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Memory Optimizer

Optimizes CPU and enhances the performance of your system in few simple steps.

Memory Optimizer

Salient Features

Features that make this software different from others.

Single Optimize Memory Button

Single Optimize Memory Button

Software is integrated with the intelligent Optimize Memory button that empowers you to enhance the performance of your system without executing the long and complex procedures. Once you click the Optimize Memory button, the automated process of memory optimization will takes place.

Displays Live Current System Performance

Displays Live Current System Performance

Recoveryfix Memory Optimizer gives you the live status of memory usage and CPU usage in the graphical bar-graph representation. It also flawlessly calculates the real-time percentage of CPU as well as memory usage. Hence, just install the software and go tension free.

Tracks Current Running CPU Processes

Tracks Current Running CPU Processes

Recoveryfix Memory Optimizer displays all the running processes of your CPU along with its process name, memory usage, and process path. Despite this, the software interface also provides the provision of managing the running processes by refreshing, ending, or optimizing the desired CPU processes.

Compatible to all Windows Operating Systems

Compatible to all Windows Operating Systems

You can efficiently run the Recoveryfix Memory Optimizer software on almost all the editions of Windows Operating System. The following Windows Operating Systems are entirely supported by the software: Windows8, Windows7, Windows Vista, 2000, and XP (with Service Pack 2 and 3).

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Memory Optimizer

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Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Frees up unnecessary physical memory
Displays real-time memory and CPU usage reports
Provision to configure memory optimizer settings
Facility of Memory Optimization runs throughout the lifetime
Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2000, XP (With Service Pack 2 or 3)
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Memory Optimizer

Refer this section for the common questions you may have regarding the tool.

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Recoveryfix for Memory Optimizer is an efficient and user-friendly tool, which is very easy to use even by beginners. You just need to install the software and monitor; there are no such steps to follow for this tool. Let’s see what it holds:

  1. Step 1- Once you installed the software look for the performance. The software has a ‘Current System Performance’ tab, ‘Current System Process’ tab and ‘Settings’ tab. Click on them individually to see the performance.
  2. Step 2- Click on Optimize memory button to optimize.
  3. Step 3- In the settings tab, you can configure, optimize, and set limits to the system.

Recoveryfix Memory Optimizer increases RAM speed of your computer system by freeing up the physical memory that gets burdened up with extra traces of applications, programs, etc. Recoveryfix Memory Optimizer also looks after the running CPU processes, thereby increasing the computer system speed. With Recoveryfix Memory Optimizer, you can increase 80% of the computer memory speed.

Key features include :-

  1. Step 1- Single mouse click optimization.
  2. Step 2- Significantly increases computer speed.
  3. Step 3- Prevents computer crashes.
  4. Step 4- Removes memory leaks.
  5. Step 5- Frees up Physical memory.
  6. Step 6- Facilitates the termination of any current running system process.

The trial version of the software can be downloaded for free which works effectively for 30 days. After 30 days, the software expires and you need to purchase full version of the software to have uninterrupted RAM memory optimization. Whereas on the other hand, the full version of Recoveryfix Memory Optimizer works without limitation throughout the lifetime.

Yes, we do provide support in every aspect for Recoveryfix Memory Optimizer. The online help manual, installation guide etc. will help you to know how to work with Recoveryfix Memory Optimizer and troubleshoot the software. For any other support, you can send an email at: support@recoveryfix.com

Yes, the Recoveryfix Memory Optimizer software has the provision of configuring the settings for automatic memory optimization. Just click the Settings tab, and then check mark the Automatically optimize memory and increase system performance option.