XYZ.mbx’ file that was saved earlier and click OK.
  4. Import Eudora mailbox from Outlook Express to Outlook
    • Launch Outlook, open File>Open and Export>Import/Export.
    • Import>Import from Another file and folder>Next.
    • Choose Import Internet Mail and Addresses and hit Next.
    • Select ‘Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, or Window Mail’ and press Next.
    • Click on the file to Import & Export from the browser and select Next.
    • Press Finish once the process is completed.
Method 2: Using Thunderbird and Outlook
  1. Convert emails from Thunderbird into EML format.
    • Launch Thunderbird and select New Folder.
    • Rename the folder and press Create Folder.
    • Select the emails you want to migrate and move them to the newly created folder.
    • Press Save As and save the file in EML format.
    • Open the folder where the EML file is saved and drag and drop them in Outlook.
  2. Convert the EML files into PST format.
    • Launch MS Outlook and go to File.
    • Select File>Open & Export>Import/Export.
    • Select Export to a file from the Import/Export wizard and press Next.
    • Choose the Outlook Data file (.pst) and tap on Next.
    • Next, navigate to the location where your EML files are kept and click Next.
    • Enter the destination site for the newly created PST file and choose your desired option.
    • Hit Finish and a new PST file will be created at your chosen location.
Limitations of manual methods
  • It is a very lengthy process with considerable risk of data loss.
  • It requires you to download different applications, which might not be favorable for everyone.
  • It’s not a reliable procedure as the risk of failure is remarkably high, resulting in severe data loss.
  • It requires profound technical language.
Method 3: Automated way of Apple Mail to Outlook Migration

While the manual method works correctly, it has its fair share of limitations. You’d get the desired result, but it’d take up too much of your precious time, and it wouldn’t necessarily maintain the integrity and hierarchy of the MBOX file.

Thus, to prevent all these instances in which data loss is common, it is advised that a professional tool be used for migrating. We recommend the Recoveryfix for MBOX to PST tool for accurate migration.


Apple Mail and MS Outlook are two distinct platforms with crucial differences. Manual methods of migration are complicated and require sound technical knowledge, making it unsuitable for beginners. We recommend using professional tools such as Recoveryfix for MBOX to PST for efficient Apple Mail to Outlook migration.

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