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RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitor Software Released

4 Jan 2008

RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitor

Lepide Software Private Limited, a software development company, announced the release of their innovative employee monitoring software - Chily RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitor. Users can now download free trial version of the software from their corporate website.

New Delhi, India: Lepide Software announced availability of RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitor - an employee monitoring tool to cater monitoring needs in organizations, and companies.

Do you face low productivity and low work efficiency at work, or suspect activities of your employees? Are your employees devoting more time towards surfing net for personal reasons: online shopping, email checking, gambling, and game sites? Introduced employee monitoring software helps you in every situation; it enables you to monitor every activity of your employee in real time. You can easily view LIVE desktop activities of your employee computer.

Mr. Rupesh Kumar, (Managing Director, Lepide Software), on the release said, " We have tried to provide a solution to every company and organization's monitoring needs which when required entails minimal control to perform and provide you results. Software acts as a supervisor to monitor activities and help you in increasing work efficiency in your organization. Key logging, desktop view, file transfers, process monitor, window access, screen shot capturing and saving the monitored activities for future references are the distinguished key features of the software."

RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitor is a complete solution for your monitoring needs. The software with supervisory features is just like a remote surveillance camera which displays every activity of monitored PCs desktop in a network. Both the computers should exist in same networking environment, domain or non-domain based with full administrative rights.

Key Features of
RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitor are

Promotes Invisible Monitoring: Works invisibly in monitored Computer background

View LIVE Desktop Activities: View screen shots of every desktop activity which the user performs

Increased Work Efficiency: With monitoring process being followed employees focus more on work than other activities.

Save Monitored Activities: Save details of the monitored activities for future references. Screenshots are saved in JPEG and other details in Text file format.

Monitor when you are not Present: Create offline logs when you are not present to monitor employee activities.

Keystroke Monitoring: Log and save the typed keystrokes

Monitor Internet Activities: View websites visited and the time spent on each website.

FTP Transfers: View which files are uploaded or downloaded using FTP Protocol

View Window Activities: View and track program/application windows accessed from time to time and LAN activities.

Complete Control on Monitored Computer: Gain full control of the monitored computer; execute or terminate any application, shut down, lock or restart the monitored PC from your computer.

With all the required feature and functions, RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitor is the best employee monitoring software of which the trial version can be downloaded for free. Free version facilitates you to monitor 1 computer system in your network for 7 days.

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Full version of RecoveryFix Employee Activity Monitor starts from $129 with different licensing options. Direct link to Purchase:

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