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One can’t think of delivering or executing IT-enabled tasks or services without the assistance of an economical and user-friendly MS Windows Operating Systems. Things have drastically changed to create, save, and backup crucial data items on an OS.

Taking care of the data loss prevention, Microsoft has provisioned intelligent tools to produce authentic backup of crucial data files. One such utility is the MS NTBackup application, which can restore any data files available on Windows OS in BKF file format. Moreover, the smart backup utility allows you to save BKF backup at distinct locations like hard drives, zip drives, floppy drives, etc. Apart from this, there is another backup creation utility named as Veritas which also creates BKF file for backing up the critical data items. (more…)

Are you a professional who is in habit of keeping back up of the entire data to duck them from corruption? It is quite obvious to do so. However, there are times when the backup data also becomes corrupt. The corruption does not differentiate the file before corruption. It simply disrupts the file system without any knowledge of the reason of its existence. Therefore, safeguarding your data and backup files becomes an utmost priority of any user to get rid of unnecessary binary issues. (more…)

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