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A. Yes. The software is completely capable of monitoring multiple computers at the same. You just need to register the computers you want to monitor through their IP address, and the software will allow you to track their desktop activities.

A. No. The software performs invisible monitoring. The user doesn’t get to know that he/she is being monitored. You can view all internet and windows activities live or offline without user’s knowledge.

A. Yes. You just need to set a time duration in software settings, and the software will track all computer activities happened during the mentioned time.

A. Yes. The software takes screenshots of desktop activities. You can either view them live if you’re present or later in the form of JPEGs (images) if you’re not present at the time of monitoring.

A. Yes. The software is capable of tracking every key pressed by the user. You can see what was typed or written. You can even check if any particular word or phrase or text was searched online.