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30 October 2007

Memory Optimizer 7.10.01 Launched

RecoveryFix Memory Optimizer is easy to use memory optimizer software which optimizes system RAM and makes your computer work fast.

October 30, 2007 - New Delhi, India –Lepide Software announces the release of Recoveryfix Memory Optimizer , which optimizes RAM memory and increases working speed of your computer system.

Lepide Software, the premier organization in providing PC and security tools has on offer the best and smart memory optimization tool which promises to increase computer speed up to by 80% with just 1 mouse click.

Computer systems become slow due to insufficient RAM, virus infections, fragmented drives, and running of big applications at same time. All these instances utilize more computer memory which makes your computer system slow.

With RecoveryFix Memory Optimizer you can optimize memory with 1 mouse click, view current running process, view memory and CPU usage percentage, free up fragments in the memory and ensure adequate memory supply to current running applications, terminate any current process, optimize any individual process, and define maximum critical limit for memory optimization. The user friendly features of the RAM booster software make it stand differentiated from other memory optimizer tools in market.

Mr. Rupesh Kumar (Director - Lepide Software), on the release of RecoveryFix Memory Optimizer said, “The software to increase RAM speed is an eminent tool which frees up physical memory, recovers memory leaks and efficiently optimizes RAM to speed up your computer system. The software is useful for those professionals and personnel’s who regularly work on large applications and want fast access to switch between different applications, internet and local system files. To home users, RecoveryFix Memory Optimizer proves advantageous as it will speed up the memory and increase system performance which will provide fast access to internet and local computer activities."

Beneficial for both home and professional users, Recoveryfix Memory Optimizer provides speedy working environment with secure and preventive computer crash scenarios.

Key Features of RecoveryFix

Memory Optimizer

30 day free trial version of RecoveryFix Memory Optimizer gives you 1 month of fast running computer system with optimized memory i.e. no unwanted running instances, freed-up physical memory and complete information about the memory usage by your computer system.

To have a fast running system; every time you work on your system; you need to purchase full version of RecoveryFix Memory Optimizer which is available for USD 19.95.

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