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RecoveryFix for Computer Monitor Software Released by Lepide Software

14 Nov 2007

Computer Monitoring software Rolled Out to Monitor Employee Activities

New Delhi – India: Lepide Software Private Limited, the provider of data recovery software and Internet security tools, announced the release of RecoveryFix Computer Monitor - an employee computer monitoring software.

RecoveryFix Computer Monitor is a powerful & effective network monitoring software for remote computer monitoring, useful for business and home network environment. The computer monitoring software allows you to View – Monitor – Record the desktop and internet activities of a user connected within a network whether in a domain based network or non-domain based network. It allows you to take control of Windows 2000/2003/XP (with service pack 2) / Vista/windows 7 operating systems.

With RecoveryFix Computer Monitor, the software to monitor employee activities, you can easily view chats, sent-received emails, instant messaging, visited websites, file downloads, internet activities, log on/log off activity, and whichever files are transferred through emails. You can easily view what your employees do online and how much time their system is in idle process. The internet activities can be recorded for the purpose of later viewing or presenting as a proof of improper usage of internet during work hours.

“We have developed RecoveryFix Computer Monitor software keeping in mind the cases of decreased work productivity, work efficiency, personal security, child internet activities, prevention of unauthorized use of internet, email abuse, pornographic activities; which lead to increased cases of less productivity, misleading activities, child abuse cases, and employee sabotages” -- as remarked by Marketing Head - Lepide Software.

The employee monitoring software works invisibly on the target system from the server, with which the server administrator can monitor every desktop and internet activity, stop any unwanted activity, record and create a movie of the activities and can view them later on with Windows Media Player

You just need to install an Agent.exe file to the target system and you gain complete control to view and record the internet activities. Monitor 100s of computer system over a network and ensure increased security at your home and office.

Key Features of
RecoveryFix Computer Monitor Software are:

Increased Security: Monitor employee activities and ensure increased security of your important documents to be transferred through emails and prevent cases of email abuse, pornographic activities, and decreased work efficiency.

View Every Activity: View every activity like chats, sent-received emails, instant messaging, visited websites, file downloads, internet activities, log on/log off activity, and every file which is transferred through emails.

View and Monitor: View and monitor activities of your employees – time devoted to work activities, personal activities. An employee when comes to know about the monitoring process, becomes more consistent in work, which increases the work efficiency and decreases the percentage of time devoted to personal activities

Schedule and Record: Schedule to record activities of a specific employee computer and record the activities daily or on hourly basis. The scheduled recordings help to record and save activities in a movie file format which can be viewed with Windows Media Player later on.

Create and View Movies: Scheduled recordings can be easily converted to a movie file for viewing purposes or in an image slide show format.

Useful for: RecoveryFix Computer Monitor is useful for Network Administrators, Companies/Organizations/Industries, Security Officials, Small Organizations, Home based Network and every place that requires high ended security and purpose of monitor any suspicious activities.

Free Trial: RecoveryFix Computer Monitor 30 day trial version can be downloaded from our website. It allows you to monitor 1 computer system over network for 30 days. Test the monitoring software and then purchase Full version of the employee monitoring software. Supported platforms are Windows 2000/2003/XP (with service pack 2)/Vista. Direct link to free download:

Pricing and Availability: RecoveryFix Computer Monitor price range starts from $129 and varies upon the licenses to be purchased for monitoring purpose. You can monitor over 100s of computer in your network with Chily Screen recorder. Direct purchase link:

More information about RecoveryFix Computer Monitor can be found at: